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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...


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Great, just great. My chaotic life with the pack of hyenas I call a family, combined with the fact I haven't been feeling well, has caused me to take too long of a break between chapters, which has now evolved into writer's block. Not again! Agh! I KNOW what I need to write, but I can't seem to get it out and onto a document. It won't help much that my aunt is coming up for a visit this weekend, which means I'll be busy entertaining her, which means my writer's block may grow during that time. Slag, and I have so much to write, furthering the Cyber Clash tournament and the Psykinox Lords. I haven't even written a freakin' Duel Script in ages, which I use to plan Duels in my series, much less an actual chapter. Sigh... not good timing, as I've been fairly stressed out, and writing acts as a stress relief for me. Which means a lot of stress has been bottled up lately, making me more frustrated and impatient. I just hope I can break this writer's block soon, as it's not only draining my energy, but my patience as well.
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For all of you who live in the states, Happy 4th of July. Independence Day, or America's birthday, whatever you want to call it, it all works. A day where launching fireworks, barbeques, and beach time is a must. Especially the fireworks part. ^_^

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Fiery and Ice

Cody and the others were busy eating some lunch. They had just finished talking to Django regarding the Seven Psykinox Lords roaming around the city.

Leo asked, “So, what are these Seven Psykinox Lords anyway, Chronos?”

Chronos replied, “The Seven Psykinox Lords are the seven most powerful Psykinoxes in the race. Their power is not only determined by their individual strength, but the strength of their family names. However, I haven’t heard much about the Seven Psykinox Lords individually. The only two I know off the bat are Avalon Luminz and, of course, Lucifer himself. Django also mentioned Claymore Quake, so that leaves the other four. However, I don’t think I know the rest of them by name, or if I do, I don’t remember at this time. Maybe if I hear one of their names it may help, but I’m not sure. But we should be able to identify them regardless, especially by wardrobe, since they don’t wear the same kind of clothes that the rest of us wear on the surface.”

Fiona asked, “I wonder, why these seven particular Psykinoxes are so powerful that they’re dubbed as lords?”

“Again, usually due to their family names. Remember, the rank a particular Psykinox family has is usually determined by the amount of special energies they have. However, as the Luminz family proves, even if they were lower ranked initially, they can gain more power when put into a different position in the social structure. The Luminz family was lower ranked initially, but when one of Django’s ancestors, who was the leader at the time, befriended a member of the Luminz family, the friendship he had with that Luminz was so strong that he put the Luminz family as second-in-command, boosting that family’s power significantly. It worked well in the race’s favor, too, as the Luminz family is a very noble and reliable family, so it helped the race’s energy flow as well.”

Jack stated, “Sound like Django should be a Psykinox Lord instead of Lucifer, but according to Django, Lucifer capitalized on an ancient rule to gain command of the race instead of Avalon. That dirty double-crossing snake always seems to have the edge. I can’t wait to see him destroyed.”

Cody nodded, “You got that right, Jack. I guess Lucifer really is quite bright, which is unfortunate for us as it puts us at a disadvantage. But at least we know that D-Man can take him head-on. I just hope we can recruit the other Psykinox Lords onto our side.”

Leo mused, “Given the fact that they seem to hate Lucifer, and for good reasons, we stand a good chance at recruiting them to the cause. I just hope they’re not bitter toward humans due to Lucifer’s lies, as it may complicate things a bit. But seeing how Django managed to get Avalon and Claymore onto our side, the other four should be reasonable enough to get them on our side. But it would also appear that they wield Numbers that are over 100, like Tachyon Dragon, so we may have to fight fire with fire to prove our points and get them to join us.”

Fiona looked worried, “I just hope we can match wits with the strongest Psykinoxes in the race, otherwise it may backfire on us.”

Cody stated after finishing his food, “Relax, Fiona, we’ll be fine. Thanks to D-Man’s trainin’, we should be able to go card-for-card with them. We’re a lot stronger now than we were before we learned any of this Psykinox stuff, so we stand a good chance at winnin’ their trust. So let’s get movin’ and see if we can find one of them Psykinox Lords.”

Not far off from their position, another Psykinox Lord was roaming around. Zweite was looking around for any trace of Django. She had discarded her cloak a while ago, revealing herself. She had supple skin with dark green markings on her body, orange eyes, and long ice blue hair that reached her knees with a somewhat trident shaped fringe. She was dressed in what appeared to be an armored corset, dusty gold in color, that revealed a lot of her ample chest and midriff, a choker with a snowflake-shaped gem, a headband with a small teardrop jewel dangling between her eyes, sapphire blue earrings, pale bluish purple pants that stopped mid calf, and dark violet high-heeled boots with open toes. Despite looking for Django, she was also eating, as she was holding a kabob stick in one hand, still full of food, with four more in her other hand, all of which were bare.

She said to herself, “Still no trace of this Django Spirit Avalon sent us to find. I hope he’s having better luck than I am. I want Lucifer gone as much as the next Psykinox, but trying to find our true leader on the surface world is like trying to find a snowflake in the arid desert. Still, I guess it’s worth it, as I want that Bloodlust gone so we can stop living in the dark and return to the surface.”

Suddenly, a young adult male, about 20, approached her, saying, “Hey, baby, wanna come check out the sights with me, your new hunk?”

She gave him a piercing, icy glare, freezing him in his tracks, while using the four empty kabob sticks like improvised weapons, pointing them at his face.

She hissed, “Back off if you know what’s good for you. Otherwise you’ll learn why they call me the Ice Queen. I’m not interested, so don’t bother me, or you’ll learn the hard way that messing with me is hazardous to one’s health. So back off. And learn some new pick-up lines while you’re at it, as you couldn’t pick up a female chicken with that sad excuse for flirting.”

The young adult backed away from her, obviously surprised by her icy response. She kept glaring at him until he had fully walked away. She huffed, finished her kabob, and resumed looking. However, it wasn’t long before she noticed Cody and the others approaching her from the opposite direction. At first she didn’t seem to care, but the moment she took a good look at Cody, her cold expression change into a seductive look.

She purred, “Hmm… hello hot stuff. Not too shabby for a human. Something about that redhead seems different than other men. Perhaps I should take a closer look.”

The gang was unaware of Zweite approaching them until Leo looked ahead and saw her.

He said, “Hey, guys, I think we have company.”

They all turned to face Zweite, who had stopped short of them. Instantly, Cody’s eyes lit up, drinking in her seductive appearance.

She purred, slowly circling Cody, “Well, hello there. What do we have here? Not too shabby. Pretty good, in fact. What’s your name, hot stuff?”

Cody, who seemed almost elated, replied eagerly, “Woah! Hello hot stuff yourself! Don’t think I’ve seen you ‘round here before. The name’s Cody Lionheart. And you?”

“My name is Zweite Shard, also known as the Ice Queen. Hmm… Lionheart, huh? Sounds pretty noble. But do you have enough spark in your soul to melt the Ice Queen? After all, I like a man who has plenty of spark in their soul. And you seem to have plenty of that. But… do you have the Dueling skill to keep that spark going?”

Cody replied proudly, “Oh, yeah, baby, this redhead packs plenty of fire in his soul. And plenty of Duelin’ skill to go with it. After all, they don’t get fierier than me. And what about you?”

Zweite purred, “Me? I take pride in freezing my foes solid. I am called the Ice Queen, after all, which means I can turn those who can’t impress me into blocks of ice. But you may have the fire to counter my ice. I want to see what you’re capable off. Show me your Dueling prowess. Beat me, and you may be the one who melts my icy heart.”

Leo said, unsure what to think, “Well, this should be an interesting Duel, to say the least.”

Jack sighed, “I think Cody is in over his head. We don’t even know who this Zweite is, so who knows how strong she is.”

Fiona chuckled nervously, “Well you can’t blame him for wanting to impress her. I just hope he doesn’t freeze over.”

Chronos, however, was thinking, “Zweite Shard? I know I’ve heard that name before. But where?”

Zweite stepped a bit back, smiling, “You better prove it to me, as I want to test your mettle. Don’t disappoint me, as I feel you may be the one. So show me how much fire you have in your soul, and if it’s enough to melt my icy heart and soul.”

Cody grinned, “Oh, I’ll show ya just how much fire this Lionheart has!”

He armed himself with his Infinity Disk and Duel Gazer. Zweite’s left eye became more luminous, her supernatural Dueling equipment on her right arm, which looked like a fan or wing made of ice crystals, indicating that she was left-handed. This caught Chronos’ attention more than the others.

The teen Psykinox thought, “She materialized her Dueling equipment, just like how Lucifer does. Could she… is she one of the Psykinox Lords?” He then called out, “Cody, be careful! This woman may actually be a Psykinox Lord!”

Cody turned to him, “What!? A Psykinox Lord!?” He turned to Zweite, “Is that true?”

She replied, “While I am surprised you know of us Psykinoxes, your friend is right. I am Zweite Shard of the Seven Psykinox Lords, as well as the only female Psykinox Lord. But tell me… how do you know about us Psykinoxes?”

Leo replied, “Not only is Chronos half-Psykinox, but our friend and the leader of our group is a Psykinox. So we’re well aware of the Psykinox race, as well as what happened between the Spirit and Bloodlust families.”

Zweite quirked an eyebrow, “So, you’re friends with a Psykinox? But how could you know what happened to the Spirit family… Unless the Psykinox you’re referring to is a Spirit!”

Fiona nodded, “That’s right. Our friend is none other than Django Spirit, and we’re helping him in his quest to eliminate Lucifer for his treachery and murderous acts.”

The Ice Queen said, surprised, “You mean you know Django Spirit!? Avalon sent me to try to locate him!” She then shook her head before returning her attention to Cody, “We’ll discuss this later. After all, we’re in a Duel, and if you know a Spirit, then I want to see if he has trained you well enough for any future battles. As well as see what kind of a man you are, Lionheart.”

Cody grinned, “I’ll show ya the fruits of my labor under D-Man’s tutoring. So let’s do this!”

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

Both drew their starting hands, Life Points set to 4000.

“Let’s Duel!”

Zweite touched her deck with her left hand, “Ladies first. I Draw! I summon Mother Grizzly to the field in Attack Mode!”

Mother Grizzly (1400/1000) appeared on the field, giving a roar as it did.

“I place two cards face-down to end my turn. Your move, Cody Lionheart. Show me your skill as well as your flaming soul.”

Cody grinned, “Oh, I’ll show ya! I Draw! First I summon Gearfried the Iron Knight in Attack Mode!”

Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800/1600) appeared on the field, giving his bladed arm a swing.

“Now, Gearfried, attack Mother Grizzly now with Metal Forearm Thrust!”

Gearfried charged in, into Mother Grizzly’s face, and gave his bladed arm a fierce slash, cleaving Mother Grizzly in half before it shattered. Zweite flinched as her Life Points dropped by 400 to 3600.

She stated, “By destroying my Mother Grizzly in battle and sending it to the Graveyard, you’ve activated its power! I can summon any WATER monster from my deck with 1500 or less Attack in Attack Mode. So I choose my Blizzard Falcon!”

Her deck ejected a card, which she played right away. Blizzard Falcon’s body seemed to be composed of both metal and ice, with bladed feet, ice wings, ice armor on its breast, a fanned-out metal tail, a long neck with a somewhat robotic falcon face with glowing eyes and a yellow beak. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1500/1500.

Cody replied, “Not too shabby. But I’m far from done. I place one card face-down on the field to end my turn.”

Zweite said mentally, “So far so good. Now that he knows I’m a Psykinox Lord, it appears that he is still giving me all he’s got. It’s as if he’s not afraid of me. The usual reaction of someone facing a Psykinox Lord would make them hesitate and back down, knowing how powerful we are. But he is unfazed by that. Hmm… good, I like that. I like a man who can fight even against a foe with a power advantage. Let’s see how long he lasts.” She said aloud, “It’s my turn. I Draw! I summon Aurora Wing to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Aurora Wing was a majestic-looking creature. It had the body of a crane with large, graceful wings that looked like a solidified aurora, a matching, massive tail, thin legs, a long neck and a small head with a crest made of the same solidified energy that its wings and tail were composed of. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1200/1600.

“Now, I Overlay my Level Four Aurora Wing and Blizzard Falcon! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network. I Xyz Summon Ice Beast Zerofyne in Attack Mode!”

Both Aurora Wing and Blizzard Falcon turned into blue orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the red spiral Overlay Network. Out emerged a new monster. Ice Beast Zerofyne looked like a cross between an ice skater, a metallic bird, and an ice creature. The main body was that of a woman covered in bluish-white ice crystals that covered her entire body except from the neck up, which was contained in dark blue armor and a helmet that revealed her eyes and a large crest. She had matching armor at her elbows and around her hips in a skirt-like structure, with additional ice crystals imbedded in it. Her wings were made from the same type of armor consisting of jagged plates, dark blue in color, jutting upward. Orbiting her were two blue orbs of light. She was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2000/2200.

Zweite stated, “Now to activate my Zerofyne’s special ability. By using an Overlay Unit, I can negate all other card effects on the field. Plus, my Zerofyne will gain 300 extra Attack Points for every monster on the field until my next Standby Phase. So do it, Zerofyne! Perfect Freeze!”

Ice Beast Zerofyne absorbed an Overlay Unit before releasing a large gust of wind and snow. This caused Gearfried to ice over, turning dark, while Zerofyne’s power increased by 300 to 2300.

“But I’m not done yet. I activate the Trap: Call of the Haunted, to revive my Blizzard Falcon!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing Blizzard Falcon (1500/1500) to reappear on the field.

“Now I activate my Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away your face-down card!”

A mighty typhoon formed on the field, charging toward Cody’s hidden card, which was revealed to be Nitwit Outwit, before it was destroyed.

Leo stated, “This is bad. Cody is in some trouble now.”

Zweite stated, “Zerofyne, attack Gearfried the Iron Knight with Icicle Storm!”

Zerofyne summoned up another gust of wind, this time loaded with icicles, and fired them at Gearfried. The attack mercilessly shredded Gearfried before it vanished. Cody shielded himself from the chilling winds as his Life Points dropped by 500 to 3500.

“Now, Blizzard Falcon, attack him directly!”

Blizzard Falcon summoned up more icy wind, which slammed into the redhead, knocking him off his feet, his Life Points dropping by 1500 to 2000.

Fiona called out, “Cody, are you okay?”

He grunted, “I’ll be fine, Fiona. This Duel isn’t over just yet, so I still have a chance to turn things around.”

Zweite mused, “I must admit I’m impressed. Most men would’ve given up, or at least been discouraged, after being blasted by my icy skills. You do have plenty of fire in you, but let’s see how long it’ll last. I end my turn there.”

The redhead stated, “Then it’s my move. I Draw! I activate Pot of Greed to draw two more cards from my deck.” He drew two cards, looked at them, gaining a grin, “This’ll help. I activate the Spell: Polymerization. I fuse my Alligator’s Sword and Baby Dragon to summon Alligator’s Sword Dragon in Attack Mode!”

Alligator’s Sword appeared on the field alongside a new monster. Baby Dragon looked like a young yellow dragon with large claws, moderately small wings, large eyes and a cute expression. It was a Level Three monster with stats of 1200/700. Both it and Alligator’s Sword started to overlap, swallowed up by a spiral vortex, and before long a new monster appeared on the field.

Alligator’s Sword Dragon was simply Alligator’s Sword riding on Baby Dragon’s back. Alligator’s Sword gave its sword a mighty swing while Baby Dragon gave a roar that was cuter than fierce. It was a Level Five monster with stats of 1700/1500.

The Ice Queen looked confused, “Why summon that creature? Its power is nowhere near my Zerofyne’s.”

Cody grinned, “True, this little combo creature doesn’t pack a big punch, but its ability does. You see, if my opponent only controls monsters that are of the FIRE, EARTH, or WATER Attributes, this monster can attack you directly! So do it, Alligator’s Sword Dragon! Bypass her monsters and attack her directly!”

Alligator’s Sword Dragon flew high into the sky, flying right over Zweite’s two monsters, before barreling down toward her. It gave a swipe from its sword, the shockwave striking the Ice Queen. She skidded back slightly as her Life Points dropped by 1700 to 1900. Alligator’s Sword Dragon then returned to its original position.

Cody grinned, “Not too shabby, huh? I may not have the most powerful cards in the game, but I know how to make the most of the cards I own. While D-Man allows me great access to his card collection, I know my deck will never be as powerful or strategic as his, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve gotten this far with this deck, and I intend to go the whole distance. So, for now, I place two cards face-down on the field to end my turn.”

Zweite said inwardly, “This Django Spirit sounds like he’s got all the traits needed to be our leader and complete the family mission. The question is… why is Lucifer in control?” She said aloud, “I must admit, I’m impressed so far. You are quite capable, and you can make the most out of your cards. But if you want to fully impress this Ice Queen, then defeat me and show me your strength. So it’s my turn, I Draw! Now my Zerofyne’s effect expires, returning her to normal.”

Zerofyne’s power dropped down to her original 2000.

“Next I summon Blizzard Thunderbird to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Blizzard Thunderbird looked more like a humanoid than an avian creature. Its body was designed similar to a warrior equipped with dark blue armor made from overlapping plates, human hands, one of which holding a sword-like weapon, a long armored neck and a head that looked like an mechanical vulture. The wings were composed of several lightning bolt-shaped plates of metal, metallic yellow in color, stretching from its shoulders to its hips. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1600/1400.

Zweite said, “I hate to do this, but I want to see what you’re capable of. I Overlay my Blizzard Thunderbird and Blizzard Falcon. With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 103: Ragnazero in Attack Mode!”

Jack exclaimed, “Oh no! She’s summoning a Number! This isn’t good!”

Blizzard Thunderbird and Blizzard Falcon became blue orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged a new monster.

Number 103: Ragnazero was an elegant-looking female wearing a white armored dress with a red front and gold triangular jewels. Her visible skin was a pale purple, with each hand holding a double-ended blade. Attached to her back was a ring with several long, thin spikes fused with icy energy, with matching shoulder plates and headdress. Her face was covered by a black mask, only revealing her eyes, which were a luminous purple and long black hair. Orbiting her were two blue orbs of light and the number “103” was written on the left side of her headdress. She was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2400/1200.

Leo said, “That Number looks both elegant and deadly. I hope Cody will survive this.”

Cody stated, “I’m way ahead of ya, little buddy! I activate the Trap: Rocket Hand! This Trap also doubles as an Equip card, boostin’ a monster’s Attack by 800 if its Attack is 800 or higher! Plus this card’s second effect will help me turn the tide in this Duel! So I equip it to my Alligator’s Sword Dragon!”

A mechanical hand formed on Alligator’s Sword Dragon’s free hand, raising its power by 800 to 2500.

Zweite said, “Not bad, but not good enough. I activate Ragnazero’s ability! By using one Overlay Unit, I can target a monster on the field who’s current Attack is different than its Original Attack. That monster is destroyed and I get to draw one card from my deck. Sorry to do this, handsome, but your dragon-riding gator is about to become a purse!”

Ragnazero absorbed an Overlay Unit before firing a beam at Alligator’s Sword Dragon. The beam pierced Cody’s monster, causing it to roar out in pain as it was destroyed, much to Cody’s horror. She then drew one card from her deck.

“Now, Ragnazero, attack him directly!”

Cody stated, “I’m not done yet! I activate the Spell: Scapegoat! This allows me to summon four Sheep Tokens to protect me! So you won’t get to my Life Points that easily!”

Four Sheep Tokens (0/0) appeared on the field, shielding the redhead.

Zweite looked a bit disappointed, “Not the kind of tactic I’d expect from a man like you. But whatever. Ragnazero, attack one of those Sheep Tokens!”

Ragnazero gave a swipe from one of her blades, slicing a Sheep Token in half before it vanished.

“Now, Zerofyne, attack another Sheep Token!”

Zerofyne summoned up another wind gust full of icicles which impaled another Sheep Token, destroying it.

She said, “I hope you can do better than those Scapegoats. I end my turn there. What else can you do?”

Cody stated, “I’m far from done. My options may be limited, but I never give up until the last card is drawn! I Draw!” He looked at his card before playing it, “All I can do for now is place this monster in face-down Defense Mode to end my turn. But watch out, babe, as when you least expect it, this flamin’ spirit, Duelin’ dynamo will turn the tables! So it’s your turn.”

Zweite thought, “I must admit, while those Scapegoats don’t impress me, despite the fact he’s backed into a corner, he won’t quit. Most Duelists would lose hope at this point, but his fire still burns brightly even against my icy wind. Maybe if I push him even further he’ll show me the power he may possess.” Her hand started to glow, stating, “I want to see what power you have, so I’m gonna pull out a hidden power of my own. I hope you’re ready for it. Go, Cosmic Energy Draw!”

She drew a glowing card, much to the shock of the others.

Fiona sputtered, “Cosmic Energy Draw?! Is that a power similar to Destiny Draw? This may present a major problem for Cody.”

Zweite seemed curious, “Did you say Destiny Draw? That’s an ability only the Spirit family has. So, this Django has access to his family's great power?”

Chronos nodded, “Yes. Not only that, but he also has Divine Soul Mode. He's the Psykinox race’s true leader, and one of the survivors of Lucifer’s murderous rampage.”

Rage started to fill Zweite’s normally cold eyes, “Did you say Lucifer’s murderous rampage!? He MURDERED the Spirit family!? That… that… I have no words that can justify what he is! He lied to all of us! Now I’m really mad!” She turned to Cody, “I hate doing this, but I need a way to vent my anger! I activate the Spell: Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One! This allows me to Rank-Up my Number into a Chaos Number! So I rebuild the Overlay Network with Rank Four Ragnazero! Go, Chaos Xyz Evolution! Arise Number C103: Ragnafinity!”

Ragnazero transformed into a bolt of energy and entered the Overlay Network, which erupted with power. Out emerged a new monster.

Number C103: Ragnafinity looked very similar to her normal counterpart, only was wearing a black and purple dress resembling a gown, two large black wings, a trident-shaped headdress, the pinkish chaos energy flowing through her, and was wielding a double-ended blood red scythe with a smaller double-ended one at the bottom. In front of her were two Chaos Overlay Units and the number “103” was written on her right hip. She was a Rank Five monster with stats of 2800/2400.

Zweite snarled, “I don’t want to take out my anger on you, since you are an enemy to Lucifer, but if I don’t I’ll get REALLY ugly! So you better survive this! First off, I summon another Blizzard Falcon in Attack Mode!”

A second Blizzard Falcon (1500/1500) appeared on the field.

“Blizzard Falcon, attack a Scapegoat!”

Blizzard Falcon attacked another one of the Scapegoats, destroying it with its icy winds.

“Now, Zerofyne, attack the last Scapegoat!”

Zerofyne summoned another icicle loaded storm, hurling it at the last Scapegoat, mercilessly destroying it.

“Now, Ragnafinity, attack his hidden monster!”

Ragnafinity gave her scythe a swing before hurling it at Cody’s hidden monster. It was revealed shortly beforehand, revealing it to be a female monster red hair, slightly tan skin, with claw-like gloves and feet, a long thin tail with a blade at the end, small insect-like wings, and was wearing a halter top, shorts, and a helmet with small antenna on it. She was a Level Three monster with stats of 1100/900. She was easily destroyed by the attack.

Cody grimaced, “There goes my Nekogal #1, and my last line of defense. But I can’t give up, or I’ll be at this Psykinox Lord’s mercy. I gotta find a way to calm her down or I’ll end up with more knots than a pretzel.”

Zweite, obviously still ticked off, “I end my turn there. You better show me how well Django trained you, as we need strong fighters, and I want a strong man! So show me your fiery power now!”

Cody touched his deck, thinking, “The only monster I have in my hand is Garoozis, but I can’t summon it. Please, deck, show me some love.” He said aloud, “I Draw!” He drew a card, looked at it, and cheered, “Aw, yeah, baby! This’ll do the job nicely! I activate the Spell: One for One! By sendin’ a monster from my hand to the Graveyard, I can summon a Level One monster from my hand or deck! So I send my Garoozis to the Graveyard in order to summon Block Spider to the field in Attack Mode!”

He sent his last card to the Graveyard, but this allowed his Infinity Disk to eject a card, which he played right away. Block Spider looked like a cartoony spider made from construction blocks, with large hands, red shoes at the end of each remaining foot, and what looked like sunglasses on its face. It was a Level One monster with stats of 0/100.

“Since my Block Spider was Special Summoned, I can Special Summon another one from my deck! So I place it in Attack Mode!”

His Infinity Disk ejected another card, which he played, summoning another Block Spider (0/100) to the field.

“Now, since THIS Block Spider was Special Summoned, I can Special Summon my last Block Spider from my deck! So I’ll summon it in Attack Mode!”

His Infinity Disk ejected another card, which he played, summoning his third and final Block Spider (0/100) to the field.

Chronos observed, “He’s got three Level One monsters on the field. Is he going to Xyz Summon?”

Leo nodded, “Yes, and we know exactly what monster he’s gonna summon. Normally, having more than one Block Spider on the field would create an attack lock, but Cody is using their swarming ability for a different purpose! Do it, Cody!”

Cody stated, “I Overlay my three Level One Block Spiders! With these three monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 54: Lion Heart in Attack Mode! Come forth my mighty Number!”

Zweite’s eyes were wide, “You mean to say you own a Number!? I thought regular humans couldn’t handle the Numbers’ overwhelming energies!”

Cody grinned, “Normally that’s true, but this great gang proved that we can harness their immense power and use it to help defend the world from Lucifer! But enough chit-chat, I’ll show you the power of a Number born from good emotions!”

All three Block Spiders became brown orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged a sealed form which quickly unfolded into Number 54: Lion Heart (100/100), who gave a mighty roar as he did.

Chronos looked surprised, “I knew you guys had a lot of firepower behind you, but I didn’t realize you wield Numbers of your own. I guess I didn’t put that together in our earlier conversation right away. I just hope this Number can quell Zweite’s anger, as what I do know of her is that when her temper erupts, it takes a lot to tame that anger.”

Cody stated, “Time to show off the power of a Lionheart! Lion Heart, attack Ragnafinity with Pouncin’ Punch!”

Zweite looked surprised, “Are you TRYING to lose this Duel!? Lion Heart will be creamed by my Ragnafinity!”

The redhead grinned, “Not quite. For starters, Lion Heart cannot be destroyed while in Attack Mode! Now to activate another one of Lion Heart’s powers! By usin’ an Overlay Unit, I can have you take all the damage that I would’ve taken! So all that damage is comin’ back right at ya! So hopefully this’ll knock some sense into ya, baby!”

Lion Heart absorbed an Overlay Unit into his fist, reared back, and launched a punch. Ragnafinity retaliated by hurling her scythe, but when the two attacks collided, it created a large explosion that released massive shockwaves. Zweite only stood there, eyes wide, as the shockwaves struck her, sending her flying, crashing on the ground in a heap, but, at the same time, smiled. Her Life Points dropped down to zero. A “Win” screen appeared, showing Cody, before the Augmented Reality vanished, taking all the monsters with it. Cody sighed in relief before giving the gang a thumbs-up. Zweite was still laying flat on her back, eyes closed, motionless, but her breathing was calm. When she opened her eyes, Cody was near her, holding out his hand.

He said, “Zweite, need a hand up? Are you calmer now?”

Zweite, for the first time in a long time, had a warm smile on her face as she graciously took Cody’s hand. He gently got her back on her feet, giving her a moment to stand. She then turned to him, her normally cold eyes showing warmth.

She said warmly, “Congratulations, hotshot, you not only proved your hidden power, fiery passion, and never-give-up attitude, but you also won my allegiance in the fight against Lucifer, and… well…” she trailed off.

Cody gently held her hand, “Yeah? And what?”

She seemed to struggle to say what she wanted to, so she, instead, grabbed his head and pulled him into a quick, yet passionate, kiss, much to Cody’s, and everyone else’s, surprise. She quickly pulled back, a blush on her face, looking surprisingly embarrassed, her normally fierce eyes showed coyness and insecurity. Cody, however, was stunned by the surprising display of affection, his brain taking a few moments to unfreeze.

She said shyly, “You… also won my affections. I’ve never felt this way before, especially to a human, but from the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew something was different. You proved that during our Duel, and you even had the power, and guts, to quell my rage and anger with your heroic charge. You proved to me what a man driven by fiery passion and a never-give-up spirit can do. And you managed to shatter my icy defenses and melt my heart. I… I’ve never felt this way before. While I’m still angry at Lucifer, my mind is clear thanks to you. You said your name is Cody Lionheart, right?”

Cody nodded, “That’s right. And these are just some of our great gang: Jack Roller, the twins Leo and Fiona Cloud, and this is Chronos Goldwing, who is an ally and gives us insight on the subject of the Psykinox race, as he’s half-Psykinox.”

Zweite pondered, “Goldwing, huh? That would be Vylon’s family. Now I know why Lucifer has labeled your family as traitors, because you’re fighting on the right side, the side that is lead by a Spirit. While my rage and anger toward Lucifer has never burned so brightly, I have to stay calm and cool. I need a plan on how to address the situation and stop him from destroying any more lives.”

Fiona said, “Django and Avalon are already working on that. According to Django, Avalon is currently meeting with Noble, another Spirit who survived the attacks. They’re devising a plan to remove Lucifer from power so Django can deal the final blow. Django also gave us instructions if we were to run into a Psykinox Lord. He wanted us to tell you about Avalon’s and Noble’s meeting, and to mention that you should return to the underground Psykinox city until Avalon returns with the plans he’s discussed with Django’s grandpa. He did warn us that the only way to get you to listen may be to Duel you Psykinox Lords. That about covers it.”

Zweite, who regained her cold expression, hissed, “That demon Lucifer. He is the worst of the worst. The Devil himself would call him scum for his acts of pure evil. Count me in. I want to help take him down for good. If destroying him means our race can live in peace and back on the surface once again, then I’ll go with whatever plan Avalon and Noble comes up with.” She turned to Cody with a softer expression, “You better stay alive, hotshot, as I don’t want to lose another valuable ally to that murderous Bloodlust. And besides…” she gained a seductive grin, “I want to experience more of your fire, more of your passion, more of your hidden power. You successfully melted my icy heart, and won me over as both an ally and your woman. I want you to use that fire to burn Lucifer to cinders and help rid the world of the last Bloodlust, and the name itself, forever. And when that day comes, hotshot, I expect you to still be waiting for me, as I want you by my side… forever.”

She gave him another kiss, this time a bit more tender, still stunning Cody. She pulled away, a small blush on her face, but a look of both love and determination in her eyes.

As she turned away, she said, “You have my support. Tell this to Django. He has won over another Psykinox Lord, and tell him that I’ll proudly fight alongside our true leader, and will do everything I can to freeze Lucifer solid. And you, Cody Lionheart… I hope to see you soon, handsome. Be the fire to my ice, as you’re the only one who has ever melted the Ice Queen. Stay alive and I’ll join you in both the fight ahead, and the future that will follow. Farewell for now.”

She opened up a Warp Gate, but not before giving Cody one last wink, and entered the Warp Gate, it closing up behind her. Cody stood there, almost frozen, but then suddenly did a victory pose and victory cry.

Leo chuckled, “Well, it looks like Cody’s in love. And she feels the exact same way about him. This should be interesting. Mixing fire and ice will create quite the combination.”

Jack sighed, “Still, he’d better calm down before someone has to knock him out in order to calm him down.”

Chronos chuckled, “Aw, don’t worry about it, Jack. What I do know of Zweite is that she’s not easy to impress or woo. But the fact that Cody not only successfully defeated her impressed her, and she is now expressing romantic feelings to him. That’s quite the accomplishment. Remember, she’s called the Ice Queen for a reason, as, according to Cosmoz, she’s very difficult to woo, giving the cold shoulder to anyone she deems unworthy of her time. But Cody managed to win her loyalty in the fight as well as to him. So that’s a big deal. So let him have his little celebration, as winning over Zweite isn’t easy in any situation.”

After Cody calmed down, he stated, “All right, team! Let’s find those other Psykinox Lords and get even more allies! We’ve gained Avalon, Claymore, and now Zweite. Just three more to go! So let’s do this and win the fight against Lucifer!”

Nodding, the group of five continued their way down the street, hoping that they may find the last three Psykinox Lords before Lucifer becomes aware of it. But no spirits were higher than Cody as he thought about Zweite.

Next Chapter: Flaming Knuckle
Fiery and Ice
Psykinox Lord number 3 (or 4, if you count Lucifer), makes her official Dueling debut. Zweite, the icy cold Psykinox, and only female Psykinox Lord, runs into Cody and the others. The normally uninterested Psykinox female finds our fiery redhead appealing, but wants to make sure he's got plenty of fire in his soul to match wits with her icy tactics. Can Cody thaw out her icy heart and win her over as both an ally and a potential love interest? Or will her chilling tactics freeze his soul into a block of ice?

Mature Content

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Hand of Hearts

Django and Tempest were continuing down the street, discussing about Avalon and the remaining Psykinox Lords. They were approaching a section of the city where several food vendors had set up shop in hopes of attracting customers during the tournament.

Tempest turned to Django, “I still can’t believe what just happened. So it turns out the leader of the Psykinoxes is called a king. And, according to Avalon, the other five Psykinox Lords are roaming around the city, looking for you. I wonder if they’ll show as much respect and authority to you as Avalon did.”

Django replied, “I’m still amazed at that. And who would’ve guessed the Luminz family is such a close companion to the Spirit family that Avalon would easily recognize me as a Spirit without any convincing. And that sudden display of respect was surprising, though it was a nice change of pace compared to the usual disrespect I get from a number of sources. So we better be on the lookout for the other five Psykinox Lords. We might have to warn Cody and the others just to make sure they don’t cause a misunderstanding and get into trouble with them.”

Suddenly, Tempest’s stomach started to growl, making her blush and chuckle nervously.

She said, “I guess after all that has happened and all those Duels, I’m hungry. Since there are a fair few vendors around, let’s stop for a bite to eat. We may need the energy if we end up Dueling the other Psykinox Lords. Now what looks good?” She took a quick look and set her eyes on a certain vendor, “Mmm, that looks like a good one. And I see that menu has foot-long chili cheese dogs. Count me in!”

She quickly dashed over to get in line, much to Django’s surprise.

He called out, “Tempest! Slow down, will ya!? Sheesh, when it comes to food, especially her favorites, she won’t stay in one place for long. Better get in line before I lose her.”

Django quickly chased after her. Tempest was already in line and by the time Django caught up to her, there were four other people behind her. Sighing in defeat, he simply waited his turn. It wasn’t long before she received her order, which was four foot-long chili cheese dogs with onions, cheese fries, and a large soda.

She said to him, “I saw a few picnic tables over by the trees. I’ll meet you there, Django.”

As she walked over to the spot she mentioned, Django sighed, “When it comes to her stomach, nothing stops her. I guess this is a normal thing for Elementals, as she claims it’s a species trait. But still, she could’ve waited a few seconds for me to catch up. Oh, well, not much I can do except go with it.”

At that time, Claymore was roaming around the same area. He had ditched his cloak some time ago, revealing his true self. He was a massively burly man, easily towering over everyone, with muscles on top of muscles, slightly tan skin, pale maroon eyes, and short light purple hair that was stylized in a Mohawk. He was wearing a black tunic with a large ring in the center and three leather straps attached to it, olive cargo pants with torn cuffs, high laced boots, fingerless gloves, and leather straps on his large arms. In one hand was what looked like a triple cheeseburger and the other held a soda. Despite the fact he was eating, he was obviously looking around.

He said to himself, “I haven’t found a trace of this Django that Avalon mentioned. But this city is also huge. How am I ever gonna find this Django Spirit in such a large place? Well, at least the food is good, and Avalon managed to get us some human money in case we needed it.”

He stuffed the last of his burger into his wide mouth. But just as he was about to drain the rest of his soda, he laid eyes on Tempest. She was happily eating the second of her four foot-long chili cheese dogs, taking a moment here and there to eat a cheese fry, a small blush of joy on her face. Claymore’s eyes widened, a blush forming on his face, his heart beating harder as he gazed upon her beauty, nearly dropping his soda.

He said, eyes wide, “She’s beautiful. What a woman! And she loves to eat whatever she wants without a care? My kind of gal. Wait… she has pointed ears. Does that mean she’s an Elemental? If so, she’s got to be one of the most beautiful Elementals out there. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I gotta find a way to impress her.”

As Tempest started to work on her third hot dog, Claymore approached her, presenting a rose to her, stopping her in mid bite. He gave her a suave look, leaning on the table which groaned slightly under his massive weight, giving her a wink, which she responded with a quirked eyebrow.

He said smoothly, “Hello, my lady. Lovely day today, but not as lovely as you. Mind if I take some of your time and treat you to something nice?”

Tempest’s eyes started to narrow as she replied, “I’d tread carefully around me if I were you. I’m not easy to impress, especially when I’m taken. So I suggest you back down or else. My boyfriend isn’t one to trifle with, and for that matter, neither am I.”

Before Claymore could respond, Django walked up, “Tempest, is everything okay? Who’s this?”

She smiled, “Hi, love. Glad you finally got your food.”

The burly Psykinox turned to face Django, saying, “He’s your boyfriend? You can do better than that, babe.” He then growled at Django, “She deserves better than you. I’ll show you what a REAL man can do. Duel me and I’ll prove my skill are superior over yours and win her over! So take out your cards and Duel me!”

Tempest snapped, “Hey, wait a minute! Don’t you dare talk to him like that! He doesn’t have to prove anything to you! And for that matter, I’m not a prize to be won, you muscle meathead! If you want to impress me, then defeat me in a Duel! And just so you know, I’m no slouch when it comes to cards. So put your deck where your mouth is and Duel me!”

Claymore was taken aback by Tempest’s fiery outburst, along with her fierce glare.

He said, “Why doesn’t he fight his own battles? You don’t have to bother defending him. He should prove what kind of a Duelist he is, not have you do it.”

Tempest replied slyly, “My man can Duel circles around you. But if you’re afraid of losing to a chick, then I can understand why you won’t Duel me. After all, my skills are frightening, more than most mortal men can handle. Guess that means you’re not much of a man, as only my handsome hunk of a boyfriend can handle this hot girl. If you can defeat me, then I’ll let you take me on a date. But lose and you’ll have to back down right away.”

The burly Psykinox took the bait, “Beat you and get a date!? All right, I accept!”

Django sighed mentally, “I can’t leave her alone for five minutes without some guy hitting on her. Well, considering how adamant she is, this should be an interesting Duel. I just hope she’s not getting in over her head, as this guy may not take defeat well.”

Tempest armed herself with her Infinity Disk and Duel Gazer, grinning, “I’ll show you that this girl is more than a pretty face. It’s go-time, muscle head!”

Claymore materialized his supernatural Dueling equipment on his left arm, shaped like a broad sword, which caught the duo’s attention, his left eye becoming more luminous.

Django said silently, “He materialized his equipment. Could he… is he one of the Seven Psykinox Lords!? Then that means he may have another Number over 100. Tempest better be careful with him, or she may get stuck on a date with him.”

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

Both drew their starting hands, Life Points set to 4000.

“Let’s Duel!”

Tempest touched her deck, “Ladies first. I Draw!” She activated a different card, “I activate the Spell: Painful Choice! This allows me to reveal five monsters in my deck. You choose one of them. That monster is added to my hand, the rest go to the Graveyard. So I reveal three Harpie Girls and two Thunder Kids.”

Five cards were projected in front of her, revealing five Level Two Normal Monsters, much to Claymore’s confusion.

He said to himself, “Why would she use a card that powerful on such weak monsters? What’s she up to?” He stated, “I’ll let you keep one of the Harpie Girls.”

Tempest selected one of the Harpie Girls and added it to her hand, then sent the remaining four cards to the Graveyard.

She then said, “I place a monster in face-down Defense Mode and two cards face-down to end my turn. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Claymore grinned, “I’ll show you my skill, baby, and win your heart while I’m at it. I Draw! First I summon Ice Hand to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Ice Hand was a metallic arm and five-fingered claw with icy energy flowing through it, giving it a frightening appearance. Attached to the base of the arm was a smaller mechanical arm with a small claw, acting as a brace and support. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1400/1600.

“Now, since I have Ice Hand on my field, I can summon Prominence Hand to the field. So I place it in Defense Mode for good measure.”

Another new monster appeared. Prominence Hand was a more robotic arm and five-fingered claw made of gold metal, with several orbs on its “palm”, giving off heat, and a smaller arm and hand attached at the base. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 600/2000.

“Now, Ice Hand, attack her hidden monster!”

Ice Hand reached over to Tempest’s side of the field, revealing her hidden monster as Harpie Girl (500/500). The icy claw grabbed the harpie chick, the icy energy inside it freezing her solid, before crushing her into chunks, the chunks vanishing shortly afterward.

Claymore huffed, “That was the Harpie Girl I let you keep. Why? What would you gain from all three of them in the Graveyard?”

Tempest smirked, “Oh, you’ll see soon enough. So are you quite done yet?”

“I place one card face-down to end my turn. Your move, so let’s see what you have planned.”

The Wind Mistress replied, “Oh, I’ll show you! It’s my turn, I Draw! First I activate my face-down Spell: Tri-Wight! This allows me to summon any Level Two or lower Normal Monsters from my Graveyard. So I choose my three Harpie Girls, and I’ll place them all in Defense Mode!”

The Graveyard Portal opened, allowing all three Harpie Girls (500/500) to emerge, taking a defensive position on the field.

“Next up, I summon Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion was a cross between an Orion spacecraft and a lion, having a lion-like face, several panels surrounding it in a “mane” shape, a bulky body, and a long wire “tail” with a dish at the end. It was a Level Two monster with stats of 600/1000.

The Wind Mistress smirked, “Now you’re in for it. I Tune my Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion and my three Harpie Girls! I Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon in Attack Mode!”

O-Lion became two green rings of light, which the three Harpie Girls flew into, transforming into outlines of themselves. Their bodies vanished, replaced by six orbs of light, followed by a brief flash of light. After that, Stardust Dragon (2500/2000) appeared on the field, giving a roar as it did.

“Now, since my Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion was sent to the Graveyard, it allows me to Special Summon one Mecha Phantom Beast Token to my side of the field. So I’ll summon it in Defense Mode for good measure.”

A Mecha Phantom Beast Token (0/0) that resembled O-Lion appeared on the field, taking a defensive stance.

“Now, Stardust Dragon, attack Ice Hand!”

Stardust Dragon summoned up energy in its mouth, took aim, and fired it at Ice Hand. The attack mercilessly destroyed Ice Hand, forcing Claymore to shield himself as his Life Points dropped by 1100 to 2900. However, he started to smile.

He said, “By destroying Ice Hand, you’ve activated its special ability. I can now destroy one Spell or Trap on your field, then summon a Fire Hand from my deck to replace it. So I’ll destroy your face-down card and summon a Fire Hand to the field in Attack Mode!”

Tempest watched as her face-down card was frozen over before shattering. After that, Claymore’s deck ejected a card, which he played. Fire Hand looked near identical to Ice Hand, only composed of fire energy and designed as the opposite hand. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1600/1000.

The Wind Mistress said, “So much for my Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi. I place two cards face-down on the field then activate my Mirage of Nightmare. That’s all for now.”

Claymore smirked, “Too bad. Now it’s my turn, I Draw!” but was cut off.

Tempest stated, “My Mirage of Nightmare activates! I can draw until I’m holding four cards.”

She drew four cards, looked at them, then returned her attention to the Duel.

The burly Psykinox shrugged, “Whatever. I activate Pot of Greed. This allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.” He drew two cards, looked at them, then played one of them, “I summon another Prominence Hand by its effect to the field in Defense Mode!”

A second Prominence Hand (600/2000) appeared on the field, making Tempest worried.

Django observed, “Now he’s got three Level Four monsters on the field. He may Xyz Summon with at least two of them. I don’t know much about the Hand archetype, as you rarely see it, but I know that Fire Hand and Ice Hand will cause Tempest a lot of headaches.”

Claymore stated, “I Overlay my two Level Four Prominence Hands! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 106: Giant Hand in Attack Mode!”

Both Prominence Hands became red orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged a sealed form. It looked like a stone pillar with a larger section near the middle and a mechanical scope-like structure on top. It then unfolded into its true form.

Number 106: Giant Hand was a giant stone hand with each finger having a mechanical scope-like eye with a sixth eye in the middle of the palm, each with a mechanical piston-like structure attached to the back of each finger. Orbiting it were two brown orbs of light, and the number “106” was written on the wrist. It was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2000/2000.

“Now, Fire Hand, attack Stardust Dragon!”

Fire Hand charged in, ready to take down the dragon. Stardust Dragon, however, opened its mouth and fired a counterattack, destroying Fire Hand, causing Claymore’s Life Points to drop by 900 to 2000.

“Now that Fire Hand was destroyed, I can activate its ability! When it’s destroyed, I can target one monster on your field and destroy it. Then I can summon another Ice Hand to the field! So say goodbye to Stardust Dragon!”

Tempest countered, “I won’t let it be destroyed that easily! I activate Stardust Dragon’s ability! When a card effect that would destroy one or more cards on the field is activated, I can Tribute Stardust Dragon to negate and destroy that card. Then I can Special Summon it to the field at the End Phase of this turn. So I Tribute…” but was cut off.

Claymore stated, “Not so fast! I activate Giant Hand’s ability! When you activate a monster effect, I can use two Overlay Units to negate one of your monster’s ability as long as Giant Hand is on the field! Furthermore, it can no longer change battle modes! So do it, Giant Hand! Negate Stardust Dragon’s power!”

Giant Hand absorbed both Overlay Units into its center eye. A drill then formed on the pointer finger of Giant Hand. It drilled into Stardust Dragon, causing it to roar in despair as its powers were removed. This allowed the fiery energy left by Fire Hand to incinerate the dragon, forcing Tempest to watch in horror as it vanished from the field. Claymore’s deck ejected another  card, which he played, summoning another Ice Hand (1400/1600).

“Now I activate the Spell: Enemy Controller! This can either change the battle mode of one monster on your field or by Tributing another monster I control, I can take control of a monster you own. I’ll activate the first effect and change your Mecha Phantom Beast Token from Defense Mode to Attack Mode!”

The giant game controller appeared, pressed a few buttons, and forced the Mecha Phantom Beast Token to shift positions.

“Now, I activate another Spell: Rush Recklessly! This Spell boosts the power of one monster on the field by 700 for the duration of the turn! So I choose my Giant Hand!”

Giant Hand started to glow as its power rose by 700 to 2700.

“Now, Giant Hand, attack her Mecha Phantom Beast Token!”

Giant Hand fired several beams from its eyes, easily piercing and destroying Tempest’s Token Monster, causing her to be knocked off her feet, her Life Points dropping by 2700 to 1300.

Claymore looked elated, “I’m gonna score a hot date! Ice Hand, attack her directly! End this Duel and win me that date!”

Ice Hand started to charge in, ready to strike, but Tempest was far from done.

She stated angrily, “Don’t count on it just yet! I activate the Trap: Stardust Re-Spark! If I’m targeted for a direct attack by a monster that has Attack Points equal or greater than my Life Points, I can negate the attack, draw one card, and Special Summon a Stardust Dragon from my Extra Deck or Graveyard! So I’m not out of this Duel just yet!”

The Trap blocked Ice Hand, forcing it back, followed by Tempest drawing a card. The Graveyard Portal then opened up, allowing Stardust Dragon (2500/2000) to re-emerge, giving a roar as it did.

Claymore looked upset, “I almost had this Duel won! Fine. I place one card face-down to end my…” but was cut off.

Tempest stated, “Your turn ends when I say it does! I activate the Trap: Gravelstorm! This Trap allows me to return two Spells or Traps, one on each side of the field, to their owner’s hands. So I return my Mirage of Nightmare to my hand and the card you just played back to yours!”

A mighty storm full of gravel appeared on the field, causing both Mirage of Nightmare and Claymore’s newly played card to return to their respective owners’ hands.

Claymore sighed, “Fine, I end my turn. And that means my Rush Recklessly expires now.”

Giant Hand’s power returned to its original 2000 as he said that.

Tempest stated, “Okay then, it’s my turn, I Draw! First I set one card face-down on the field. Now, Stardust Dragon, attack Ice Hand!”

Stardust Dragon summoned up another mouthful of energy, took aim, and fired it, destroying Ice Hand. Claymore braced himself as his Life Points dropped by 1100 to 900.

He stated, “Since you destroyed my Ice Hand, I can destroy one Spell or Trap on your field then summon another Fire Hand to my field. So say goodbye to your face-down card!”

Tempest’s face-down card froze over before shattering, but she seemed unfazed by it. Claymore’s deck then ejected a card, which he played, summoning another Fire Hand (1600/1000) to the field.

She stated, “That’s fine with me. I wanted that to happen. You destroyed a decoy card, which means I’m free to play this card now. The Equip Spell known as Silver Wing. This Spell can only be equipped to a Level Eight or higher Dragon-type Synchro Monster. It protects it from destruction up to twice per turn in battle. If my dragon would be destroyed by a card effect, like your Fire Hand, I can destroy Silver Wing instead. To wrap up my turn, I place two cards face-down. That’s all for now.”

Django thought, “Clever move. And this also leaves this guy’s Life Points vulnerable. By allowing him to summon another Fire Hand, it’s put him in a difficult position. If he suicides his Fire Hand in order to activate its ability, he’ll lose the Duel, as the difference between it and Stardust Dragon is 900, which is exactly how many Life Points he has left. This’ll put him on the defensive until Tempest can figure out a way to shut down his Number for good.”

Claymore grimaced, thinking, “She’s good, that’s for sure. She allowed me to play another Fire Hand, knowing that the difference between its strength and Stardust Dragon’s is the same as the amount of Life Points I have left. And even if that wasn’t the case, her Silver Wing protects her dragon from my Fire Hand’s ability.” He then said aloud, “It’s my turn, I Draw! I activate the Spell: Hinotama, which deals you 500 points of damage!”

Fireballs rained down upon Tempest, forcing her to shield herself from the blasts, her Life Points dropping by 500 to 800.

“Next, I switch my Fire Hand and Giant Hand to Defense Mode. Then I place one card face-down on the field to end my turn…” but was cut off again.

Tempest grinned, “Not so fast! I activate the Trap: Dust Tornado! This Trap blows away one Spell or Trap on your field. So I choose that newly played card of yours! So say goodbye to it!”

A mighty tornado formed on the field, striking Claymore’s card, revealing it to be Fiendish Chain before destroying it.

The Wind Mistress smirked, “Fiendish Chain, huh? That would’ve helped you out by paralyzing my Stardust Dragon and rendering its ability useless. But not this time. Now what will you do?”

Claymore grunted, “I end my turn.”

Tempest grinned, “I thought you’d might. Now, it’s my turn, I Draw! Now I activate the Trap: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast! By discarding a card from my hand, I can return one card on the field back to the top of your deck. So I’ll discard one card to return your Giant Hand back to your Extra Deck!”

She discarded a card from her hand, but this summoned a massive wind storm that started to push at Giant Hand. It tried to resist, but the storm was too powerful, causing it to vanish from the field, leaving Claymore worried.

“Now, Stardust Dragon, attack Fire Hand!”

Stardust Dragon summoned up more energy in its mouth, took aim, and fired it at Fire Hand, destroying it.

Claymore stated, “By destroying Fire Hand you’ve activated its ability!”

The Wind Mistress stated, “I know that. Fire Hand will now try to destroy my Stardust Dragon, but thanks to my Spell: Silver Wing, my dragon will be spared in exchange for Silver Wing being destroyed instead. Nice try, but not nice enough. And since Fire Hand’s ability didn’t activate and resolve properly, you can’t summon another Ice Hand to the field, either!”

The fiery energy that was leftover tried to destroy Stardust Dragon, but the Silver Wing Spell shielded the dragon from it, being destroyed instead. This left Claymore worried.

Tempest said, “I place two cards face-down to end my turn. Your move.”

Claymore growled, “I will NOT lose this Duel! I want that date! I’ll win this Duel yet and win you over!” His hand started to glow, “Go, Cosmic Energy Draw!” drawing a glowing card from his deck.

Django called out, “Tempest! Be careful! I think you know what he just drew!”

Tempest nodded, thinking “He must’ve drawn The Seventh One, just like in Django’s Duel with Avalon. Which means we’re about to see a Chaos Number.”

Claymore grinned as he revealed the card, “I just drew Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One! This allows me to Rank-Up my Number into a Chaos Number, no matter where it is! So I rebuild the Overlay Network with my Rank Four Giant Hand! Go, Chaos Xyz Evolution! I Xyz Summon Number C106: Giant Red Hand in Attack Mode!”

Giant Hand (2000/2000) re-emerged onto the field before transforming into a bolt of energy and entering the Overlay Network, which erupted with power. Out emerged a new sealed form. It resembled an egg-shaped orb made from molten rock. It then unfolded into its true form.

Number C106: Giant Red Hand looked like a massive arm and hand made from molten rock with the pinkish chaos energy flowing through it. The hand itself was oddly shaped, having two pointer fingers and two thumbs, making it symmetric, along with having two large, curved blades near each thumb. The number “106” was written on the left blade, and in front of it was one Chaos Overlay Unit. It was a Rank Five monster with stats of 2600/2000.

“Now, Giant Red Hand, attack Stardust Dragon!”

Tempest countered, “Not so fast, I activate the Trap: Zero Gravity! This Trap changes the battle modes of all face-up monsters on the field. So your…” but was cut off.

Claymore laughed, “Nice try, but not nice enough! I activate Giant Red Hand’s ability! When a card or effect is activated, by using a Chaos Overlay Unit, I can negate all other face-up cards on the field! So your Zero Gravity, along with Stardust Dragon’s ability, is about to be negated!”

Giant Red Hand absorbed a Chaos Overlay Unit and released several pulses from its body. This caused Stardust Dragon’s body to turn dark, as well as cause Zero Gravity to crackle and stop working.

“Now, Giant Red Hand, attack Stardust Dragon!”

Giant Red Hand started to rotate, becoming a flaming twister that slammed into Stardust Dragon, causing it to roar out as it was destroyed. Tempest flinched as her Life Points dropped by 100 to 700.

“I end my turn with one card face-down.” He then started to do a victory pose, “I’m gonna score a hot date! Yeah!”

Tempest touched her deck, “Don’t count me out just yet! This Duel is still on, and I have every intention of winning!” She said mentally, “Please, Soul of the Deck, I need some help.” She then said aloud, “I Draw!” She looked at her new card, thinking, “Harpie Channeler? Perfect!” She then said aloud, “I activate my Trap: Descending Lost Star! This allows me to revive a Synchro Monster from my Graveyard in Defense Mode. The catch is that is loses all of its abilities, its Level is decreased by one, and its Defense is zero. But that won’t matter in a moment. So I bring back my Stardust Dragon!”

Stardust Dragon (2500/2000) reappeared from the newly opened Graveyard Portal, taking a defensive stance as its Defense dropped all the way down to zero and its Level dropped by one to Seven.

“Now I summon Harpie Channeler to the field in Attack Mode!”

Harpie Channeler (1400/1300) appeared on the field, giving a rippling cry as she did.

“Now, because I have a Dragon monster on my field, Harpie Channeler’s Level changes to Level Seven!”

The stars representing Harpie Channeler’s Level changed from four to seven.

Tempest stated, “You’re not the only one who has mastered a Number! I Overlay my Level Seven Stardust Dragon and Harpie Channeler! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! Come on out Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk in Attack Mode!”

Both Stardust Dragon and Harpie Channeler turned into green orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged a sealed form that quickly unfolded into Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk (0/3000), much to Claymore’s surprise.

He sputtered, “Y-You mean that you have a Number as well!? How is that possible!? But nevertheless, it has zero Attack Points, meaning it’s no threat to my Giant Red Hand!”

Tempest grinned, holding out a card, “Are you sure about that, big guy? As this card will change that. I activate the Spell: Shield and Sword! This swaps the Attack and Defense of all face-up monsters on the field! So go, Offensive-Defensive Flip!”

Claymore could only watch in horror as Tempest’s Spell switched the Attack and Defense of all monsters on the field. After the Spell was done, Galaxy Tomahawk’s stats were now 3000/0 while Giant Red Hand’s were 2000/2600.

She stated, “It’s over! Galaxy Tomahawk, attack Giant Red Hand with Galaxy Ray Rays! End this Duel now!”

Galaxy Tomahawk summoned out several cannons that took aim and fired at Giant Red Hand. It was pummeled with superior firepower, easily dismantling the massive Number. Claymore could only watch as his Number was destroyed, the shockwaves throwing him back, his Life Points down to zero. A “Win” screen, showing Tempest, appeared before the Augmented Reality vanished. Django and Tempest exchanged a high-five, smiling.

Claymore quickly stood up, begging, “Please! Give me another chance! I’ll prove my skill and win your heart! Please!”

Tempest stated, “All right, that’s enough out of you. I’m quite happily taken, so don’t be trying to win me over. After all, my boyfriend is Django Spirit, who is your leader.”

This confused the burly Psykinox, “Django Spirit?” He then looked at Django and noticed the Spirit Crest around his neck, making his eyes wide, “D-Django Spirit!? You’re the Psykinox Avalon sent me to find!” He quickly started bowing, “I’m sorry, my King, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize who you were or notice the Spirit Crest right away! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please forgive me for flirting with your girlfriend!”

Django chuckled, “It’s okay, really, I understand. Tempest is quite the babe, and you’re not the first guy who has tried to make a few moves on her. But as you can see, she’s fiercely loyal to me. But enough of that, what’s your name?”

“M-My name is Claymore Quake. I’m one of the Seven Psykinox Lords. But if you’re a Spirit, then you should be in charge, not Lucifer. How is he in charge when you’re alive? And, for that matter, what happened to the other Spirit family members?”

Django replied sadly, “They were all murdered. Well, almost all of them, as me, Grandpa Noble, and my cousins Zephyr and Melody, survived. Lucifer murdered them. He somehow has the ability to draw out his ancestor’s power, enabling him to surprise and topple my family, leaving it in shambles, while taking control of the race and blaming it on the humans. He knew that Psykinoxes and humans have a strained relationship, so he took advantage of that, as well as the fact that my grandpa went into hiding and I was left to wander the streets. So I’m the one who should be in charge, not Lucifer, but it’s hard to prove I’m a Spirit without the Spirit Crest, usually I need to resort to Destiny Draw and Divine Soul Mode in order to prove my bloodline. So, you see, I’m currently fighting an uphill battle against Lucifer to remove him from control and complete the Spirit family mission that my ancestor Astral put into play long ago. And we could really use your help, Claymore.”

Claymore roared, “That Lucifer! I knew he couldn’t be trusted, but this is worse than I could’ve ever imagined! I’m gonna ring his neck and break every bone in his body!”

Tempest stated, “Claymore, calm down! Doing something that idiotic is suicide! If Lucifer can draw out his ancestor’s power and topple nearly the entire Spirit name, then charging in without a plan will result in your death. Luckily, we’ve already met Avalon and he’s currently discussing a plan with Noble, a former leader of your race, so Lucifer can be removed from power and Django can finish him off. But we need to approach this carefully, not rashly, so settle down already.”

Claymore looked surprised, “You’ve already met Avalon? And he’s discussing a plan with Noble? Why didn’t you say so before?”

Django replied sourly, “Because you were too busy flirting with Tempest and challenging me for her affections for me to say anything about that.”

The burly Psykinox got sheepish, “Eheheh, sorry, my King.”

The inventor brushed it off, “That doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that we’re devising a plan in order to remove Lucifer from his current position so that I can deal the final blow. I do have the power to defeat him, having done so twice already, but I’m fighting an uphill battle, as Lucifer is far more aware of his powers and abilities, while I’m still learning mine, as I only learned about a year ago that I was even a Psykinox, let alone the true leader of the race. But we’re working on a plan to shut down that murderous demon once and for all, but we need to approach this carefully. Lucifer is cocky and arrogant, but he does have skill and intelligence to back him up, so even if you and the rest of the Psykinox Lords challenged him, it would result in your defeat, even death. And I don’t want any more bloodshed on my behalf. So, for now, I suggest you return to wherever the old Psykinox city is and wait for Avalon to return with a plan. That’s the best course of action we can take right now until we can finally overpower and destroy that creature once and for all.”

Claymore nodded, “Yes, you’re right. Running in headlong would be crazy. But we cannot let Lucifer sit on the throne for much longer, either. I hope Avalon and Noble come up with a good plan, as I can’t stand that Bloodlust. Especially now that I know what he’s done. So, for now, I’ll do as you say and return to the underground Psykinox city and wait for Avalon to return. But know that I’m in this fight now to crush that miserable Bloodlust once and for all! Django, just be careful, as we cannot afford to lose our real leader again.”

The inventor nodded, “Don’t worry, I will. I’ve survived this long, so I think I can keep going long enough to shut down Lucifer for good. You just be careful, Claymore, as I don’t want any more blood spilled by his murderous hands.”

With a nod and a final handshake, Claymore opened up a Warp Gate and left the area. Django and Tempest then returned to their food, which, to their surprise, was still warm.

Tempest sighed, “Well, that’s another man who has made a move on me. Is this gonna be a regular thing?”

Django replied, “Pretty much, as you are gorgeous. But it doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that we have another ally in our fight against Lucifer. I just hope Claymore’s headstrong personality doesn’t get him into trouble. But at least we have one more ally on our side. We better alert Cody and the others to be on watch for the other Psykinox Lords. If Chronos is still with them, he can fill them in on the details and probably help identify the other four Psykinox Lords. Let’s finish our lunch and then call the gang to alert them of what’s been going on. But, once again, your skills are getting sharper by the day, Tempest.”

She smiled, “Thanks, Django. I just hope that your satellite doesn’t alert Kain of my Number being played.”

Django replied, “I don’t think that’ll happen. Since Claymore’s equipment isn’t connected to Spirit Tech’s satellite, I know it won’t register that Duel, as, in truth, it won’t register Duels that aren’t connected to Spirit Tech’s system. So Kain won’t know about your Number, as I don’t need him harping to me about why I allowed you and the others to wield a Number before him. But enough of that. Let’s finish eating and then contact the others.”

With a nod, the duo returned to their food, happy to know that they had one more ally on their side.

Next Chapter: Fiery and Ice
Hand of Hearts
Django and Tempest decide to have a lunch break. However, they run into yet another of the Seven Psykinox Lords, this time a massive, muscular one known as Claymore Quake. Claymore, spotting Tempest first, decides to make a few moves on her, much to her displeasure. When he challenges Django for her affections, she steps up to the plate instead, determined to prove she's not a prize to be won. Will Tempest win the day and win a new ally? Or will Claymore get a date with the hot Wind Elemental?
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I was wondering something. Seeing how my little series, Psychic Duelist Django, has grown so much over time, being my first full-fledged series in a while, I was wondering if any of you had questions or comments about the series. I'm curious to know what you think or if you have any questions regarding it. They can be simple or complex questions, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. So feel free to post a question or comment about it here, as I'm curious to know what you think of it.
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