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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...

Be truthful: What do you think of my Psychic Duelist Django series? 

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Nina's Victory (color)
A colored version of another commission by Dragga, which was colored by a friend.

Well, we all saw this coming, right? Nina VS Angel-Gryph. And we all know the winner by now. Nina has clearly won again, and Angel-Gryph is far from happy. Guess Nina's right, Angel-Gryph needs to either find easier prey or practice against potential prey with actual combat experience. After all, if Nina can help topple a goddess, a gryphon shouldn't be much trouble.
Pixie's Angel Food V1
A commission I ordered from SaintxTail.

After losing to Nina so many times, Angelissa decided to check out the Monster Rancher world, hoping she might score an easier meal. And maybe get some extra practice in. However, it looks like this Pixie got to her first, and now Pixie can relax as she digests the sexy angel. Angelissa is starting to see a pattern here: winged girls are not easy to defeat and eat. Maybe she should stick to lower-level princesses like Jasmine, Daisy, and Rosalina, since she's having no luck with any female that sports wings, whether they be feathery or scaly. Back to the drawing board.
Nina's Divine Meal
A commission I ordered from the talented Rupie.

Well, you know the drill. Angel-Gryph and Nina square off once again for superior bird of prey. The results? Nina is the winner (like there was any doubt). Now she can relax and enjoy her gryphon meal (who seemed to have shrunk since last time), while Angel-Gryph may have to retire her gryphon form if she ever wants to get an edge. But even then the chances are that Nina will come out on top again.
Nina's Counterattack
A commission I ordered from the talented Goldy-Gry.

Angel-Gryph thought that she had Nina pinned this time. Well, apparently she was wrong. Now she's stuck stewing away inside the belly of her rival. Not only was she ousted from her position as top pred, but by a princess. I've tried to warn Angel-Gryph that Nina isn't easy to beat, but does she listen? Apparently not. So Nina rests on her bulging belly, rubbing it in while Angel-Gryph sits in her belly all grumpy. That's another win for the princesses. Nina is quite the role model, do you think?
Divine Indulgence
A commission I ordered from the ever-talented Natsumemetalsonic (I hope I got that right).

Well, another showdown between the girl-gulping Angel-Gryph and Wyndian Princess Nina as been completed. The results: a total victory for our lovely Princess Nina. Now all she has to do is lounge on her oversized belly and relax, letting her stomach take care of the girl-gulping gryphon, putting her in her place. Nina once again proves that not all princesses should be taken lightly, as some have quite a few magical skills, especially one that can face a goddess and win.
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Hey all. Another boring yet important update from me. Yes, this time it's actually important, so listen up.

Due to the massive amount of chapters I STILL have to write for the Cyber Clash tournament, and I'm not even halfway done yet, I've decided to break Season 3 up into two seasons. Again. Which means this series now has five (yes, 5) seasons. This way it'll be easier for me to organize and plan. Season 4 has been renamed from Divine Might to Cosmic Clash, and that season will be almost exclusive to the Cyber Clash finals. That way I can give everyone who needs it appropriate screen time, development, and attention without cluttering everything together. Plus, given the fact that I just finished writing Chapter 31 of Hidden Forces and I'm still not done yet with the first round of the tournament, it'll be better this way for me and everyone reading it. As for Season 5, it is now called Final Numeron (yeah, I scrapped the Divine Might title, since that season will be the end of the series, so the title change felt more appropriate). So that means there will be more of your favorite characters, monsters, and Duels. Isn't that great? *hears crickets chirping*

Ahem, anyway, that's the update. So stay tuned for more.


Kevin Jordan
United States



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