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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...


As the title says, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. I'm almost hypersensitive to the weather, so even the most subtle changes can affect me. Spring and autumn are particularly bad due to the constant shifting of temperatures, air pressure, and other factors. Migraines are also more common for me during those two seasons, which will instantly KO me. Winter is probably the only season where I'm perfectly fine (along with my love of the cold, it's any wonder why it's my favorite time of year). But, for now, I've been feeling pretty ill due to the constant weather changes. It's zapped all my energy and left me feeling constantly tired. So I've had no oomph to do much of anything, even writing, and I know I've left people hanging on what happens next. I'm hoping that with the forecast saying it's gonna get colder soon that I'll perk up a bit more.

So, that's the news update from me. That's all for now.
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Nina's Revenge by FangbladeOmega
Nina's Revenge
A commission I ordered from Goldy-Gry and a continuation of sorts of Angelissa's last commission from her.

In a turn of events, Nina has gulped down Angel Gryph much to Angel's and Ryu's shock. Guess that's what Angel gets for gorging on princesses, as not all of them are damsels in distress. Some, like Nina here, are fighters, and size doesn't always mean everything.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Clash of the Titans

The Duel between Django and Kain was getting intense. On Kain’s field was Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, a useless Call of the Haunted, and still had 4000 Life Points left. Django had a depowered Utopia and Arcana Knight Joker, Berfomet in Defense Mode, four face-down cards, and 2600 Life Points left.

Cody growled, “That Kain, always thinkin’ he’s the tough guy because of his high-powered monsters. But now even Utopia has been rendered powerless due to Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ Photon Howlin’, putting D-Man on the ropes.”

Leo stated, “At least Utopia wasn’t destroyed by Neo Galaxy-Eyes. Django’s Shift Trap managed to redirect the attack from Utopia to Chimera, who was in Defense Mode, protecting Utopia from destruction as well as his Life Points. But I’m not sure how Django will get out of this.”

Tempest stated, undeterred, “He’ll find a way, he always does. Kain may have him backed into a corner, but just because Django’s in a corner doesn’t mean he’ll be staying there. He’ll find a way, I know it.”

Kain laughed, “You might as well give up now, Django! It’s only a matter of time before you lose, so why prolong the inevitable? With my Neo Galaxy-Eyes, even your precious Utopia won’t stand a chance. But if you want to drag this out, then so be it. I place these two cards face-down to end my…” but was cut off.

Django stated, “Not so fast Kain! Your turn ends when I say it does! So I activate the Trap: Release, Reverse, Burst! By Tributing a Utopia monster on my field, I can destroy those newly set face-down cards of yours!”

Kain sputtered, “What!? You’re going to Tribute your Utopia!? But I wanted to destroy it!”

“Sorry, Kain, but I’m not about to let you destroy him! Sorry, Utopia, but I have to do this. I’d rather not see you destroyed, so I hope you understand. I Tribute my Utopia to destroy your two face-down cards!”

Utopia nodded in an understanding before vanishing from the field. This, in turn, sent two beams of light toward Kain’s newly placed face-down cards. They were struck by the beams before being destroyed. Kain swore badly.

“Damn you! You destroyed my Dragon’s Rage and Ego Boost cards! I was planning on using those to wipe out the rest of your Life Points! You’ll pay for that!”

Fiona gave a sigh of relief, “Whew, at least Django won’t have any unwanted surprises later, even though it cost him Utopia. But seeing how Utopia is one of his most trusted monsters, I can understand that Django would rather send Utopia to the Graveyard himself then allow someone like Kain destroy him.”

Chronos then said, “Still, this’ll be an uphill battle for Django. Without Utopia, he’ll have to think of another strategy. But at least Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ Photon Howling only works on the turn it’s summoned, so any other monsters or Numbers Django summons won’t be affected by it.”

Django touched his deck, “Since you’re finished for now, it’s my turn. I Draw! I activate Pot of Greed. This allows me to draw two cards from my deck.” He drew two cards and looked at them before stating, “I activate my Watapon from my hand. Since it was added from my deck to my hand via a card effect, in this case Pot of Greed, I can Special Summon it to the field right away. So I’ll place it in Defense Mode.”

A new monster appeared. Watapon looked like a pinkish white powder puff monster with large blue eyes and a pair of small antenna on its head. It was a Level One monster with stats of 200/300.

“Next up, I switch my Arcana Knight Joker to Defense Mode and activate Shard of Greed. That should do it for now.”

Kain huffed, “A desperate move for my desperate prey. You really think that creampuff of a monster will stop me? I’ll show you what a REAL monster looks like. I Draw!” He looked at his hand, smirking, “Here’s a prime example! I summon Luster Dragon to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new dragon appeared on the field. Luster Dragon was a blue dragon with a grey belly. Its body was fairly bulky and strong, with sharp claws, large wings, a long tail, a long neck with a large head, glowing eyes, and sharp teeth. It gave a roar as it appeared. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1900/1600.

“Now, time to pulverize your monsters! Neo Galaxy-Eyes, attack Arcana Knight Joker with Ultimate Photon Stream of Destruction!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes charged up its triple breath attack, took aim, and fired the powerful beams. Arcana Knight Joker tried to resist the blasts, but was unable to, crying out as he was destroyed. Django braced himself from the blasts, but remained upright.

Django stated, “You’ve just triggered my Trap: Soul Rope! When a monster I control is destroyed, I can pay 1000 Life Points to replace that monster with any Level Four monster from my deck. And I know just what monster to summon! I summon my Obnoxious Celtic Guardian to the field in Defense Mode!”

Django’s Life Points dropped by 1000 to 1600, but his D-Pad ejected a card, which he took and played. The Obnoxious Celtic Guardian appeared on the field in a defensive position.

Nicholas stated, “You gotta admit, Django knows how to keep field presence. He still has three monsters on the field, despite Kain’s efforts. On top of that, the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian cannot be destroyed by monsters with 1900 or more Attack Points, so, considering Kain’s deck, that should provide decent defense."

Kain snarled, “Don’t think your puny elf can save you! Luster Dragon, destroy that creampuff Watapon!”

Luster Dragon spewed a tongue of fire from its mouth, roasting Watapon and destroying it easily. Django braced himself from the flames, but remained unfazed.

Jack stated, “Man, this Duel is getting intense. I can only imagine how Django feels right now.”

Cody nodded, “No joke, Jack. D-Man has to think of somethin’ soon, otherwise Kain might actually win this Duel. But all he can do right now is play defense until he figures out a plan.”

Chronos added, “Plus with one of his best monsters gone, Django is in a bit of a jam. But seeing how he’s gotten out of tighter spots before, I’m sure he’ll figure something out.”

Django stated, “If you’re quite done, I have a turn to take. It’s my turn, I Draw! And you know what that means. My Shard of Greed gains one Greed Counter.”

The counter on top of the Shard of Greed card increased from zero to one.

“Now, I’ll make this quick. I place a monster in Defense Mode to end my turn.”

Kain huffed, “Another lame move. Just give up, Django, there’s no way you can win. But so be it. I Draw!” He grinned at his new card, “I have a way around your pathetic elf now. I summon my Battle Ox in Attack Mode!”

Battle Ox appeared on the field. It gave a fierce roar as it stared down its opposition.

“Battle Ox, attack his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian now with Axe Slam Attack!”

Battle Ox charged in and slammed its axe down upon the elven swordsman. He was thrown back, giving a grunt in pain as he vanished from the field.

“Now, Luster Dragon, destroy his Berformet!”

Luster Dragon spewed more fire from its mouth, incinerating Berfomet with one shot.

“Now, for your final monster! Neo Galaxy-Eyes, destroy his final monster!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes charged up its attack and fired it. The monster was revealed shortly beforehand. It looked like a child version of Silent Magician, wearing the same clothes and holding the same wand. She was a Level Four monster with stats of 1000/1000. She was destroyed in an instant, making Django grimace.

He said, “Sorry, Silent Magician LV4.”

Kain laughed, “Now you have no monsters on the field. But luckily for you my turn is over. So play your last pathetic card so I can end this Duel.”

Django growled, “My deck has no pathetic cards, Kain. And I’ll show you just what I mean! It’s my turn, I Draw! And my Shard of Greed gains one more Greed Counter, totaling two!”

The counter above the Shard of Greed card increased from one to two.

“Now I send it to the Graveyard to draw two more cards from my deck.”

Shard of Greed vanished from the field, which caused Django’s deck to glow. He drew two more cards, looked at them, and gained a grin.

“You’re about to see that my deck is full of surprises, Kain. First off, I activate Amarylease from my Graveyard! By banishing it, I can Tribute Summon with one less Tribute this turn.”

Kain stated, “Hold on, I never sent that card to the Graveyard.”

“True, but I did early in our Duel. It was the face-down card I used to Tribute Summon my Berformet earlier, so it’s been sitting there, waiting for the right moment to be used. And that moment is now! So I banish it in order to summon my Trance the Magic Swordsman to the field in Attack Mode!”

Amarylease vanished from the Graveyard, but this enabled Django to summon a new monster to the field. Trance the Magic Swordsman was an impressively armored blonde swordsman. His armor had varying shades of blue with a purple and gold cape, brown pants with knee-high armored boots, an armored headpiece, and was wielding a large sword. He was a Level Six monster with stats of 2600/200.

“Now, Trance, attack Luster Dragon with Magical Blade Strike!”

Trance held his sword out before touching the blade with his other hand. His hand seemed to coat the blade with magical energy, making it glow, before charging into battle. He gave his mighty blade a powerful double slash, effortlessly destroying Luster Dragon. It roared out as it was destroyed, Kain bracing himself as the shockwaves struck him. His Life Points dropped by 700 to 3300.

Jack smirked, “Awesome! That Trance monster really packs a mean punch! Look at that power for his Level; he’s even stronger than Django’s Summoned Skull, which is the same Level as Trance.”

Leo said, “Well, Trance is one of most powerful Level Six Normal Monsters in the game. The only other Level Six Normal Monster with power that could rival him is Frostosaurus. But still, even though Django summoned a powerhouse, Trance is still no match for Neo Galaxy-Eyes.”

Django took another card from his hand, “I’m not done yet, Kain. So I place this card face-down on the field to end my turn.”

Kain stated, “You may have summoned one of the most powerful Normal Monsters in the game, but it’s no match for my Neo Galaxy-Eyes! I Draw! Now, Neo Galaxy-Eyes, destroy Trance the Magic Swordsman!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes charged up its triple breath attack, took aim, and prepared to strike. Django, however, was grinning.

The inventor stated, “I activate my Traps: Damage Diet and Pinpoint Guard! Pinpoint Guard activates first. When a monster I control is targeted for an attack, I can Special Summon any Level Four or lower monster from my Graveyard in Defense Mode. That monster cannot be destroyed in battle or by card effects this turn! So I summon my friend Gagaga Magician!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing Gagaga Magician to appear, sitting cross-legged on the field.

Kain stated, “That still won’t save you! Neo Galaxy-Eyes, fire away!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes fired its attack, but Django wasn’t fazed.

“You’re forgetting about my other Trap: Damage Diet. This Trap cuts all Battle Damage I take this turn in half. Sorry, but you won’t be wiping out the rest of my Life Points so easily, Kain!”

The Trap fired a bolt of energy that struck Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ attack. The triple beam attack was cut down, becoming smaller and narrower. Trance was still struck down by the attack, destroyed in an instant, while the energy from the attack struck Django. He shielded himself from the blast, but managed to remain upright. His Life Points dropped by 950 to 650.

Kain snarled, “You once again managed to weasel your way out of defeat, Django! But you’re down to less than 1000 Life Points! Even with your pathetic magician on the field, it won’t be enough to win! So take your final turn!”

Django grinned, “Unfortunately for you, my magician will be a key factor in your defeat. I have everything I need now to finish you off. So, first off, I Draw! Secondly, I activate Gagaga Magician’s ability. I change him from Level Four to Level Eight.”

Gagaga Magician’s buckle glowed, changing the number of lights on it from four to eight.

“Next up, I activate Monster Reborn to revive my Magician of Black Chaos to the field in Attack Mode.”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing the Magician of Black Chaos to emerge from it once again. He took a battle pose next to Gagaga Magician, ready to fight.

Chronos observed, “Django’s got two Level Eight monsters on the field. He’s gonna Xyz Summon!”

Django nodded, “That’s right, Chronos! I Overlay my Level Eight Gagaga Magician and Magician of Black Chaos! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 22: Zombiestein in Attack Mode!”

Kain sputtered, “What!? You’re summoning a different Number?!”

Both Gagaga Magician and Magician of Black Chaos became purple orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged a new sealed form. It looked like a tattered shawl covering a black crystal. The crystal shattered, allowing the monster to unfold and reveal itself.

Number 22: Zombiestein was a colossal monster, easily bigger than Neo Galaxy-Eyes. It was a heavily muscular monster with tan skin, blue pants, brown boots, two white cloths laced with gold and green gems strapped by two gold round buckle-like gems, which was attached to its belt. Its lower torso was partially protected by gold and maroon armor, while its head and shoulders were hidden under a tattered blown shawl. A single glowing eye could be seen from under its shawl, the number “22” written on the left side of the shawl, and orbiting it were two purple orbs or light. It was a Rank Eight monster with stats of 4500/1000.

Cody stepped back in alarm, “That monster is huge! It’s even bigger than Neo Galaxy-Eyes! And look at that power! Who knew D-Man had such a powerful monster waitin’ in the wings.”

Tempest smiled, “I knew Django had a plan. That Zombiestein could easily crush Neo Galaxy-Eyes with a solid punch. And since Photon Howling only works on the turn Neo Galaxy-Eyes is summoned, then any confrontation between those two titans would result in only Zombiestein surviving the scuffle.”

Kain sputtered in alarm, “You’ve had a monster THAT powerful hidden in that Extra Deck of yours all this time!? Its power is equal to my Neo Galaxy-Eyes and Ultimate Dragon!”

Django smirked, “Yes. In terms of raw power, Zombiestein is my strongest monster. Its power could easily rival that of your two dragons, as well as Chaos Number 107. But my Zombiestein isn’t the only surprise I have for you today, Kain. Even though one punch from him could flatten your dragon, I think I’ll wait to attack. So I’ll end my turn there.” However, he said silently, “Come on, Kain, take my bait. I know you, and I know your deck. So take my bait.”

Fiona asked, “Hold on, Django’s not gonna attack yet? Why not? He’s just gonna give Kain an opening to attack him. So why is he waiting?”

Jack shrugged, “You’ve got me, Fiona. With such a bruiser, he should’ve attack and pulverized Neo Galaxy-Eyes, but all he’s doing is setting himself up for a fall. So what’s he thinking?”

Kain stated, “You’ve just made a big mistake not attacking me! So I’ll show you REAL power! It’s my turn, I Draw!” He took another card from his hand, “You’ll regret not attacking, Django, for I activate the Spell: Offerings to the Doomed! By skipping my next Draw Phase, I can destroy one monster on your field. So say goodbye to Zombiestein!”

As the card activated, Django grinned, confusing Kain.

The inventor stated, “Sorry, Kain, but that won’t work here. I activate Zombiestein’s ability! Once a turn, by using one Overlay Unit and sending one card from my hand to the Graveyard, I can negate any card effect for the duration of the turn. So I’ll send this card to my Graveyard and use one Overlay Unit to negate your Offerings to the Doomed. Go, Titanic Roar!”

Zombiestein absorbed an Overlay Unit into his chest then let out a powerful, rippling roar. This caused Offerings to the Doomed to turn dark, stopping its effect cold. Zombiestein then shifted positions, going from a standing pose to a kneeling, defensive pose.

Cody asked, “What just happened? Zombiestein is now in Defense Mode.”

Django explained, “Zombiestein has to switch to Defense Mode after using his ability. But that’s a minor problem.” He said silently, “Come on, Kain, take the bait.”

Kain looked at the field, then looked at his hand, thinking, “Hmm… Zombiestein only has 1000 Defense Points. Normally that wouldn’t mean much, but since it’s a Number, it cannot be destroyed by a non-Number unless its ability it negated. But I think I can work with this. I have Fairy Meteor Crush in my hand. Which means, when I equip it to Neo Galaxy-Eyes, it can inflict piercing damage. So it won’t matter if that monster survives, as I can win the Duel in one attack!” He said aloud, “You’re finished, Django! I activate the Spell: Fairy Meteor Crush!”

Django grinned, thinking, “Excellent, he took the bait. He’s in for a rude awakening.”

Fiona gasped, “Oh no! With Fairy Meteor Crush, Kain can inflict piercing damage to Django!”

Leo added, “Not only that, but with only 1000 Defense Points, Django will lose the Duel!”

Tempest noticed something, “Then why is Django grinning?”

Kain equipped the Spell to Neo Galaxy-Eyes. It roared, as if eager to win the Duel.

Kain stated, “Just to add insult to injury, I’ll make my Neo Galaxy-Eyes even stronger! So I activate…” but was cut off.

Django stated, “Not so fast, Kain! I activate Breakthrough Skill from my Graveyard! By banishing it, I can negate the ability of one of your monsters on the field for the turn. So I banish it to negate Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ ability!”

Breakthrough Skill vanished from the Graveyard, but this allowed it to emerge from the Graveyard Portal and fire a beam at Neo Galaxy-Eyes. The mighty dragon was struck down, its body turning dark, making Kain growl in annoyance.

Kain stated, “I can still win this Duel this turn, despite your Breakthrough Skill! Neo Galaxy-Eyes, attack Zombiestein now and win me this Duel!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes charged up its triple breath attack, took aim, and fired. Nicholas jumped up in joy, eager to see the attack land.

Kain grinned, “I win!”

Django smirked, “Not so fast, Kain. You seem to be forgetting the final face-down card I have on the field. This card will spell out your doom. I activate the Trap: Gamushara!”

“What’s Gamushara? It doesn’t sound like much, especially since it looks like a common rarity card.”

Django wagged a finger, “Tisk, tisk, tisk, never underestimate any card, Kain. Gamushara will win me this Duel. When a monster I control is attacked while in Defense Mode, I can target that monster and switch it into Attack Mode and counterattack! But that’s not all it’ll do.”

Kain watched in horror as Zombiestein switched positions again, standing upright and ready to fight.

“Now, Zombiestein, counterattack with Colossal Fist Cruncher!”

Zombiestein reared back its right arm, clenched its fist, and launched a powerful punch. The punch slammed through Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ attack and pummeled the dragon with heavy power. Neo Galaxy-Eyes roared as it was destroyed, but Zombiestein remained unharmed.

Django grinned, “Now for the worst part, for you that is. When the attacking monster is destroyed by this confrontation, Gamushara deals you damage equal to that monster’s Attack Points! So you’re about to take 4500 points of damage, Kain! It’s over! Let’s see how you like being on the receiving end of a photon blast!”

Kain’s eyes were wide in horror as the Trap fired a duplicate of Neo Galaxy-Eyes’ attack. The attack slammed into him, sending him flying, screaming in rage and despair. He landed on the ground with a heavy thud, his Life Points down to zero. A “Win” screen appeared, showing Django, before the Augmented Reality vanished. The gang cheered happily at the sudden turnaround, while Django merely took his Duel Gazer off and put his glasses back on.

Suddenly, just before he could pocket his Duel Gazer, it started to go off. Curious, he looked at it, his eyes widening.

“It’s Alpha-1! I wonder what’s up?” He turned it on, stating, “Alpha-1, what’s the situation?”

Alpha-1 replied, “Sir, two Numbers have been detected in two separate Duels! According to our scanners, the opponents of those two Duelists are Draco and Onyx! While Draco is trustworthy, Onyx isn’t, so you must hurry and find them. I’ll send you the coordinates, but you must find them quickly, especially Onyx.”

“Roger that, we’ll split up and track those two down. Thanks for the heads up.” Django turned to the others, “We’ve got some live ones. Two new Numbers have been detected. Draco and Onyx are engaging them right now. Cody, Jack, Chronos, head to these coordinates and see if you can to the Duel before it ends. Tempest and I will take the twins and head to the other Duel. We must hurry.”

Chronos stated, “I can open a Psykinox Warp Gate so Cody, Jack, and I can reach the first set of coordinates quicker. But what about you?”

“I have my methods. But that would be very helpful.” Django turned to Kain, “Sorry, Kain, but this is the end of our little playdate. I’ve got Numbers to hunt. But thanks for the Duel.” He turned to Tempest, “Can you use your wind powers to fly yourself and the twins to the second coordinates?”

Tempest nodded, “No problem. Leave it to me.”

“Good. Cyber Wings, activate!” The cyber pack released its cyber wings, “Let’s roll!”

Kain watched in amazement as Django took the sky, while Tempest summoned a large cyclone around hers and the twins’ legs and took off. Meanwhile, Chronos opened a portal, allowing him, Cody, and Jack to enter it and vanished.

Nicholas walked up to his brother, “You gotta admit, they’re full of surprises. You okay, Kain?”

Kain growled, “Back to the drawing board. But now I know about Zombiestein, so that’s another Number to add to my chart. Let’s go, Nicholas.”

Meanwhile, at one of the locations, Draco had just launched the final attack with Master of Blades, defeating his opponent. The Augmented Realty vanished, and he held out his hand, eyes glowing. A glowing card emerged from the defeated Duelist’s chest and flew into Draco’s hand. He looked it over before he noticed a portal open up. He braced himself, expecting to see Lucifer, but was relieved to see Cody and Jack emerge, along with Chronos.

Cody stated, “Draco! Huh? Oh, man, looks like the Duel’s over. I take it you got the Number?”

Draco held it out, “Yes, that makes my first hunt a success. I take it you came looking for this Number as well? Well I’m sorry, but I got here first, and this Number will stay with me.”

Chronos stated, “And how can we be sure you can be trusted?”

Jack replied, “Easy, Chronos, Draco can be trusted. He’s fighting against Lucifer as well, so we can trust him. He’s a bit of a high-and-mighty loner, but he is helping us in the fight. But still, that Number has to be protected at all costs.”

Draco, although he stumbled slightly at Jack’s comment, replied, “And I’ll keep this Number safe. As for the Duelist, he’ll be fine as well. He probably won’t remember what happened, but that’s fine. Now, I’m off, with my first hunt a success.”

Showing off his incredible athleticism, Draco quickly jumped away before disappearing over the rooftops.

Chronos asked, “Shouldn’t we go after him? Even if he is an ally, a Number can still be dangerous in anyone’s hands.”

Cody shook his head, “No, he’ll be fine. He has two Numbers already, so he knows of their power. Our hunt is a loss, while his is a success, and that’s all we can do right now. Let’s head back. Hopefully D-Man is more successful in gettin’ the Number away from Onyx.”

Meanwhile, at the other location, Onyx had won and claimed his prize. He looked at the Number gleefully, giving a toothy grin.

He said, “My new, precious Number, all mine. Yes, you’re gonna be with me from now on. Yes you are, oh yes you are.”

A voice shouted, “Onyx!”

He turned to see Django, Tempest, and the twins land. He gained a scowl.

“Not you losers again. Be thankful that I’m not interested in you right now. I’ve claimed my prize for the day, and soon I’ll claim your Numbers. So consider yourselves lucky today, as you’re not my prey for the day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new playmate to talk to.”

Tempest stated, “Onyx, wait! Why are you like this? Why do you treat your cards better than you treat people?”

The Crystal Crocodile replied, “Easy, Wind Elemental. People betray each other, they cannot be trusted. The same best friend of today could be your worst enemy of tomorrow. Humanity has a tendency to betray its fellow man, and that’s something I won’t be suckered by. Betrayal is the essence of society. Cards, on the other hand, don’t do that. They listen and obey without question, and they will never betray your trust. So that’s why I trust my cards and not anyone else. And I take it that’s why you’re here as well, girl. I can tell, you were betrayed by your former people, so you left that life to start over again. Am I right? So you know how even your own flesh and blood will turn on you for one reason or another. So don’t try to convince me otherwise, wind girl, as I know the truth, and so do you!”

Suddenly, the stone underneath Onyx seemed to engulf him. When it vanished, so was he. Tempest felt her shoulders drop, a familiar pain in her heart reappearing. Django gritted his teeth while the twins looked up at Tempest with concern.

The inventor placed a hand on her shoulder, “While Onyx’s words give off a stench of truth, he isn’t completely right. Sure, some people cannot be trusted, but that doesn’t mean one should give up on humanity. Look at me, I was distrustful once, but I learned that there will always be a light of hope. I know you were betrayed by your clan, Tempest, but that won’t be for forever. I have a feeling that, sooner or later, your message will sink into your race. But Onyx is wrong about one thing. Betrayal isn’t the essence of society. Even I knew that way before I met any of you, despite my paranoia. Relationships are the essence of society, so don’t forget that. I know it hurts that your clan pretty much abandoned you, but they will see the light soon. Just remember that you have friends who care about you, and I know that your family cares about you, too, they just need to show it better. So let’s get going. This hunt is a loss for us, so let’s head back and make the most of the rest of this day. Okay?”

Tempest nodded, “Yeah, you’re right, Django. You always are. It just… hurts… as I was betrayed once by those I thought were my friends and loved ones. But you’re right, and I know that everything will be fine as time goes on. Let’s head back.”

Django nodded, giving her a small kiss on the forehead. The twins gave the Wind Mistress a hug, making her smile. They started to make their way back, but were unaware of a small gold fireball hovering overhead.

Next Chapter: Winds of the Past
Clash of the Titans
Finally managed to get this chapter done. Django and Kain reach the conclusion of their Duel, with a new Number debuting as well. But it appears that two more Numbers appeared, and two other Hunters have managed to claim them before Django could arrive to the scene. And it appears that Tempest's backstory is starting to catch up to her. How will this affect her in the long run? Find out next time. 
Thanks to that two week long series of muscle spasms in my arm and shoulder that I was having just shortly after my last blog, I'm seriously derailed. I had managed to write four chapters in my second series (along with gaining ideas to reboot and rewrite an older one), but then those muscle spasms kicked into high-gear. Thanks to that, my right arm was in a sling for over two weeks, being the only position I could put it in without feeling intense pain. And I'm no stranger to pain, believe me, but this hurt like hell.

Because of that, all my writings were forced to take a backseat until my arm and shoulder muscles had loosened up enough to be useable again. Because of that force delay, I now have writer's block.


Now, with my arm and shoulder back to normal, I'm having trouble sitting down and writing again due to that ill-timed "break" I was forced to take. *whimpers* Not fair, especially since it delays all my ideas and my creative juices are at a standstill.

Truth be told, while I have the writer's block, it doesn't mean I don't KNOW what I need to write. The ideas and general play-by-play are still intact, I just can't seem to sit down and get it out onto the screen. So I've been spending most of my free time watching various animes related to whatever subjects I'm trying to write, seeing which one breaks the writer's block and get the ideas flowing again. *sigh* Bad time for a bodily problem, as it completely derailed my stories, just when I was getting in the groove of things with series #2, as well as having mapped out the conclusion of Django VS Kain.

Me procrastinating is one thing, as that's not enough to stop my ideas, but because I was forced to stop while the creative juices were flowing, it stopped them in their tracks, now their stuck. Sad but true...

I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow my family will go out for a while, giving me some alone time. I'm hoping that, while the house is empty and with my tendency to get bored easily, might give me the kick I need to sit down and get those ideas flowing again. It's worth a shot, but will only work if I can have the house to myself for a while with no distractions, such as dad watching "The Last of the Mohicans" or some annoying war movie, or I'll get confused and make a mess of things.

So that's the story of why I've been very inactive in the writing department. Hopefully I can get things back on track before I go crazy and overload with ideas (curse my overly-active imagination... I can literally lose sleep because of it!!!). We shall see.

That's all for now.
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Django Spirit by FangbladeOmega
Django Spirit
A commission I ordered from the ever-talented JadenKaiba. This depicts my recent story character, Django Spirit, alongside three of his most trusted monsters: Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Number 39: Utopia.

Django is a member of the Psykinox race, a powerful race of humanoids with innate special abilities (though this is unknown to him for most of his life). He is said to be the last member of the Spirit family due to his arch-enemy Lucifer Bloodlust's attacking his family when he was a child. He contains great power, including, but not limited to, Destiny Draw, Divine Soul Mode, psychokinetic powers, and immense intelligence. He is said to contain the Power of Numeron, a powerful energy that can shape the universe itself, but is still learning how to tap into it.

Django is serious, calm, lonely, friendly, caring, but also emotionally fragile with unbreakable willpower. He'd rather fight to his last breath than give up. Along with his father's headband and mother's gold ring, he wears the Spirit Crest around his neck, a powerful heirloom with untold properties and powers, as well as hosting a fragment of his greatest ancestor's soul, the original Astral Spirit. His Duel Spirits (consisting of Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Utopia, Silent Magician, Silent Swordsman, Kuriboh, and later adds Rainbow Kuriboh) act as guardians and parental figures for him, guiding him and assisting him during times of need.

He is the leader of a group of six friends (his main group, though he has some aloof friends) consisting of the Wind Elemental Tempest Force (later his girlfriend), and the humans Cody Lionheart, Jack Roller, and the twins Leo and Fiona Cloud. His arch-rival in Duel Monsters is Kain Kannon. He also has several dangerous enemies outside of Lucifer.

Django may be the world's last hope in stopping Lucifer from obtaining the Power of Numeron, becoming a god, and conquering and enslaving the world. But he's up for the task.

A bit of trivia, although not depicted here, Django wears glasses, being slightly nearsighted (a trait inherited from his father), being my first OC that wears glasses.
As the title says, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. I'm almost hypersensitive to the weather, so even the most subtle changes can affect me. Spring and autumn are particularly bad due to the constant shifting of temperatures, air pressure, and other factors. Migraines are also more common for me during those two seasons, which will instantly KO me. Winter is probably the only season where I'm perfectly fine (along with my love of the cold, it's any wonder why it's my favorite time of year). But, for now, I've been feeling pretty ill due to the constant weather changes. It's zapped all my energy and left me feeling constantly tired. So I've had no oomph to do much of anything, even writing, and I know I've left people hanging on what happens next. I'm hoping that with the forecast saying it's gonna get colder soon that I'll perk up a bit more.

So, that's the news update from me. That's all for now.
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