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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Den of Darkness and Light

Cody, Leo, Fiona, and Chronos were causally walking down the street. Cody was holding his latest prizes in his hand, seemingly quite pleased with himself.

He said, “Oh, yeah, baby! I scored my first win in the Cyber Clash Tournament. If only Kain could see how awesome my victory was.”

Leo replied, annoyed, “Don’t get so excited, Cody, there’s still a long way to go. Plus we still have to be careful. There may be more Shadow Stalkers roaming around, so last thing we need is an unexpected attack by Lucifer’s newest pawns. So try to simmer down. Yes, it was a great Duel, that’s true, and you managed to bust a major cheater, but Django has taught you to stay calm and focused and not stroke your ego. And the last thing you need is Kain nearby, or you can say goodbye to Red-Eyes or your remaining two Heroic Champion monsters.”

Chronos chuckled, “Even so, Leo, you gotta give Cody props for exposing that psychic fraud for what he is: a cheater. Not to mention he got a Jinzo out of it, which is a very powerful and useful monster. But you are right about two things: this tournament has just begun, and with Shadow Stalkers roaming around, we have to be careful. We’re not as strong as Django is, and he’s good at shutting a wider range of tactics down, including cheating ones, with ease, so we do need to stay alert. If anything remotely related to Lucifer is in this tournament, then it’ll have several twists and turns that we won’t like.”

Fiona added, “Good point, Chronos. But we’re all in it to win as well, so let’s do our best regardless. But like you and Leo said, we do have to maintain an air of caution, otherwise those Shadow Stalkers, or worse Number 96, will pounce on us. And the last thing Django needs is more loved ones at someone else’s mercy. But, for now, let’s focus on strengthening our position in the tournament and make it to the finals. We’ll worry about Shadow Stalkers when we have a better idea of what we’re up against.”

Nodding, the group of four continued their way down the street. It wasn’t long before someone shouted at them.

“Hey! You four! I’m talking to you!”

When he was level with them, he was revealed to be a young adult with smooth brown hair, matching eyes that almost seemed to have dragon-like pupils, and a smirk that showed extended canines.

He said, “You four look like easy prey. So let’s see if you wimps have what it takes to take on Drake Arch, the Master of Dragons! Or are you little crybabies who are too scared to lose your cards. You two little runts look especially wimpy. Taking one of you two down would be a breeze.”

Leo snapped, “Hey! No one calls us wimps, fang face, or you’ll be sorry! And don’t call yourself the Master of Dragons. It’s pretty obvious that title belongs to Kain. But if you want a fight, then try your luck against my dwellers of the deep!”

Drake laughed, “You expect to beat me with fish sticks? I should’ve brought tartar sauce, because you’re as good as cooked! Fine, I accept. What’s the wager?”

The older twin stated, “I wager my Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and a Star Piece. And you?”

Drake grinned, “A Dragon Ruler card? That’ll go real nice with my other Dragons. Fine then, I wager the king of my deck: my Light and Darkness Dragon, and a Star Piece. This Duel shouldn’t take too long, as I’m about to turn your fishies into a fish fry!”

Leo grinned, “Don’t count my finned friends out just yet, or you will be dragged down to the bottom of the ocean in their jaws! So let’s do this!” He armed himself with his Infinity Disk, “Infinity Disk, locked on target!” Followed by his Duel Gazer, “Duel Gazer, target acquired! It’s time to sink or swim, dragon boy!”

Though surprised to see Leo with an Infinity Disk, Drake wasted no time equipping his standard D-Pad and Duel Gazer. The others donned their Duel Gazers, standing on the sidelines.

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

Both drew their starting hands, Life Points at 4000.

“Let’s Duel!” they said in unison.

Cody called out, “You can do it, little buddy! Show this dragon dipstick your terrors of the deep!”

Fiona added, “Sink your teeth into him and shred him to pieces! Teach him for underestimating you!”

Drake stated, “Since I’m superior to all of you, I’ll take the first move. I Draw! I summon Totem Dragon to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Totem Dragon looked more like an ancient civilization-styled turtle than a dragon. Its main body was a round shell-like structure with a shield on its back, four stubby legs extending out from it, and a thick tail. It had two very large wings, more than four times its width, and an extended neck with a round head equipped with blocky teeth and a red crest. It was a Level Two monster with stats of 400/200.

“And I think I’ll place these two cards face-down on the field. And finally, I activate the Spell: Card of Safe Return. Here’s how it works for you weak-minded people. Every time a monster is revived, I can draw one card from my deck. Wish you had that option available to you, don’t you, squirt?”

Leo huffed, “Big deal, like I care. My denizens of the deep will put the bite on you and your dragons. So if you’re quite done, it’s my turn, I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “I activate the Field Spell: A Legendary Ocean! This mighty field will wash away any hopes you have at winning this Duel!”

A massive tidal wave washed over the whole field, submerging them in an Augmented Reality ocean that had an ancient underwater city in it. Cody quickly tried to hold his breath, gaining odd looks from Fiona and Chronos.

She sighed, “Uh… Cody, you can stop holding your breath. This isn’t real water. It’s Augmented Reality, remember? So you won’t drown.”

Cody quickly released his breath before saying in a confident, though visibly embarrassed, way, “I knew that. I just wanted to make things interesting. Yeah.”

Chronos said mentally, “Cody’s a good Duelist, no doubt, and just as good as a friend, but it appears that he’s not always the quickest to realize certain things, like Field Spells enhanced by Augmented Reality. But that’s what we like about him, and he keeps things interesting.”

Leo continued, “This ocean will be your underwater grave. For this field not only doubles as an Umi Field Spell, but along with the 200 Attack and Defense boost, the Levels of all WATER monsters in the hand and field are reduced by one. Which means any monster that I have in my hand that is Level Five can be summoned without a Tribute. And, oh, look, I just happen to have one right here. Say hello to my Terrorking Salmon, in Attack Mode! This fish is about to filet your Totem Dragon!”

Glaring from the depths was a pair of glowing eyes, which then shot out of a hiding place before revealing itself. Terrorking Salmon was a fiendish, monstrosity of a salmon. Its large body was mostly encased in grey skeletal-like armor with fanned, almost claw-like fins, a brushy tail, glowing eyes, and a hooked mouth. It was a Level Five monster with stats of 2400/1000, but due to the Field Spell, it increased by 200 to 2600/1200.

The older teen instructed, “It’s time for a feeding frenzy! Terrorking Salmon, attack Totem Dragon! Drag it down to a watery grave!”

Terrorking Salmon shot like a torpedo at Totem Dragon. It snapped its hooked mouth on Totem Dragon’s neck, and started to drag it down into a crevice in the ruins. Shortly after the last of Totem Dragon vanished, there was a sickening CRACK, followed by a flurry of sparkles, before Terrorking Salmon swam back up to Leo’s field, seemingly satisfied. Drake glowered at Leo as his Life Points dropped by 2200 to 1800.

The young teen stated, “I place two cards face-down on the field to end my turn. Let’s see if your dragons can match my beasts of the ocean’s depths.”

Drake stated, “Don’t get cocky, kid. You made one good move. But that’s the last good move you’ll make! I Draw! First I’ll activate Totem Dragon’s ability! If it’s in my Graveyard and I control no monsters, I can Special Summon it to the field, but it will be banished when it leaves the field. But that won’t matter shortly. So I bring back my Totem Dragon in Attack Mode!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing Totem Dragon (400/200) to emerge from it and take its place on the field.

“Next, my Card of Safe Return activates. Since I revived my Totem Dragon, I get to draw one card from my deck.” He drew a card, looked at then said, “I think I’ll activate my two Traps now. First off is my Imperial Iron Wall! This prevents us from banishing any cards! So that means, even if my Totem Dragon is removed from the field, I can call it out as many times as I want. My second Trap is also a nasty one: Dragon’s Rage. If a Dragon monster I control attacks a monster you control in Defense Mode, then I can inflict piercing damage to you! So your chances of winning just got slimmer. And, just to keep you on the ropes, I’ll activate my Dragon’s Gunfire Spell! Here’s how it works: if I have a Dragon on my field, I can either deal you 800 points of damage or destroy a monster you control with 800 Defense Points or less. Sadly, your Salmon has 1200 Defense Points, but even without the power boost, it would still have 1000, so I think I’ll use the first effect! Say goodbye to 800 Life Points, runt!”

A fireball was shot from Totem Dragon’s mouth. It slammed into Leo, knocking him back, his Life Points dropping by 800 to 3200.

“But the burn doesn’t stop there. I activate Hinotama! Say goodbye to another 500 Life Points, kid!”

Fireballs rained down upon Leo, slamming into him. He was thrown back, smoldering slightly, his Life Points dropping by 500 to 2700.

Leo asked, “Are you quite done yet?”

Drake smirked, “Not even close. I activate another Spell: Block Attack! This switches your Salmon into Defense Mode. Now it’s time to make a filet out of it.”

Terrorking Salmon shifted positions, curling up slightly as it switched from Attack Mode to Defense Mode.

Chronos said, “That’s not good. Now Drake can use Dragon’s Rage more effectively, as Terrorking Salmon’s Defense is much lower than its Attack, even with the boost from A Legendary Ocean. Which means Leo could be in some trouble if Drake summons a strong Dragon monster.”

Drake laughed, “I told you that you couldn’t keep up with the big boys! Now I Tribute my Totem Dragon, which counts as two Tributes for a Dragon monster, in order to summon the king of my deck: Light and Darkness Dragon, in Attack Mode!”

Totem Dragon vanished from the field, but was replaced by a new dragon. Light and Darkness Dragon was a large, muscular dragon whose body was equally divided up down the middle into two colors: black and white. Its white wing was adorned with feathers, while its black one was a more traditional dragonic wing. It was also sporting two tails, colored the same way as each respective side of its body. Its head had several spines in their respective body side’s color, glowing eyes, and a muzzle full of sharp teeth. It was a Level Eight monster with stats of 2800/2400.

Drake laughed, “Meet my ultimate monster! You might as well give up, kid, as your fishies are about to be gutted!”

Leo stated, “Not a chance. I activate the Trap: Fish Depth Charge! All I have to do is Tribute a Fish monster on my field and I can destroy one card on the field. So I will…” but was cut off.

“Not so fast, squirt! My Light and Darkness Dragon’s ability activates! Once per chain, it lowers its Attack and Defense by 500, but then it negates and destroys the card played. So even though my dragon will become weaker, it’s still more than able to destroy your floppy gilled friend.”

Light and Darkness Dragon’s power dropped by 500 to 2300/1900, but this caused Fish Depth Charge to crackle and shatter, leaving Leo annoyed.

“Now my mighty dragon, destroy his Terrorking Salmon! And take a nice bite out of his Life Points while you’re at it!”

Light and Darkness Dragon charged up an attack and fired a beam of energy. It easily shredded Terrorking Salmon to ashes, sending Leo flying back, his Life Points dropping by 1100 to 1600.

He stated, “I’m not done yet. I activate the Trap: Call of the Haunted! So I can bring back my Salmon and…” but was cut off.

Drake stated, “You twit! My Light and Darkness Dragon will put a stop to that! By lowering itself by another 500 points, it will negate and destroy your Call of the Haunted. Too bad, but your fishy will remain as a dinner entrée for my dragon.”

Light and Darkness Dragon’s power decreased by another 500 to 1900/1400, but this caused Call of the Haunted to crackle and shatter, closing the Graveyard Portal in the process.

“That about wraps up my turn, but you’ll be finished just as soon as my next turn start. So save yourself some embarrassment and just hand over your Dragon Ruler monster to me right now.”

Leo growled, “Never. I will never lose to a bully like you. I will show you here and now, right on this turn. I Draw!”

Cody turned to Chronos, “Hey, Chronos, can Leo get out of this? As every time he uses a Spell, Trap, or Monster effect, that Light and Darkness Dragon will just keep negatin’ them. How can Leo fight back against a monster that keeps blocking his cards?”

Chronos replied, “Actually, beating Light and Darkness Dragon lies within its special ability. You see, in order to negate and destroy an effect activated, it must sacrifice 500 Attack and Defense Points. That is not optional, either, so that can backfire on it. I think Leo already knows that, so he may try to use it to his advantage. Remember, the power drop is permanent, or at least until it is destroyed or flipped face-down. So if Leo can weaken it enough, destroy it, and then take out Drake all in this turn, then he can win.”

Leo grinned, thinking, “Chronos is a sharp as ever. I already have a plan to turn that dragon into fish food. Well, more accurately, bear food. All I need to do is activate one more card effect, and that dragon will be weakened enough to take out in one shot. So here I go.” He then said aloud, “I activate the Spell: Foolish Burial! This card allows me to send any monster from my deck to the Graveyard. So I’ll…” but was cut off.

Drake smirked, “Too bad it won’t happen, kid. For my Light and Darkness Dragon’s ability activates once again! So say bye-bye to your Spell.”

Light and Darkness Dragon’s power dropped by another 500 to 1400/900, but this caused the Foolish Burial Spell to shatter.

“Tough break, kid. You’re all out of options.”

Leo grinned, “Don’t be so sure about that, dragon dung, as I wanted you to do that. You see, the Attack and Defense loss of Light and Darkness Dragon is permanent, so all I had to do was keep weakening it until it was weak enough to take out with any monster I have. And I just so happen to have one right here that will destroy your dragon and all hopes you had of winning this Duel! I summon Mother Grizzly to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Mother Grizzly looked just like its namesake: a grizzly bear, armed with sharp claws, teeth, and glowing eyes. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1400/1000.

“Now it’s time to shut your overgrown lizard down! Mother Grizzly, attack Light and Darkness Dragon now!”

Cody sputtered, “But both monsters’ Attack Points are the same! It’ll just result in a Double KO! What good would that do?”

Fiona stated, “Don’t forget, Mother Grizzly is an Elemental Searcher, like UFO Turtle and Mystic Tomato, which means when its destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, Leo can call out another monster from his deck.”

Leo grinned, “That’s right, sis. So when these two beasts clash, it’ll destroy them both. But, since Light and Darkness Dragon won’t be on the field anymore, my Mother Grizzly is free to use its power. So let the brawl begin!”

Mother Grizzly launched several slashes from its claws at Light and Darkness Dragon, gouging its body with several claw marks. Light and Darkness Dragon responded with a blast from its mouth. After that attack hit the giant bear, both monsters were destroyed, leaving Drake a little worried.

Leo gained an even broader grin, “Now for the fun part. When Mother Grizzly is destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon one WATER monster from my deck with 1500 or less Attack to the field in Attack Mode. And I know just which monster to summon. My good friend Double Shark! You’re about to become chum for my shark!”

His Infinity Disk ejected a card, which he played right away, summoning a new monster. Double Shark looked like two identical sharks merged together by the belly, making it perfectly symmetric. Its streamlined blue body was armed with sharp fins, a double split tail, two pairs of glowing yellow eyes, and a canister where the two sharks’ upper jaws met. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1200/1600.

Drake, although surprised at first, then started to laugh, “You nitwit! That monster is not remotely powerful enough to take out all my Life Points this turn! That means on my next turn I can wipe that finned freak out and take you out of the tournament!”

Leo replied casually, “Are you sure about that? There’s a reason why this monster is called Double Shark. It can attack TWICE during each Battle Phase! So my killer from the deep is about to turn you into fish food! It’s over, punk! Double Shark, attack him directly! Then swim back around and give him another solid chomp to seal the deal.”

Drake could only cry in horror as Double Shark charged in, biting down at his middle, reducing his Life Points by 1200 to 600. Double Shark then zipped off, turned around, and charged in, slamming its double jaws into Drake, causing him to be sent flying back as his Life Points dropped down to zero. A “Win” screen showing Leo appeared before the Augmented Reality vanished, taking everything with it. When Drake sat up, Leo was smirking above him.

“Okay, now fork it over. You owe me a Light and Darkness Dragon and one Star Piece.”

Drake replied, “Uhh… how about I give you a rain check?”

Chronos gained an angry expression, his eyes glowing, and started to levitate Drake into the air.

He snarled, “You agreed to the terms, punk! Leo won fair and square, so don’t try to cheat him out of his victory. So act like a man, hand over the Star Piece and card, and accept your defeat. Or else.”

Terrified, Drake stated quickly, “Okay, okay! Here, my Light and Darkness Dragon and my only Star Piece! Just let me down, please!”

Chronos gently placed him on the ground after Leo collected his prizes. Drake then quickly scrambled away from the group in fear.

Chronos blushed, “Sorry, guys, I don’t mean to get nasty, but if Leo had lost, that punk would’ve made sure that Leo held his end of the bargain. So I had to change his mind. But I admit I didn’t like doing that. I’d rather not use force, but some people can only learn things the hard way. But please forgive me for that aggression, it doesn’t suit me, so I feel a little ashamed of myself.”

Fiona said soothingly, “It’s fine, Chronos, so no worries. You’re just helping your friends, like a good friend would. We greatly appreciate what you do for us, so don’t worry about it. It just shows that you’re protecting what you care about, even if it makes you act out of character for a moment. Right, guys?”

Cody nodded, “Fiona nailed it on the head. You’re just bein’ a good friend to us, Chronos, so don’t worry about it. We need all the help we can get, so havin’ powerful allies like you and your family is vital to our cause. So don’t worry ‘bout a little show of aggression, as like you said, some jerks need to learn things the hard way. Not like he would’ve been willing to give up his card and Star Piece to a young teen willingly. So don’t worry about it, buddy.”

Chronos smiled, “Thank you, all of you. I’ve never had such wonderful friends before. So thank you for your support.”

Leo smiled, “Now, with one more victory under our belts, let’s get going! More Duels await us! So let’s go gang!”

Next Chapter: Gem of Roses
Den of Darkness and Light
Leo's up at bat now. His opponent is a cocky dragon user. Will Leo's finned friends turn this guy's dragons into chum? Or will he become a blue plate special victory for his opponent?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Nitro Blaze

Things weren’t looking too good for Cody. On his field were one face-down monster, one face-down card, and 2100 Life Points left. On Jerry’s field was Jinzo equipped with Machine Conversion Factory, making its stats 2700/1800, one face-down card, and 3600 Life Points left.

Jerry stated, “You might as well give up, Cody. My Jinzo is unbeatable, and I already know that nothing in your hand is strong enough to take it down. So just give it up and hand over your Red-Eyes Black Dragon so you can save yourself any more embarrassment.”

Cody growled, “No way, man! If Django taught me anythin’ it’s that you have to keep fightin’, no matter how grim it gets. All it takes is one draw to turn the whole Duel around. So I’ll show you right now!” He touched his deck, thinking, “Come on, deck, I need a winner.” He said aloud, “I Draw!” He then looked at his card, grinning, “This’ll help big time. I summon Axe Raider to the field in Attack Mode!”

Axe Raider (1700/1150) appeared on the field, giving a battle cry as he did.

“Now I reveal my face-down monster: Heroic Challenger – Extra Sword!”

He Flip Summoned his face-down monster, revealing Extra Sword (1000/1000), allowing it to stand next to its fellow warrior.

“Now, you probably know what’s gonna happen next, don’t ya, psycho boy? I Overlay my Axe Raider and Extra Sword! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Heroic Champion – Gandiva, in Attack Mode!”

Both Extra Sword and Axe Raider became brownish orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the red spiral Overlay Network. Out emerged a new monster. Heroic Champion – Gandiva was an impressive warrior wearing dark blue and gold armor that had a distinct mix of Japanese and Medieval Europe to its design. On his left arm was a crossbow with a quiver of bows strapped to his left hip. He was riding a horse mostly encased in maroon and red armor with an armored crest. He was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2100/1800.

Jerry laughed, “You went through all that trouble for that monster? It’s weaker than my Jinzo, so why bother?”

Cody grinned, “True, my Gandiva is weaker than your Jinzo… normally, but you didn’t take somethin’ into consideration. I used Heroic Challenger – Extra Sword as an Overlay Unit, which means my Gandiva will become stronger as an end result. You see, when Extra Sword is used for an Xyz Summon, the monster summoned will gain 1000 Attack Points!”

As he said that, Gandiva started to glow, his power increasing by 1000 to 3100. This surprised Jerry.

Leo grinned, “Awesome! Now Gandiva is stronger than Jinzo. Stick it to him, Cody!”

The redhead gave Leo a thumbs-up, “Will do, little buddy! Gandiva, attack Jinzo now!”

Gandiva placed an arrow on the bow, raised his arm upward, and fired it into the sky. After it vanished briefly, several sparkles could be seen, and suddenly several arrows were raining down upon Jinzo. It roared in pain as it was pierced by one arrow after the other before shattering into nothingness. Jerry flinched as his Life Points dropped by 400 to 3200.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jack and Jade were still watching the Duel over the internet.

Jack stated, “Oh, yeah! Cody’s Gandiva just sent Jinzo to the scrapheap! That should slow this guy down! Even without Excalibur he’s doing great.”

Jade said happily, “I knew he’d come up with something! I just knew it!”

Back at the Duel, Jerry growled, “So you got lucky this time. I’m far from done, Lionheart. So if you’re quite finished, it’s my turn, I Draw!” He grinned at his new card, “I’m about to prove my point. First, I activate the Trap: Call of the Haunted, to revive Jinzo from my Graveyard! So my metal monster is not down for the count yet!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing Jinzo (2400/1500) to emerge from it.

Cody growled, “Great, just when I thought I’d seen the last of Jinzo. But wait, with Jinzo back, Call of the Haunted shouldn’t work now. Plus, all I need is a Mystical Space Typhoon and I can send Jinzo back to the Graveyard.”

Chronos explained, “Not quite, Cody. While it is true that Call of the Haunted will have its effect negated once Jinzo’s on the field, that also means that if it’s destroyed, Jinzo will be unaffected, since its special ability will negate the drawback of Call of the Haunted. So if Call of the Haunted is destroyed, then Jinzo will remain on the field, since its ability removes the drawback.”

Jerry laughed, “Well it looks like someone’s done their homework. While I still don’t buy your being a Psykin-whatever, at least you know that combining Jinzo and Call of the Haunted means that I won’t suffer any drawbacks if Call of the Haunted is destroyed! Now, onto the next step. I activate the Spell: 7 Completed! This Equip Spell boosts a Machine monster’s Attack or Defense by 700 points, depending on what I want. So I think I’ll choose Attack! So my Jinzo gains 700 Attack!”

The Spell infused more power into Jinzo, raising its power up to 3100.

Fiona observed, “Now both Jinzo and Gandiva have the same Attack Points, which will result in a stalemate between them. Unless that’s what Jerry is going for.”

Jerry laughed, “That’s right, girl! Jinzo, attack his Gandiva with Cyber Energy Shock!”

Jinzo fired a condensed ball of energy at Gandiva, who responded with a barrage of arrows. Both attacks passed by each other before slamming into the opposite monster, causing both to be destroyed.

Cody said, annoyed, “Great, my Gandiva has been demolished, and I doubt that I’ve seen the end of Jinzo.”

Jerry sneered, “You’d be right about that. I place this card face-down to end my turn. You’re up, but it’s not like you can do much.”

“We’ll see about that, you psychic fraud. It’s my move, I Draw!” He looked at his new card, grinning, “Heheh, you thought I couldn’t do much, did ya? Well guess again. I activate the Spell: Monster Reborn, to revive my Gandiva in Attack Mode!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up again, allowing Gandiva (2100/1800) to emerge from it, ready for battle.

“Now, Gandiva, attack Jerry’s Life Points directly!”

Gandiva primed an arrow, took aim, and prepared to fire. Jerry, however, was grinning.

He stated, “You thought you could attack me directly? Think again! I activate another Call of the Haunted to revive my Jinzo yet again! Sorry, but you’re not attacking anyone anytime soon.”

The Graveyard Portal opened up yet again, allowing Jinzo (2400/1500) to reemerge from it.

Cody growled, “I knew I hadn’t seen the last of Jinzo. Gandiva, cancel your attack!”

Gandiva lowered his arm, stopping his attack, making Jerry laugh.

Leo stated, “Come on, Cody, you can do it! Just stay strong and you’ll be fine!”

Fiona added, “This Duel isn’t over yet, so you still have time to pull out a victory!”

Jerry laughed, “Yeah, right! Cody has no chance of winning! I don’t even need my psychic powers to beat him! So if you’re quite done, it’s my turn, I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “While I doubt you have anything planned, just in case I’ll play this monster in Defense Mode. Then I’ll activate yet another 7 Completed! And like last time, this card will grant my Jinzo 700 Attack or Defense Points. So once again I choose Attack, so my Jinzo is the strongest monster on the field once again!”

The Spell infused Jinzo with power, raising its Attack by 700 back to 3100.

“Now, Jinzo, attack his Gandiva once again with Cyber Energy Shock!”

Jinzo charged up another sphere of dark energy and fired it. It struck Gandiva again, causing him to vanish from the field. Cody shielded himself from the blast as his Life Points dropped by 1000 to 1200.

The redhead stated, “I activate my face-down Spell: Scapegoat!”

Four Sheep Tokens (0/0) appeared on the field in Defense Mode.

“You’re just about done, Cody. So why don’t you just give up and hand over your Red-Eyes instead of playing pathetic cards like those Scapegoats. It’ll save you some embarrassment.”

The redhead snarled, “No way! These furballs may not look like much, but I do have a plan to wipe you out, you psychic fraud, and I need them to do it! So are you done yet?”

Jerry shrugged, “Whatever, I end my turn. Let’s see this plan of yours, if you even have one.”

“Oh, I have one, Jerry, and you’re not gonna like it. I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “I summon Nitro Synchron to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Nitro Synchron looked like a somewhat cartoony monster shaped like a red and white canister, with glove-like hands, boot-like feet, and a nozzle on its head with a meter on it. It was a Level Two monster with stats of 300/100.

“Now, next up, I activate the Spell: Star Changer! This changes the Level of any monster on the field by one. So I think I’ll increase my Nitro Synchron’s Level by one to Level Three."

The stars representing Nitro Synchron’s Level increased from two to three.

“Now for the fun part. I tune my Nitro Synchron to my four Scapegoats! I told ya that my Scapegoats would be useful! Now, I Synchro Summon Nitro Warrior in Attack Mode!”

Nitro Synchron became three rings of light, while the four Scapegoats entered those rings, becoming glowing orbs. A bright light followed, and a new monster was standing before them.

Nitro Warrior was a menacing-looking creature. Its bulky, muscular body was mostly green with blue armor on its torso, arms, and legs. It had a fiendish head with two large horns, glowing eyes, and several piston-like structures lining its neck. Attached to its back was a massive booster, green in color with a silver ring. It gave a roar, ready for battle. It was a Level Seven monster with stats of 2800/1800.

At the hospital, Jack stated, “Looks like Cody has just summoned one of his newest monsters. Let’s just hope it has the power needed to stop Jinzo and win him the Duel.”

Jade said, clutching her hands, “Come on, Cody, you can beat this guy. I just know it.”

Back at the Duel, Jerry said, “While that is an impressive monster, it still falls short to my Jinzo.”

Cody grinned, “Not quite, Jerry. First off, I activate Nitro Synchron’s ability. If it was sent to the Graveyard for a Synchro Summon of a Nitro monster, I can draw one card from my deck.” He drew a card, looked at it, and grinned, “Looks like everythin’ is fallin’ into place. First off, I activate the Spell: Mystical Space Typhoon! Say goodbye to 7 Completed!”

Jerry watched in horror as a mighty typhoon appeared and slammed into 7 Completed, destroying it. This, in turn, reduced Jinzo’s power back down to its original 2400.

“Now for the really fun part. Since I used a Spell Card, once per turn, my Nitro Warrior gains 1000 Attack Points for one attack. Then, if you happen to have a monster in Defense Mode, I can switch that monster into Attack Mode and attack again! So say goodbye to both of your monsters! Nitro Warrior, attack Jinzo with Dynamite Crunch!”

Nitro Warrior’s power jumped up by 1000 to 3800. It flew up into the air, took aim, and released a large amount of rocket power from its booster. It gained two giant fist-shaped auras as it barreled down toward Jinzo. Jerry could only watch in horror as Jinzo was mercilessly slammed by Nitro Warrior, destroying it instantly. He skidded back a bit as his Life Points dropped by 1400 to 1800.

“Now for your other monster. Nitro Warrior may lose the Attack bonus, but now I can attack your other monster. So let’s see what your mystery monster is.”

The face-down monster switched into face-up Attack Mode, revealing it to be Gear Golem the Moving Fortress (800/2200). This made Cody grin and Jerry nervous.

The redhead said gleefully, “Gear Golem the Movin’ Fortress, eh? Easy prey for my Nitro Warrior! Now attack his Gear Golem!”

Nitro Warrior’s power returned to its original 2800. It flew up into the air, took aim, and prepared to strike. It then released a large amount of rocket energy and charged in, fists extended, gaining the same fist-shaped auras as before. Jerry could only watch in horror as Nitro Warrior slammed into Gear Golem, destroying it in one strike. The blast sent Jerry flying, screaming, landing with a thud, his Life Points dropping down to zero. A “Win” screen, showing Cody, followed shortly afterward, before the Augmented Reality vanished. Leo, Fiona, and Chronos cheered happily, while Django and Tempest, still watching from afar, smiled approvingly.

One of Jerry’s siblings said, “Jerry lost, but that was an incredible Duel. That Cody guy sure is stronger than he looks.”

At the hospital, Jack cheered, “Aw, yeah, baby! Cody won! That Nitro Warrior totally cleaned house! What an amazing comeback!”

Jade smiled happily, “I knew he could do it! I just knew it.”

Back at the Dueling site, Jerry sputtered, “I… I lost. I can’t believe it. There must be a mistake! I can’t lose!”

Cody walked up to him, “Hey, don’t be freaking out so much. You just lost one Duel. It’s not the end of the world.”

Jerry snapped, “You just don’t get it! I can’t lose, no matter what! I have to win at all costs! My little brothers and sisters depend on me! If I lose a Duel, they’ll be picked on by bullies again! I can’t lose or they’ll pay the price!”

Cody replied, “Hey, calm down. I know what it’s like to be a big brother. I know what it’s like to want to do whatever you can to help protect and take care of your siblings. My sister had a weak heart and I spent countless days if not weeks tryin’ to keep her goin’. If it wasn’t for Django, she’d only have a few weeks left in her life. But now she’s free to live her life to the fullest, all because me and my friends stepped in to keep her goin’ for years to come. So try not to freak out. You’re still a powerful Duelist, even though this whole ESP thin’ is nothin’ more than hot air.”

Suddenly, a voice said, “He’s right, Jerry. You are an amazing Duelist, even without ESP. You battled hard and even though you lost, you still proved your skill.”

Everyone turned to see Jerry’s four siblings approach them.

Jerry asked, “So… you don’t mind that your big brother is… a big loser?”

One of his sisters replied, “No, because you’re always a winner, even in defeat. You’ve always done us proud, no matter what.”

Tears were in Jerry’s eyes as he said, “Well come here and give your bro a hug!”

All four gathered around him, tears in their eyes, making Jerry smile. This caused the crowd to smile approvingly as well.

He said, “I’m sorry I lost. I guess I still have a lot to learn about being a true Duelist and about winning.”

Cody, who had tears in his eyes, said, “So these must be the cosmic forces he was talkin’ about. Now all I need is Jinzo and a Star Piece and this story will have a happy endin’ for everyone.”

Django and Tempest smiled from their perch before walking into a newly opened Warp Gate.

Django said to himself, “I knew Cody would pull through. He’s come a long way from when we first met. That Jerry guy, even without his fake ESP, still proved to be a handful, but Cody overcame yet another obstacle.”

A few minutes later, Jerry held out Jinzo and a Star Piece to Cody.

He said, “Here, my Jinzo and a Star Piece. You deserve them. That was an incredible Duel. You really hung in there and managed to come out on top. I can now see that Django did train you, but it’s obvious you had raw talent to begin with.”

Cody took the card and Star Piece, “Thanks, Jerry. You’re quite the hotshot yourself. Even without that fake ESP junk, you still kept me on the ropes. I just hope from now on you’ll play legit.”

Jerry nodded, “I will, I promise. That Duel taught me a lot, and showed that I still had much to learn. So from now on I’m playing totally fair and square.”

“I’ll hold ya to it. You know, now that I think about it, we’re a lot alike, Jerry. You have your brothers and sisters, and I’ve got my sister and pals. Even in defeat, with allies like that, no one loses. That’s what bein’ a Duelist is all about. If you fight for the right cause, then you’ll always be a winner. In any case, later Hacker family. Come on guys, let’s keep goin’ and look for more Duels.”

As Cody and the others left the area, Django and Tempest were making their way in another direction, satisfied at what happened.

Tempest said, “Cody has really grown as a Duelist and a person ever since our group came to be. Right, Django?”

Django nodded, “Indeed, and he fights for the right cause, which is commendable and admirable. Even without Excalibur he still pulled out an impressive win. Now, we still have more Duels to fight, so let’s get going.”

With a nod and a smile, the two continued their way, ready for more Duels. Little did they know that unwanted eyes were watching them.

Next Chapter: Den of Darkness and Light
Nitro Blaze
The Duel between Cody and Jerry comes to an explosive conclusion. Will Cody's newest monster demolish Jinzo? Or will Jinzo's overwhelming power shut Cody down?
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Mind Over Manners

Cody, Leo, Fiona, and Chronos were walking down the street together. They were searching for any opponent to Duel. But so far they hadn’t found any other Duel going on.

Chronos said, surprised, “I’m quite surprised that we haven’t see any other Duels going on. Either we’re looking in the wrong places, or we just haven’t been lucky enough to find another Duelist yet.”

Leo looked ahead, “I think you spoke too soon. There’s a crowd over there! And judging by the commotion, a Duel must be taking place. Let’s check it out!”

Nodding, they donned their Duel Gazers and ran over to the crowd. After managing to work their way through the crowd, they saw the Duel taking place. It looked just about over. One Duelist, a young male who had greenish hair, blue eyes, and a confident smirk on his face, was controlling a Jinzo (2400/1500), an Equip Spell that was equipped to the opponent’s monster, no face-down cards, and 2700 Life Points left. His opponent, on the other hand, had a Launcher Spider that had its Attack Power reduced by 600, giving it 1600 Attack, one face-down card that seemed to be paralyzed, and 400 Life Points left.

The green-haired male grinned, “Give it up. I knew you were going to try to use your Launcher Spider, then follow up with that Trap of yours, which was Reinforcements, in order to juice it up. But my Jinzo and my Cursed Armaments cards made both of your cards rendered useless. You’re just about done.”

The other Duelist sputtered, “Impossible. I thought the rumors about you having ESP were false. But then you predicted every card I played and knew exactly how to counter them. I can’t believe it.”

The Jinzo Duelist grinned, “My cosmic forces never lie, so you should’ve heeded the rumors, otherwise you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Now, to finish you off for good. Jinzo, attack his Launcher Spider with Cyber Energy Shock!”

Jinzo summoned up a sphere of dark energy, took aim, and fired it at Launcher Spider. It was destroyed upon impact, reducing the other Duelist’s Life Points down to zero. He fell to his knees in shock, while the ESP Duelist grinned.

“Now, I predict you will hand over your Launcher Spider and your Star Piece to me, Jerry Hacker.”

The other Duelist handed over the card and Star Piece, groaning, “I can’t believe I lost. It’s just not possible. Will you take care of my Launcher Spider?”

Jerry took the two items, looking over the card before saying, “Well, given the fact that it’s a Machine monster; I think my deck may have some use for it. But don’t hold your breath.” He then turned the crowd, “Now, who else wants to test their luck against Jerry Hacker?”

Some of the other Duelists in the crowd backed away slightly, but Cody, instead, stepped up.

The redhead stated, “I’ll take you on! Try your luck against the great Cody Lionheart!”

Jerry quirked an eyebrow, saying, “Cody Lionheart? Where have I heard that name before? Wait, aren’t you friends with Dr. Django Spirit, the famous inventor and World Champion Duelist?”

Cody grinned, “Yep, he’s my best pal. So let’s see how you fair against one of his best students!”

The other Duelist stated, “I don’t care if Django trained you or not, don’t challenge this guy! He Duels using ESP!”

“You mean he’s psycho?”

“No, psychic, he’s a psychic Duelist. Which means he can predict what the cards you hold in your hand and counter your strategies before you even use them! He demolished me! I suggest you back down now.”

Fiona turned to Chronos, “Hey, Chronos, do you think this guy is a Psykinox?”

Chronos shook his head, “No, Fiona, I don’t. I’m not sensing any form of special energies off of him. So I think he’s human. While it’s not unheard of for a human to have special qualities, it’s very, very rare. So I doubt this whole psychic stuff. Even if he was a Psykinox, our race, no matter how evil, never uses our powers that way.”

Leo nodded, “That’s true, as even Lucifer has never used his powers to see what cards are in Django’s hand.”

Cody grinned, “So what’s it gonna be, psycho boy? Can your so-called cosmic forces stop the great Cody Lionheart?”

Jerry smirked, “Oh, they’ll stop you dead in your tracks, Cody. So if you want to Duel, then show me what you’ve got. Show me how well Django’s trained you.”

At that time, in Cyber City Hospital, Jade was sitting in her hospital bed, which was elevated to an upright position. Suddenly, she heard a knock at her door, spooking her.

She asked, “Who’s there?”

The door opened, revealing Jack, “Hey, Jade, it’s me, Jack. How’ve you been?”

She smiled, “Hey, Jack. Glad to see you.”

Jack fully entered the room, closing the door behind him, “I figured you might be bored out of your mind right now, so I brought you some entertainment.”

She asked, “Is it a yo-yo?”

“Nope. It’s an Infinity Disk. I asked Django to make you one, as they won’t be publically released until next month. I know you don’t Duel, but it has other functions, too. I figured we could watch your brother Duel over the internet with it. Since today is the first day of the Cyber Clash tournament Kain started, knowing your brother and his love of Dueling, it will be a good show.”

Jade smiled, “Thank you, Jack. And thank Django for me when you get a chance, since he’s giving me an early preview of his new gizmos.”

Jack smiled, sitting down on the end of the bed and propping up a foldable hospital table, placing the Infinity Disk on it. He then logged onto the internet and into the Cyber Clash tournament website before looking up Cody. Shortly afterward, the screen showed Cody and Jerry.

“Woah, good timing. Cody is about to start a Duel right now. Hmm… Jerry Hacker is his opponent. According to the Duelist Rank above him, he’s a six star Duelist. But knowing Cody he’ll do fine. Just as long as this Jerry guy doesn’t use Exodia, that is, since that’s how he lost last time.”

Meanwhile, back at the Duel, Cody and Jerry were about to begin. Both had armed themselves with their respective Dueling equipment, Life Points set to 4000, and had drawn their starting hands.

Jerry said, “You’re about to go down in flames, Cody Lionheart. So let’s get this Duel going so I can add your rare Red-Eyes Black Dragon to my collection.”

Cody stated, “In your dreams, Jerry. I’ll open things up. I Draw!” He looked at his hand, thinking, “Hmm… Ganbara Knight, Scapegoat, Skull Dice, Heroic Challenger – Ambush Soldier, Achacha Archer, and I just drew Black Pendant. Not too shabby.” He said aloud, “Now I will… eh?”

Jerry had his fingers on his temples, eyes closed, and said, “Oh, cosmic energies, make me one with the psychic universe. Tell me everything that’s in Cody’s hand.”

The redhead asked, perplexed, “Eh… what are ya doin’?”

The young Duelist from earlier said, “He’s tapping into his ESP powers. Then he’ll know what cards are in your hand and what you just drew. He did the same thing to me. You’re in over your head.”

Chronos, however, replied coldly, “It’s all song and dance. I detect no special powers emitting from him, nor do I sense any of this ‘cosmic energies’ he claims to be tapping into.”

The Duelist asked, “And how do you know?”

“Because I possess such powers, but I never use them like that. It’s part of my heritage, so I know what I’m talking about. He’s no ESP Duelist, and he’s not even remotely related to a Psykinox. No, this is all an act, I know it.”

Jerry replied, “Oh, is that so? While I doubt you are this Psykin-whatever you claim to be, as there is no such thing, I possess great powers. I already know everything in Cody’s hand, and not one of his monsters has an Attack Power over 1200. In fact, the strongest monster in his hand is Achacha Archer, and I know he just drew Black Pendant. Which means he’ll use both in a combination move, and I already know how to stop it.”

Cody growled, “Hey, watch what you say to my friend. Psykinoxes do exist. Chronos is a proud member of the race, while my buddy Django is also one. And they have far greater powers than you could even dream of. Now back to the Duel. So, just like you said, I’ll summon my Achacha Archer to the field in Attack Mode!”

Achacha Archer (1200/600) appeared on the field. He gave a battle cry as he did.

“Now, to activate his power. When he’s Normal or Flip Summoned, I can hit ya with 500 points of damage! So do it, Achacha Archer! Set ‘im up like a balloon on a dart board!”

Achacha Archer placed an arrow onto his bow, the tip lighting up in fire, and fired it. It pierced Jerry, causing him to flinch briefly, his Life Points dropping by 500 to 3500.

“Now, I activate Black Pendant. This little Spell increases the equipped monster’s Attack by 500 points. So I don’t care that you knew that, as I agree with my pal Chronos that this ESP junk is just that.”

A black pendant appeared around Achacha Archer’s neck. It infused him with power as his Attack increased by 500 to 1700.

“And I think I’ll leave it at that. Your move, psycho boy.”

Jerry growled, “You dare mock my power? I’ll show you! It’s my turn, I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “I summon Cyber Raider to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Cyber Raider looked like a humanoid creature in a form-fitting blue bodysuit with yellow streaks, armor on its calves, a large silver helmet with yellow spikes, and glowing eyes. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1400/1000.

Leo said, “That might be a problem. Cyber Raider will turn Cody’s Black Pendant against him.”

Cody turned back, “Eh? How’s that?”

Jerry stated, “Your little friend is right. When Cyber Raider is summoned, I can target one Equip Spell on the field and do one of two things. I can either destroy the Equip Spell or I can attach it to Cyber Raider instead. So I think I’ll go with the second choice, as Black Pendant’s secondary effect would give me problems. So I’ll just take your Black Pendant from your Archer and give it to my Cyber Raider!”

Black Pendant vanished from around Achacha Archer’s neck, lowering his power back to 1200, while simultaneously forming around Cyber Raider, increasing its power by 500 to 1900.

“I told you I had a plan to counter your tactic. Now my monster is stronger while yours is back to where it started! Cyber Raider, attack his Achacha Archer now!”

Cyber Raider charged in, fists held high, and started to pummel Achacha Archer with a barrage of punches. One final punch sent Achacha Archer flying before crashing in a heap, then vanishing from the field. Cody growled as his Life Points dropped by 700 to 3300.

Jerry smirked, “Now, to keep you guessing, I place one card face-down on the field to end my turn. Your move, Lionheart.”

Fiona called out, “Hang tough, Cody! You can beat this guy!”

At that time, back at the hospital, Jack and Jade had just witnessed what had happened via the Infinity Disk.

Jack said in a worried tone, “Oh man, not the best way to start things off. While Achacha Archer did do some damage with its ability, that Cyber Raider did even more, and now Cody’s short one monster.”

Jade asked, concerned, “Cody won’t lose, right?”

He replied, “No, it’s too early to say he’ll lose, but he’s not off to the best start. He better find a way out of this problem before that Jerry guy does him in. But, again, it’s too early to figure out if he’ll win or lose, so let’s just stay calm and keep watching. Knowing Cody, he’ll find a way to turn this around.”

Meanwhile, at that time, Django and Tempest were walking down the street together. Suddenly, three young teens ran past them.

One said, “Come on, let’s hurry! That Cody Lionheart guy is Dueling against an ESP Duelist. We gotta see this.”

Django mused, “That goes for us, too. Come on, Tempest, let’s check it out.”

She nodded in agreement. Django opened up a Warp Gate, allowing the two of them to enter it, the gate closing up behind them. They reappeared on top of a tall building, donning their Duel Gazers, watching the Duel from afar.

At the Duel, Cody said, “I’m far from done, Jerry, so don’t get yer victory speech ready just yet. It’s my move, I Draw!” He looked at his card before using it, “I play Pot of Greed. I can draw two more cards from my deck.”

As he drew them, Jerry went into yet another ESP trance state before saying, “You just drew a Gene-Warped Warwolf and another Graceful Dice.”

The redhead quirked an eyebrow, “Another Graceful Dice?” He looked at his hand, noting the Skull Dice in it, before saying silently, “Now I’m sure that Chronos is right. Sure, I did draw Gene-Warped Warwolf and a Graceful Dice, but the other card in my hand is a Skull Dice, not a Graceful Dice. Hmm… looks like this ESP Duelist is nothin’ more than a fraud. Maybe I can use that to my advantage.” He said aloud, “All right, psycho boy, I summon Gene-Warped Warwolf to the field in Attack Mode!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf (2000/100) appeared on the field, giving a fierce howl as it did so.

Observing the Duel from afar, Tempest asked, “How does this guy know what Cody has in his hand and what he’s drawn? Even Psykinoxes like Lucifer don’t do stuff like this, so how is he doing it?”

Django then noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning slightly, he noticed four young kids, two boys and two girls, who looked very similar to Jerry. One had a pair of binoculars while another had a headpiece with a microphone on it. He quickly put two and two together.

He mused, “This Jerry guy is cheating. Those four kids over to our left must be his siblings, as they look very much like him. They’re spying on Cody’s hand with binoculars and relaying the info to Jerry via the headpiece. That’s how he knows what’s in Cody’s hand and what he’ll draw. This ESP Duelist is nothing more than a faker.”

Tempest asked, “Shouldn’t we do something about it!? Cody could lose the Duel to this cheater, so we should step in!”

Django shook his head, “No, I don’t think that’s necessary. According to what I heard, Jerry claimed that Cody drew a second Graceful Dice. However, Cody only owns ONE Graceful Dice. So if I had to guess, the other card in his hand is a Skull Dice. But since both cards a very similar in appearance, and probably the way Cody’s holding his cards, are confusing Jerry’s siblings, and I think he’s already figured that out. So let’s just watch. Besides, Cody will beat him, I know it. Jerry may be a cheater, but Cody has the skills and brains to figure out a way to shut him down.”

Cody grinned, thinking, “I’m about to shut down this psychic fraud’s network. But first…” he then said aloud, “Gene-Warped Warwolf, attack his Cyber Raider! Slash it to ribbons with yer claws!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf charged in, all four of its arms raised high, claws ready to slice and dice. Jerry, however, seemed confident.

He stated, “Not so fast, Cody! I activate the Trap: Negate Attack! This negates your attack and ends your Battle Phase, so your freaky werewolf won’t be laying a claw on my Cyber Raider.”

A spiraling vortex blocked Gene-Warped Warwolf from reaching Cyber Raider, forcing it to return to its original position.

Cody shrugged, “Big deal. I place three cards face-down to end my turn. But just so you know, I plan to give your so-called cosmic energies a rude awakenin’. So take your turn, Jerry.”

Leo observed, “Looks like Cody has a plan in mind to shut down this guy. I hope it works, as this Jerry guy is a tough nut to crack.”

Fiona stated, “Show this guy what you’re made of, Cody!”

Jerry stated, “You’re wasting your time, Lionheart. I know that two of your face-down cards are Graceful Dice. But you won’t be able to use them. According to Cyber Clash rules, you cannot use the same card to boost your monster’s power in the same turn. So your efforts will be wasted. Now, it’s my move, I Draw.” He looked at his new card, grinning, “This’ll shut down any hopes you have of winning. First, I activate the Spell: Mind Wipe! If you have three or less cards in your hand, I can force you to send all of them back to your deck, shuffle it, and draw the same number of cards. Not like the cards in your hand would’ve done you any good, and I doubt any other cards you draw will help, either. So say goodbye to your hand.”

Cody gave a growl as he shuffled the two cards in his hand back into his deck, drawing two more cards.

“I know the cards you just drew are Heroic Challenger – Extra Sword and Nitro Synchron. They won’t help you at all. Now, I Tribute my Cyber Raider in order to summon my Cyber-Tech Alligator in Attack Mode! While I know this means your Black Pendant that is equipped to my Cyber Raider will activate its second effect, that doesn’t matter to me, as that little bit of damage won’t change anything.”

Cyber Raider vanished from the field, but was replaced by Cyber-Tech Alligator (2500/1600). He then was struck by a quick bolt of energy from the Black Pendant, his Life Points dropping by 500 to 3000.

“Now, Cyber-Tech Alligator, attack his Warwolf!”

Cyber-Tech Alligator roared, raised up its mechanical claw, and charged in. Cody started to grin.

He said, “Not so fast, Jerry. I activate my Spell: Graceful Dice. I roll a six-sided die, and the higher the roll, the stronger my monster gets. 100 points times the number on the die to be exact. So time to see what Lady Luck has for me! Go Graceful Dice!”

The cartoony casino angel appeared, threw the blue die, which hit the ground, and started to bounce around. It then landed on a three.

Cody, although a little upset, said, “So I got a three. That means my Warwolf gains 300 Attack and Defense.”

Gene-Warped Warwolf started to glow as its power increased by 300 to 2300/400.

Jerry huffed, “Big deal, that still won’t help you. My Cyber-Tech Alligator is still stronger! So take out his Warwolf!”

Cody wagged a finger, “Not so fast. I activate face-down card number two. This bad boy will shut down your gator.”

“But I told you! You can’t use two Graceful Dice in the same turn!”

The redhead grinned, “Who said it was a Graceful Dice? Reveal Trap: Skull Dice!”

Jerry sputtered, “Skull Dice!?”

“That’s right. This little baby can lower your monster’s power by 100 points times the number on the die. So that means your gator is about to become scrap metal! All I need is a three or higher. Go Skull Dice!”

The cartoony fiend appeared, threw its red die, which then hit the ground, and started to bounce around. It landed on a six, much to Jerry’s horror.

“By my math, six is higher than three! So your Cyber-Tech Alligator loses 600 Attack and Defense!”

Cyber-Tech Alligator’s power dropped by 600 to 1900/1000. This allowed Gene-Warped Warwolf to block the attack and retaliate with all four of its claws, shredding Cyber-Tech Alligator to pieces before it vanished from the field. Jerry flinched as his Life Points dropped by 400 to 2600.

The redhead grinned, “I knew somethin’ wasn’t right. When you said I had drawn a second Graceful Dice, that’s when I realized that this whole ESP thin’ is nothin’ more than hot air. You see, I had a Skull Dice in my hand, not another Graceful Dice. And, fer that matter, I only own ONE Graceful Dice. So there was no way I could’ve had two Graceful Dice in my hand since I only own one. But because of the way I held my cards, and because both Graceful Dice and Skull Dice look very similar, I ended up confusin’ your so-called psychic network. Which means that your network is nothin’ more than a scam. You probably have someone in a high place watchin’ my hand from afar, but after this little stunt I pulled, I can say without doubt that you’re nothin’ more than a big fake, just like Chronos said you are!”

Jerry looked horrified, stumbling a bit, thinking, “No! How could this nobody have figured out the truth! It’s just not possible.”

Chronos stated, “I knew you were a fake, and this proves it. Even a Psykinox, no matter how evil, would never use their powers for something like this. Cody has proven that this ESP act is just that: an act, and nothing more.”

From afar, Django grinned, “I knew Cody would figure it out.”

Just then he and Tempest heard a whistle. They turned to see Nicholas run up to Jerry’s siblings, who started to panic.

Nicholas stated, “Freeze you four! I caught you red-handed!”

Before the four siblings could react, Nicholas snatched the binoculars and the headpiece, cornering the four kids.

He stated, “You’re brother will never Duel in this tournament again! I’m shutting down this Duel!”

The eldest of the four, a young boy, stated, “Please, don’t do it! Let Jerry continue the Duel, please!”

The younger Kannon brother huffed, “Why should I? Cheating is not tolerated in this tournament. So give me one good reason why I should bust your brother right now?!”

“Please, you must allow it. Jerry is only doing this to protect us! You see, we’re former carnival performers, but ever since the carnival we worked at went under, Jerry has done everything he could to help us. Otherwise, every day after school, bullies would pick on us. But even bullies respect strong Duelists, so by faking the ESP act and winning Duels has prevented the bullies from picking on us. Please, you must give him another chance!”

Nicholas looked surprised, “Jerry protects you from bullies? That’s… similar to what Kain did for me when we were younger…” He shook his head before replying, “But what’s stopping you from doing this again!?”

“We promise we won’t do it again, just don’t kick Jerry out of the tournament, please. If he is, then we’ll be defenseless from bullies. Please, just give him another chance.”

Nicholas thought about it for a moment, but then out of the corner of his eye noticed Django and Tempest. He looked over to them, who casually shifted their attention away from them.

He thought, “Django and Tempest saw the whole thing. They could’ve done something about it, but instead they just watched. Knowing Django, he’d give them a second chance.” He then said to the four kids, “Very well. I’ll give your brother another chance, but he better not cheat from this point forward! Got that!? Or his Dueling days are over!” He then said silently, “Big brother stories get me every single time.”

Another sibling, a girl, said, “Thank you! We won’t cheat again, we promise, so thank you for giving Jerry another chance.”

Back at the hospital, Jack and Jade had just seen what had happened.

Jack stated, “All right! Nice move, Cody! When it comes to dice, Cody is the man!”

Jade replied, “I’m glad to see he got out of that mess. But I doubt this is the end of it.”

“True. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope he can keep the momentum up.”

Back at the Duel, Jerry, who was obviously surprised, stated, “So you managed to get lucky. Big deal. My ESP and skills will still wipe you out.” He then whispered into something, “Next time get it right, you nitwits.” He then said aloud, “I’ll end my turn with two cards face-down and activate the Spell: Mirage of Nightmare. That’s all for now. That also means your Graceful Dice’s effect expires, so your Warwolf returns to normal.”

As he said that, Gene-Warped Warwolf’s power dropped back down to its original 2000/100.

Cody grinned, “Then stand back and watch a pro! I Draw!” but was cut off.

Jerry stated, “Now my Mirage of Nightmare activates! I can draw four cards from my deck!” He drew four cards, looked at them, then said, “Now I activate the Emergency Provisions Spell. I send my Mirage of Nightmare to the Graveyard to gain 1000 Life Points.”

Mirage of Nightmare vanished in a flurry of sparkles, which then rained down upon Jerry, increasing his Life Points by 1000 to 3600.

The redhead stated, “Big deal. I still have plenty of firepower to knock your Life Points down to nothin’. So let me show you. I summon Rocket Warrior to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Rocket Warrior looked like an almost cartoony being whose body was composed of pieces of a green and gold rocket. In its right hand was a sword and in its left was a shield, and it had small beady eyes on its round head. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1500/1300.

“Now, Gene-Warped Warwolf, attack him directly!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf gave a fierce roar, raised up its four claws, and charged in.

Jerry stated, “Not so fast! I activate the Spell: Fires of Doomsday! This card allows me to summon two Doomsday Tokens in Defense Mode! So you won’t be mounting a direct attack on my Life Points any time soon!”

Two Doomsday Tokens (0/0) appeared on the field in front of him.

Cody said to himself, “While it’s a weak defense, if I don’t get rid of them, then he can Tribute one or both of them to summon a DARK monster like that Jinzo I saw earlier. I have to destroy them before he can do that.” He said aloud, “Gene-Warped Warwolf, attack his Doomsday Token!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf charged in, claws held high, before slamming them down on one Doomsday Token, destroying it.

“Now, Rocket Warrior, attack the other Token now! Transform into your Invincible Mode and blast it off the field!”

Rocket Warrior started to retract into itself, causing the rocket pieces that made up its body link together, forming a full rocket. It then took aim, released a large amount of rocket energy from the bottom of its form and charged in. It slammed into the second Token, destroying it easily, before returning to Cody’s side of the field and transforming back into its normal form.

“I think I’ll end my turn there, Jerry. So make your move, you psychic fraud.”

Jerry growled, “I’ll show you who’s a fraud. I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “I place this monster in face-down Defense Mode, then I’ll place this card face-down on the field. That’s all for now. Attack my monster if you dare.”

Cody grinned, “Oh, I dare, all right. So watch what the great Cody Lionheart can do! I Draw! Gene-Warped Warwolf, attack his hidden monster now!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf charged in, claws held high, ready to destroy whatever opposed it. The monster was revealed shortly before then. It was a hideous creature that looked like a brain with bat-like wings, four claws, and a long eyestalk with a bulging eye at the end. It was a Level Two monster with stats of 200/900.

Leo called out, “Cody! Watch out! That’s a Brain Jacker, and it’s a nasty creature!”

Jerry stated, “Too late! When my Brain Jacker is attacked while in face-down Defense Mode, I can equip it to one monster on my opponent’s field. I gain control of that monster. While you would normally gain 500 Life points during each of your Standby Phases, the monster I’m gonna steal won’t be around that long. So I equip it to your Gene-Warped Warwolf!”

The creature lunged at Gene-Warped Warwolf, clinging onto its head. It sunk its claws into the Warwolf’s head, causing its eyes to glow and forcing it onto Jerry’s side of the field. Cody grimaced as he saw this.

He said, “Okay, minor setback. But I’m still in this. I place this monster in face-down Defense Mode to end my turn.”

Jerry grinned, “It’s all over for you, Cody Lionheart! I Draw!” He took a card from his hand, “Time to put you in your place! I Tribute your Warwolf in order to summon my ultimate monster: Jinzo, in Attack Mode!”

Gene-Warped Warwolf and Brain Jacker disappeared from the field, but were replaced by the fierce Jinzo (2400/1500).

“Now not only are all Trap Cards useless as long as Jinzo is on the field, so is any hope you had of winning! But, just to fortify that position, I activate the Equip Spell: Machine Conversion Factory! This boosts my Jinzo’s Attack and Defense by 300 points, so your chances of winning just got even worse!”

The Spell infused Jinzo with new power as its strength increased by 300 to 2700/1800.

“Now, Jinzo, attack his Rocket Warrior!”

Jinzo summoned up a large sphere of dark energy, took aim, and fired it. Upon impact, it caused Rocket Warrior to be swallowed up and vanished from the field. Cody skidded back a bit from the impact as his Life Points dropped by 1200 to 2100.

“Face it, Lionheart! Your Cyber Clash days are over!”

Cody growled, “Don’t count me out just yet, Jerry! I plan to crush your Jinzo once and for all! Just you see!”

Next Chapter: Nitro Blaze
Mind Over Manners
Cody's first Duel in the Cyber Clash tournament is against an ESP Duelist known as Jerry Hacker. With the ability to predict all of Cody's moves and all the cards he holds in his hand, Jerry seems unbeatable. Will Cody shut down this ESP Duelist? Or will Jerry cut Cody's tournament days short?
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I didn't mention it here, but we've been having water problems all month. First a water main break, followed by a massive house fire that reduced the water pressure all over town to non-existent levels. Then, the icing on the cake, our pump house (a small shed on our street that manages our water pressure and supply) had several pipes burst due to the sudden change in pressure. So we've had quite the runaround with water-related problems, including bathroom troubles (let's not go there right now). Now, thankfully, it's back in order (though we're under a boil water warning until tomorrow, just to be on the safe side), but at least we can use the bathroom now.

Okay, enough of that conversation, let's move onto what most of you want out of me: stories. I know it's been over a week since I last submitted a chapter. I've actually got the next chapter (Mind Over Manners) started, but due to all the chaos here, as well as other factors (namely hot temperatures and searching for a new dog to adopt), I haven't gotten very far in it. So I've been spending most of my free time either trying to stay cool or working on Duel Scripts (or bare-bones Duel outlines on how it'll play out, along with certain events mentioned, such as wagered cards, "special" Dueling fields, etc). I will say this, the next Duel will be a Cody-focused one, and it'll be a two-chapter Duel due to the number of turns and "events" that take place. Luckily, I've already mapped out how that Duel will go, so it's just a matter of writing the dialog and such. So hopefully, if no more "distractions" come into play, I should get back to it on Saturday, maybe even have it up later that day (I can't Friday due to errands and plans). So just hang tight and the next chapter will be on the air soon.

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I know I've been very inactive in getting the next chapter done of my little series. I apologize, but things haven't been easy right now. I've had several nights of little to no sleep, it's been unseasonably warm here, and my allergies have been running haywire. Because of all that, I haven't even started the next chapter. I just don't have any focus or energy right now. I have the Duel Script all finished (actually, it was finished weeks ago), but I just don't have any energy or enough focus to sit down and do the chapter itself. I figured I at least owed an explanation for the delay, so here it is. If I could get even just one night of good sleep, then that would help a lot, as I'm practically running on fumes. But, unfortunately, thanks to my already erratic sleeping patterns, even with sleeping meds, and the fact that, even if I'm tired, I cannot just lay down and nap for a few hours, that's a difficult thing to accomplish. I just hope that, sooner or later, I can get some decent sleep, as I need to get the next chapter done. Not just for those who want to read it, but because writing acts as stress relief, and I could certainly use the relief.

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