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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...


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Okay, so that didn't quite go as planned. While I did get about a day off, that was mostly because I had a migraine, so I spent most of yesterday in bed or just sitting quietly in a darkish room. But my ideas keep nagging me no matter what, even when I'm trying to go to bed. No wonder I had chronic insomnia for a time, as my overly active imagination can cost me sleep at times. But anyway, enough of that.

While I'm trying not to push it, taking more breaks in-between chapters, I guess it's safe to say that Hidden Forces will proceed sooner than planned. Curse my creativity: there are times it kicks into overdrive, and yet there are times it just drops dead for a while. As if I don't have enough confusing facts about my life, but let's not get into that. Let's get back on track.

This may be a spoiler-ish situation, but Hidden Forces will not only host the Cyber Clash Battle City Tournament (the main event of Season 3), but I will also be dabbling a bit more into the other characters' pasts and natures, notably Django and Tempest (Chapter 3's title should give you a clue on that). This was actually a smart idea to break up Season 3 into two separate ones: Hidden Forces + Divine Might, as it allows me more time to flesh out the characters, both mine and fan-made. I'll give you a few "spoilers" about the next few chapters, so unless you want to stay surprised, don't read any further.

*Spoilers start here*
  • Tempest will reveal more about what happened to her back home during another date, as well as show off another "skill" she has.
  • The reason behind Django's fear of insects will be revealed, as well as a brief blast from his orphanage days.
  • A ruined enemy who "gifted" Django his criminal marker will try to steal Spirit Tech from him with illegal tactics and technology.
  • Jade's heart operation is about to take place, prompting Cody to be there for her, but he runs into unexpected trouble on the way.
*Spoilers end here*

Okay, that should sum it up for now. I'll probably start Chapter 3 in a day or two so not to overwork myself and adjust to changing weather (something that I'm not good at, mainly thanks to my migraines and allergies). So that's all for now. Later all, and stay awesome.
Lionheart’s Cry

It was later that same day after Django’s and Kain’s Duel. Cody had just entered his apartment, still thinking about the day’s events.

He said to himself, “Aw, man, that was awesome! That Pendulum Summon thing was totally the coolest! Leave it to D-Man to pull somethin’ that sweet outta his hat. Now I’m in the mood for a good dinner.”

He put his stuff down on the sofa and started to make his way to his small kitchen. It was then he noticed a blinking light on his video phone.

“Eh? A message? Guess I better hear what it has to say. Hopefully it’s not the landlord.”

He pushed the blinking button, a few seconds passed, and then the recorded message appeared onscreen. To his surprise, it was a young woman with long flaming red hair, green eyes, and fair skin.

She said, “Hello, Cody, it’s been a long time. I hope you haven’t forgotten your little sister’s face. I was hoping to see you one more time, but it would appear that I missed you.” She then gained a sad smile, “Cody, it appears that I’m running out of time. I only have about a month left before… well… you know. Maybe you can come by Cyber City Hospital to see me before… well… just come by and see me at least. Cody, I miss you, so I hope I can see you soon before my clock runs out. Take care, big brother…” and the message ended.

Cody looked devastated. He was trembling, tears in his eyes, and a horrified expression on his face.

He barely managed to say, “Jade is… runnin’ outta time? My sister… she may… no, not after all this time… I… I have to find a solution! Jade, hold on, big brother Cody will find an answer! Dinner can wait, this is more important!”

He quickly dashed over to his desktop computer and started to work on it. He logged onto the internet and started to do a search.

“Let’s see… I gotta find out how much an operation for what she has will cost. Then I gotta see if I can see if I can scrape up the cash needed quickly enough to save her! Come on, computer, don’t fail me now!” However, he was nearly floored when he saw the cost of the operation, “N-No way!? $3.5 million dollars?! And that’s WITH insurance! How am I gonna get $3.5 million within a month?! Calm down, Cody, just stay calm. If there’s one thin’ D-Man has taught ya, it’s that you have to stay calm and focused, no matter what. Okay, just think. There are a handful of small tournaments goin’ on this month that offer cash prizes. Let me see how much they’re offerin’, then I’ll add it all up, and hopefully it can cover the cost.”

Taking out a calculator, he started to work more on the computer. Search after search, he found each mini-tournament’s prize amount, and started to add them together. However, when he found out the total amount, he was devastated.

“No! Even if I were to win all of the tournaments, the combined amount wouldn’t even scratch that price tag! What am I gonna do!? No, stay calm, Cody. You can figure this out. Jade’s countin’ on ya, so don’t let your sister down now. You’ve helped her fight this long and hard, keepin’ her goin’ for years, so you can do it. Don’t let her down. Just stay focused and you can find a solution. Just keep lookin’, you may come across somethin’ that’ll help.”

Cody continued to search the internet for any possible solution. But as each search ended in failure, his heart and hope shattered more and more. But he pressed on, hoping and praying that he’d find something.

The next day Django was in his collection room. He was looking over several of his cards. These cards were different than the others. They had frames that were either half yellow and half green, or half orange and half green.

He said to himself, “Pendulum Monsters, I created Pendulum Monsters. They were just regular monsters, such as Normal and Effect Monsters, but now it’s like they’re part Spell Cards, too. They have two separate effects now; each effect is for a different placement on the field. If it’s in the Pendulum Zone, then its Pendulum Effect is used, which makes them similar to Spells. But if they’re in the Monster Zones, then their Monster Effects are used. I wonder if I’m the only one with these new cards? I may have to contact Maxwell about this, see if any other cards have transformed. I know that, if I’m the only one with Pendulum Monsters right now, then that’ll make people like Kain super jealous and such. But if other Pendulum Monsters are in the mainstream, then what happened yesterday will be more spread out than I thought.”

Just then Tempest walked in, “Hey, Django. Still looking over those Pendulum Monsters you created yesterday?”

“Oh, hey, Tempest. Yeah, I’m just going over them to see if I can understand their effects and how they work. I’m just still in a state of disbelief about what happened yesterday. I gave birth to yet another new power. The first time it was with Chaos Numbers, then transformed a Limited Barian’s Force into Numeron Force, then I created Shining Numbers, and now Pendulum Monsters. Just what else am I capable of?”

She smiled warmly, “I bet you’re capable of limitless things, Django. That’s just who you are. I’m still stunned about what happened yesterday, too, but it was totally awesome. I can’t wait to see you Pendulum Summon again.”

He smiled sheepishly, “Don’t get your hopes up just yet, Tempest, I still need to learn how to Pendulum Summon. Somehow, I just seemed to use my instincts during that Duel, but now that the adrenalin rush is over with, trying to understand these new Pendulum Scales is a bit tricky. But I’ll figure it out, I may need to test them out on the DSR in order to get the hang of it.”

Suddenly, his Infinity Disk started to beep. Curious, he picked it up and activated the video call feature. Leo appeared onscreen.

“Oh, Leo, it’s you. I was worried that it was Kain. Oh, wait, I almost forgot we’re supposed to meet up at our usual spot. Sorry, I guess Tempest and I are late.”

Leo replied, “It’s not a big deal, but you better come quickly. Cody’s here and, well, he seems to be pretty upset about something. I’ve never seen him so depressed. Something major must’ve happened, as he’s just sitting here, depressed and unresponsive.”

Django looked worried, “Cody’s that upset? Something major must’ve happened, as he’s always upbeat. Right, we’ll be there ASAP, just see if you and the others can cheer him up until then. We’ll be there shortly.”

Leo nodded and they ended the conversation. Django then gathered up his cards, placing them back into the deck and then the Infinity Disk.

Tempest asked in a worried tone, “What do you think could’ve happened within 24 hours that Cody is in this state of depression? I hope nothing bad happened to him.”

“There’s only one way to find out. Get your shoes on, Tempest, we’ll go using a Warp Gate, as it’s the fastest.” He then said silently, “Hang on, buddy, we’re on our way.”

At the usual meeting spot, Cody was sulking on one of the benches. Jack, Leo, and Fiona were trying, unsuccessfully, to cheer him up.

Jack said worriedly, “Come on, Cody, you have to tell us what’s wrong? What happened? What could’ve happened that you’re this devastated?”

Fiona said, “Cody, please tell us. It might help if we knew so we could all put our heads together and find a solution.”

Leo replied, “At least Django and Tempest are on their way, so knowing Django, he’ll find a solution. Just you wait, pal, whatever’s wrong, we’ll find a way to fix it.”

Just then a Warp Gate opened up, startling them, but they were relieved to see Django and Tempest emerge from it.

Jack said, “Good timing, you two. Maybe you can snap Cody out of this funk.”

Django nodded, sitting down next to Cody, “Hey, Cody, what’s wrong? Did something bad happen? You know you can always tell us, so what’s on your mind, buddy?”

Cody asked sadly, “You wouldn’t know where I could get $3.5 million within a month, do you?”

Tempest’s eyes widened, “That’s a hefty amount of pocket change. Why do you want that much money?”

He replied glumly, “You see… my twin sister, Jade, needs an operation. She’s always had a weak heart, ever since she was born, but we’ve managed to keep her goin’ for a long time. But the operation is expensive and she only has a month to get it or… or her time’s up. If I don’t get her the money soon, it’ll be too late and she’ll… she’ll…” but he trailed off, his bangs covering his sad eyes.

Jack said, “I forgot about Jade. It’s been years since I last saw her, not since middle school, if not longer. I forgot she also had a weak heart. Now I understand why he’s so depressed.”

Leo turned to Jack, “So Jade is Cody’s sister? Didn’t know he had one. But it’s obvious how much she means to him, so it’s no surprise he’s like this.”

Fiona turned to Django, “Why doesn’t she just use a Red-Level Nano-Core? Won’t that fix the problem?”

Django shook his head, “No, it can’t. That’s the one chink in Nano-Core’s armor. It cannot cure illnesses or defects that one is born with. While it can help lessen the problem, Jade will still require an operation in order to fix it completely.”

Tempest suggested, “Well, there are a lot of small tournaments going on this month. Maybe Cody can enter them and win the prize money?”

Cody shook his head, “It won’t do any good. I thought of that, but even if I were to win all of ‘em, the total cash amount wouldn’t scratch that $3.5 million price tag. But it I let her down now, I can never forgive myself.”

Django thought for a moment before getting up, “Hold on, I may have an idea, but let me check something first.”

He walked a short distance away from the group, took out his Infinity Disk, and started to look up something.

Fiona said soothingly, “Don’t you worry, Cody. Django will find a solution, just you wait.”

Jack nodded, “Yeah, she’s right, buddy. If anyone can solve this problem, it’s Django. He’s never let any of us down before, and I sincerely doubt he’ll start now. So cheer up, as Django may have an idea that can save her. Just you wait and see.”

As Django worked on his Infinity Disk touch screen, he said silently, “There is only one solution for this problem. In order for Cody to get the money within a month’s time, there is only one possible solution. It’s obvious how much his sister Jade means to him, and family is very important. So I know what needs to be done. Just let me check one last thing first.”

After checking something, seemingly satisfied with it, he reached into his cyber pack, pulled an item out, and quickly wrote something. A quick tearing noise could be heard, but the others didn’t notice, placing the object back into his pack. He put his Infinity Disk back on his belt and walked back over to the group.

He said, “Cody, I found a solution that can get you the money right away.”

Cody’s eyes lit up, quickly standing, “You did!? Please, tell me! I can’t let Jade down, so please, buddy, tell me! I’ll do anythin’ if it saves her!”

Django nodded, grabbing Cody’s wrist, opening up his palm, and placed something in it, confusing the redhead.

“Eh? What’s this?” He looked at it, a brief pause followed, before he exclaimed, “WHAT!? THIS IS A CHECK FOR $3.5 MILLION!?”

The others sputtered, “WHAT?!”

They all gathered around to see. It was, indeed, a check made out for $3.5 million dollars, signed by Django. They were all numb with shock, particularly Cody.

Tempest choked, “Django, you’re giving Cody a check for $3.5 million!? From your own personal funds!? Are you serious!?”

Django nodded, “Yes, and I don’t expect a penny back. A life is far more important than money, and if Jade means that much to Cody, then it’s well worth it.”

Cody barely managed to say, “D-Django, are you sure ‘bout this? This… this is a huge amount of your own money. Are you sure you’re willin’ to give me this much?”

Django nodded again, “Yes, Cody, I am. Very much so, in fact. Family is very important, and I can see how much you treasure your sister. If she’s been fighting this thing for this long, then she deserves a chance to live her life to the fullest. Please, take that money for her operation, she needs it more than me.”

Jack asked, “But… but that’s a lot of money, Django! Are you sure about this? How will you make it up?”

The inventor quirked an eyebrow, “Jack, you should know by now that I’m the owner of the largest tech company in existence. I’m filthy rich, so I can easily restore this amount. Plus, with the Infinity Disks going on sale next month, that’ll easily cover the cost. But like I said, a life is far more important than a wad of cash. Jade needs this money, not me, so I’m more than willing to part with it if it saves her life.”

Cody exclaimed, tears in his eyes, “Django, you’re the best EVER! Come ‘ere!”

He embraced Django in a tight hug. So tight in fact Django’s eyes widened in pain, gritting his teeth, glasses crooked, and a pained expression on his face.

The redhead cried, “You’re the best, the very best! I can’t believe it! Because of you, Jade is gonna live! I can’t thank you enough, buddy!”

Django barely managed to say, “I’m… glad… you’re… happy… Cody…”

Tempest stated, “Cody! Put Django down before you send HIM to the hospital!”

Cody opened his eyes, realizing what he was doing, and quickly let go, causing Django to crash in a heap on the ground, gasping for air.

He said sheepishly, “Eheheh, sorry, buddy. Didn’t mean to crush ya like that.”

The inventor managed to say, “It’s… okay… I understand… but damn… you sure are strong. No wonder you and Jack can take on street gangs with little trouble.”

He staggered to stand, taking a moment to recover, positioning his glasses on his face properly before regaining his composure. Cody chuckled nervously, obviously embarrassed at what he just did.

Django said, “We better get that money to the surgeon so they can prepare for Jade’s operation. Is she here in Cyber City?”

Cody nodded, “Yeah, she’s at Cyber City Central Hospital. What are we waitin’ for? Let’s go! Jade, here comes your big brother to save the day!”

Fiona said nervously, “Well it’s safe to say Cody’s feeling better.”

Leo sighed, “Let’s just hope he doesn’t get too wound up, otherwise the doctors may sedate him in order to calm him down.”

Django opened up another Warp Gate, allowing the gang to enter it, closing up behind them. A short time later, the other end opened up in front of a large building, the gang emerging from it. Cyber City Central Hospital was a large, beautiful, well kept building with a large parking lot and a giant courtyard of rosebushes out back. The group of six entered the building and immediately headed down the hall, Cody in the lead, obviously knowing where he was going.

In one of the rooms, five individuals were talking. Two of which were medical staff, a doctor and a nurse, while the others were adults, one of which was sitting in a hospital bed.

The man, who looked near identical to Cody, asked, “Please, doctor, isn’t there some way you can reduce the cost of the operation?”

The doctor replied, “No, sadly I can’t, Mr. Lionheart. This is a very delicate procedure that requires specialized equipment, so it’s very costly. Plus only the best surgeons can do this operation flawlessly, so we cannot lower the cost. I’m sorry, but the cost has to remain as it is.”

Mrs. Lionheart said sadly, “There must be something we can do. Jade has been fighting this long and hard, we can’t lose her now.”

Jade, the young woman in the hospital bed, said, “Cody will find a solution, I just know it.”

Mr. Lionheart said, “How are you so certain, Jade? There’s no way Cody could make that much money in such a short period of time. It’s impossible, especially with his job.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. The nurse opened it, allowing Cody and the others to enter. Jade’s eyes lit up as she saw him.

She said, “Cody! It’s you! I’m so glad to see you! Hmm? And who are all these people?”

Cody smiled, “Hey, Jade, good to see ya. And these guys? They’re the best buds a guy like me could ever have. Rest assured, sis, I have a solution to this problem!”

Mr. Lionheart’s eyes widened, “Cody? You… you mean you have the ability to get the money we need? But… but how?”

It was then that they noticed Django, making everyone’s eyes wide.

The doctor said, “Dr. Spirit! I’m surprised to see you here.”

Mrs. Lionheart asked, “Dr. Django Spirit? The famous Dr. Django Spirit? Cody, how do you know him?”

The redhead beamed, “D-Man’s my best buddy! It’s because of him that I have the answer to savin’ Jade!”

Mr. Lionheart quirked an eyebrow, “D-Man? Cody, that name seems a bit insulting. Are you sure that…” but was interrupted.

Django said, “It’s perfectly fine, Mr. Lionheart, I don’t mind it at all.” He then said silently, “It’s better than some of the names I’ve been called in the past.” He then said aloud, “But Cody’s right, we’re best friends. And I’m here to help. Cody, if you’d be so kind?”

Cody nodded, walked over to the doctor, and handed the check over, “I think this should cover Jade’s operation quite nicely, doc.”

The doctor took the check, looked it over, then said, “This is a check for $3.5 million dollars, and is signed by Dr. Spirit.”

The three Lionhearts exclaimed, “What!? Dr. Spirit is paying for the operation!?”

Django nodded, “Yes, that is correct. I’m more than happy to do so, too, as it’s obvious how much Jade means to Cody. On top of that, she’s been fighting this problem for a long time, so she deserves a chance. So take it with my regards. And I don’t expect a penny back.”

Mr. Lionheart choked, “B-But why? N-Not that we’re complaining, but why are you willing to pay for such an expensive operation and not expect anything back?”

“I’ve already said my reasons, didn’t I? And besides, how can one put a price tag on someone’s life. I don’t need it, but Jade does, so I’m more than willing to pay if it gives her a second chance at life.”

Mrs. Lionheart barely managed to say, “You really are willing to do this… for Jade? That’s… incredibly generous of you, Dr. Spirit.”

Django pushed his glassed further up his nose, “My pleasure. And please call me Django, most people do, and I’m not one for formalities. Now, Dr. Stevenson, would you mind getting things set up for the surgery? That check should cover everything, so would you please take care of that?”

Dr. Stevenson nodded, “Yes, of course, Dr. Spirit, I’ll process this check and get to work preparing for the surgery.”

Both he and his assistant nurse left the room, leaving the gang and Cody’s family alone.

Jade said happily, “I knew you’d find a solution, Cody, I just knew it! You’ve never let me down before, and it’s obvious you won’t start today. And thank you so much Dr… I mean Django, for your willingness to help. It means so much to me.”

Mr. Lionheart nodded, “As it does to us. We’ve desperately tried to find a solution to save Jade, but we’ve come up with nothing. Thank you very much for your willingness to pay for her operation. It means a whole lot to this family.”

Mrs. Lionheart nodded, “Indeed. And I’m impressed, Cody, that you have such a great friend like Dr. Spirit. But how? And who are all these other people?”

Cody stated, “This ‘ere is the greatest group of pals a guy could ever have. You remember Jack from when we were kids, and you obviously know Django, but the others are Tempest, and the twins Leo and Fiona. We’re the A-Team, and we’ve always got each other’s backs. We’ve been through a lot of adventures together, but we’re about as tight as a family of our own. These guys are the best friends ever.”

Jade said, “Wow, Cody, you sure got a great group of friends now. I remember, back as kids, it was just you and Jack, but now you’ve got a great circle of friends. I’m actually a little jealous.”

Tempest smiled, “Don’t be, Jade, as you are one of us, too. While you may not have the adventures we have, if you’re part of Cody’s family, then you’re part of ours.”

Jade blushed, “That’s so sweet of you. Thank you so much. I admit I haven’t had many friends due to this heart condition, but now I have lots of friends, all because of Cody. Thank you.”

Mr. Lionheart walked up to Django, “I have to thank you as well, Dr. Spirit. You made a huge sacrifice for my daughter, and we are forever grateful. So thank you ever so much. I just hope Cody doesn’t rough you up too much, as he is a bit rough-around-the-edges.”

Django nodded, “No worries. I know how important family is, and it’s obvious how far Cody will go for Jade, so I knew I had to help. And don’t worry, I’ve been roughed up plenty of times before meeting Cody, so a few noogies and such won’t bother me, even if they catch me off-guard. Besides, he is my best friend, and he has helped me overcome many of my personal obstacles, so I was glad to return the favor.”

It was then Mrs. Lionheart noticed something, “Hold on. You have a criminal marker on your face. How can an obviously upstanding person like yourself have one?”

Django winced, but Tempest quickly explained, “He was framed for a crime he never committed, and the goon bribed the police force with a large amount of money to arrest Django without question. While it was found out shortly afterwards that he was innocent, the mark was already put in place, so he’s stuck with it.”

Jade said, “I think I heard that story once on the news a couple of years ago. I remember now that Django was framed, but he was already given the mark by the time the truth was revealed. So don’t worry, mom, as Django obviously doesn’t have a criminal background.”

She nodded, “You’re right, I’m sorry Dr. Spirit, I didn’t mean to accuse you or anything. I just, well…”

Django sighed, raising his hand up to stop her, “It’s okay, I get that a lot, but it doesn’t make it any easier. This mark has been a source of discrimination for me ever since the incident, even though it’s well-known that I was innocent. But it’s pointless to cover it up with makeup and such, so it just sits there. At least that problem has since been mitigated, mostly thanks to these guys, but there are some who like to give me grief because of it. But I understand your reaction, though it does cause me a few headaches now and then.”

Cody put Django in friendly headlock, “No worries, buddy, it doesn’t matter. Even if that wasn’t the case, yer still the best buddy a guy could ever have! So don’t worry ‘bout it.” He then let go, “In any case, I hope the doc gets the operation goin’ soon, as I want to see Jade live a long, happy life. And I’ll be sure to be here when that day comes!”

Jade smiled, tears in her eyes, “Cody, you’re the best brother a girl like me could ever have. Thank you. And thank you ever so much, Django, for your willingness to help me. It really means a whole lot to me, knowing that I’ll be able to keep going for years to come, because of your generosity.”

Django nodded, “Glad to help. Now I think it’s time we head on out, guys. We still have things to do today. But take care, Jade, and good luck.”

With a final nod, the gang left the hospital, but no spirits were higher than Cody’s and Jade’s.

Next Chapter: The Wind’s Tempo
Lionheart's Cry
After Django's Duel with Kain, bringing forth the new Pendulum Monsters, Cody runs into a problem. His sister, Jade, is losing ground in her personal battle, and Cody is desperate to save her before time runs out. Despite all efforts, he cannot come up with a solution. Django, knowing perfectly well the pain that losing a loved one can cause, comes up with a solution, much to everyone's shock, especially the Lionheart family. Will his own wounded heart and battered spirit help repair Jade's?
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Hi all who watch this odd little corner of the web.

As the title states, I'm gonna take some downtime for a bit. As you probably noticed, I did three chapters of my Psychic Duelist Django series (including the first chapter of Hidden Forces) in three days, so I'm a bit worn out. It's not like I haven't done this before, belting out chapter after chapter within a short period of time, but it does take an eventual toll on me. Last time, elsewhere, I dished out nearly nine chapters within a week out of boredom, which proved to be a mistake, as my fingers cramped and I got burnt out from overworking myself. So rather than overexerting my brain and fingers again, I'm gonna take some downtime to rest and develop plans for later chapters. I'll probably also watch various Yugioh animes and play some video games to not only pass the time, but also get ideas for scenarios and events. I already have a few down in the form of Duel Scripts, which is just a rough blueprint of a Duel, but it doesn't really have much else from that. So I'll use the time of rest and gaming to map out ideas and events. Again, I already have a few in motion, but I'm just gonna take a break to recharge my batteries for a bit. But don't worry, you'll be seeing a new chapter (or two) sooner or later, I just need to recharge for a bit before I overdo it then crash like last time.

Anyway, that's enough out of me. Time to pull out a game and work my fingers in a different form. Later.
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Birth of Pendulum

The wintery months of February and March had come and gone. The days had been peaceful since Lucifer’s latest defeat. Now in April, the weather was warming up, the snow had mostly melted, and Cyber City parks were starting to blossom with new flowers and plants. Things had quieted down for now, which was a welcoming change.

At Django’s home, in the collection room, the gang was working on their decks, their Infinity Disks next to the scattered cards. They were picking and choosing from several new cards that had been added to Django’s collection recently, trying to see what cards would work best with their decks styles.

The Wind Mistress turned to Django, “Well, I’d say our decks are in good working order, don’t you think? We’ve added lots of new cards and strategies to our arsenal. Thanks again for always allowing us access to your collections and various booster packs, it sure makes it easier for us to prepare for what may lie ahead.”

Cody nodded, “That’s fer sure. And since most of these new cards haven’t been publically released just yet, we always get a sneak preview because of yer deal with Maxwell. It’s great having a buddy like you ‘round, D-Man.”

Django blushed, “I’m glad you guys are happy. I admit I have too many cards and packs hanging around, so it’s nice to have friends like you to distribute them around to. And at least things have been peaceful lately, ever since that incident in the Sargasso pocket dimension, which is a nice change of pace.”

Leo started to gather up his deck, “Yeah, you got that right. Lucifer and Number 96 have been quiet since our last encounter. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as it gives us time to rest and recover, as well as plan for future battles. But a little peace and quiet has been a nice change.”

Fiona turned to Django, “Speaking of changes, how’s your progress in mastering Psykinox Warp Gates? After all, it was because you managed to open one just in time that we all got out of that Sargasso place in one piece. So how’s that been doing, Django?”

The inventor replied, “I’m still mastering it. I can only go short distances right now, mostly within Cyber City’s interior. About the furthest I can use my Warp Gates right now is the ruins of my old home, which isn’t too shabby considering that I’m self-teaching myself how to use them. But at least I can use them at will now, so that’ll help. It’ll also help cut down on the time needed to get to various places, like if another Number appears within range of my systems. But so far so good.”

Jack said, “Surprised Noble isn’t teaching you how to use them. After all, he can use them, right?”

“That’s true, but considering the fact that Zephyr, Melody, and Draco, who he also raised and trained, can’t use them, or at least not yet, it makes me wonder if they can be taught right away. I know Chronos and Carver can use them, even though they’re younger than me, so it does seem to suggest that they can be taught at an early enough age, but I think that, like what happened with me, instincts may be needed to unlock them the first time. But what do I know? I didn’t even know I was a Psykinox till roughly a year ago, so I could be completely off on this.”

Tempest shrugged, “It doesn’t matter. You’re catching up to more experienced Psykinoxes pretty quickly despite everything, so it’s no big deal. But I’m quite happy about all the progress we’ve made in general. I just hope we can keep it up, as Lucifer still has plenty of tricks up his slimy sleeves.”

Cody gathered up his deck, “No worries, Tempest. We’re the Team Supreme, which means we’re ready for anythin’ that gutter rat tries. We’ve managed to get out of several of his traps and plans before, so I know we can keep it up. So enough of that, let’s test out some of our new cards on the DSR!”

Just then Django’s Infinity Disk started to beep. Curious, he picked it up and activates the video call feature. To his surprise, Kain appeared onscreen.

He said, “Hello, Django, it’s been a while.”

Django quirked an eyebrow, “Kain, surprised to see you on the line. So it’s safe to say you got my package.”

The arrogant man gave a sneer, “Yes I did, and I’m quite pleased with it. A Blue-Eyes and Galaxy-Eyes styled Infinity Disk. Pretty good piece of technology, I must say. But enough of that, onto business. There are two reasons why I called. One is that Lucifer has been very quiet lately. Any idea why that is?”

Django shook his head, “No, none whatsoever. He’s still out there, obviously, so he’s either biding his time or trying to draw out more power. Either way, I’m sure we’ll hear from him sooner or later. It’s the sooner or later part that worries me. I know you’re eager to prove who the real Master of Dragons is, but try not to do something reckless. But moving on from that, what’s the second reason you contacted me personally?”

Kain chuckled darkly, “That should be pretty obvious. I challenge you to a Duel! I’m holding an exhibition match to promote one of the Duel Stadiums I’ve built lately, and there would be no better Duelist than you to crush there. Or are you scared that I have a Number now? Not that I’d blame you, as my Number is superior to Utopia. But what’ll it be?”

Django gave a smirk, “You know I won’t say no to a challenge, Kain. You’re on. When do we rendezvous?”

“Come to Dragon’s Den Stadium in one hour. You know where it is, right? In the northern part of Cyber City, by the north harbor, just south of the unfinished super highway. Be there, so I can finally flatten you for good. I’ll see you in one hour, and don’t be late!” he then ended the call.

Cody snarled, “That arrogant snob! Ever since he got that Number he’s gained an even bigger ego! D-Man, flatten him! Show him who the REAL Master of the Numbers is!”

Tempest huffed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Kain already advertized this exhibition match between the two of you. That’ll draw in a huge crowd, as you both are top-ranked Duelists. He’s probably eager to settle the score. All I can say is this: pulverize him, Django.”

Jack nodded, “Yeah, it’s time to flatten Kain once again, and this time in a sold-out arena!"

The twins said in unison, “And don’t forget that we’re behind you!”

Django chuckled, “Yeah, I know the drill. Anyway, let’s gather up our stuff and head on out. At least with my Warp Gates we can get there in virtually no time at all. So let’s get the party started.”

A little while later, Kain was standing in the center of his new Dragon’s Den Stadium. Every seat was taken in the audience, eager to see a great Duel, among them were familiar faces such as Rai, Draco, Onyx, Noble, Zephyr, Melody, Vanessa, and Roger. Camera crews were also around, broadcasting the event on live TV. This allowed people like Maxwell, Vylon, and their families to watch at home. Nicholas was near Kain, while one of his right-hand men was holding a microphone, ready to get started.

Kain said to himself, “It’s almost time, Django. Time for me to flatten you for good once and for all.”

Suddenly, a Psykinox Warp Gate opened up, stunning the crowd and making Kain jump. He got into a defensive pose, but relaxed when he saw Django and the others emerge from it.

He said, “So, now you’re using those Warp Gates to get around, huh? And here I thought it was something to worry about, like Lucifer. So you’ve arrived, along with the nerd herd. Guess that means they’ll have a front-row seat to your defeat.”

Django armed himself with his red Infinity Disk, summoning the gold and black energy blade, followed by his Duel Gazer, “Oh, you’ll have something to worry about, Kain. Time to see if you’ve improved over the past few months.”

Kain laughed, “Like I needed the improvement. But let’s just say I have done some extra training and planning. This time, not even your precious Numbers will stop me. So get ready, as it’s time to Duel!” He turned to the man with the mic, “Stewart, let’s get this show on the road.”

Stewart nodded, “Yes, Mr. Kannon.” He then moved the mic closer to his face, “Welcome Duelists of all ages! It is my pleasure to announce the start of the greatest match of all time! You’re all in for a treat! This exhibition match will not only mark the grand opening of Kannon Corp’s Dragon’s Den Stadium, but also pit two of the greatest Duelists the world has ever known! In this corner we have the Master of Dragons, the man with the deck of pure power, the great Kain Kannon! And in this corner we have the undefeated World Champion, the Master of the Numbers, the one, the only, Dr. Django Spirit!”

The crowd cheered and applauded eagerly, ready for a good Duel.

Stewart stated, “Now, for the moment you’ve all be waiting for… let the Duel begin!”

Kain armed himself with his new Blue-Eyes and Galaxy-Eyes styled Infinity Disk, materializing the dragon wing-shaped energy blade, stating, “Time to crush you once and for all, Django!”

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

Both drew their starting hands, stating in unison, “Let’s Duel!”

Django stated, “Since you challenged me, I’ll open things up! I Draw!” he took a different card from his hand, “You should know this card by now, Kain. I summon Gagaga Magician in Attack Mode!”

Gagaga Magician (1500/1000) appeared on the field, giving a battle cry, ready to fight.

“But wait, there’s more. I activate his ability! I can change his Level from anywhere between Level One to Level Eight, so I choose Level Five!”

The lights on his buckle started to glow, changing to five, as well as the stars representing his Level going up to five.

“Next up, I summon Gagaga Child via his effect in Attack Mode!”

Gagaga Child (800/1200) appeared on the field, standing next to his fellow Gagaga.

“Now I activate his special power. He can copy the Level of any other Gagaga monster I control. So just as fast as he can polish off an ice pop, he can change his Level to match my Gagaga Magician!”

Gagaga Child quickly ate his ice pop, leaving the stick bare. On the stick, the stars representing his Level changed from two to five.

Django smirked, “Now for the fun part. I Overlay my Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Child! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja in Attack Mode!”

Both Gagaga monsters became purple orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged Crimson Shadow’s sealed form, which quickly unfolded into Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja (2400/1700).

Stewart announced, “Django has already summoned one of his famous Numbers! And on the first turn, too! This’ll be a good match, folks!”

Django said, “Normally, due to Gagaga Child’s ability, if I summoned him this way, I cannot conduct my Battle Phase. But since this was the first turn of the Duel, that’s not an issue. So I place one card face-down to end my turn.”

Kain stated, “Not a bad Number you summoned. Too bad I’ll crush it, just like I’ll crush you! It’s my turn, I Draw!” He looked at his new card before stating, “Here’s something you won’t like. I summon the mighty Chainsaw Insect in Attack Mode!”

Chainsaw Insect (2400/0) appeared on the field, giving its saw mandibles a quick buzz. Django could feel his skin crawl as he looked at the Insect monster.

Cody growled, “Leave it to Kain to pick on D-Man’s fear of insects like that. He knows how much D-Man hates insects, so he’s tryin’ to capitalize on it, hopin’ to throw off his game.”

Tempest called out, “Squash that overgrown termite, Django!”

Kain stated, “Not if I can help it! Chainsaw Insect, attack Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja!”

Chainsaw Insect charged in, buzzing its mandibles as high speed.

Jack said, “What good will that do? Both monsters have the same Attack Power, and even so, only a Number can destroy a Number in battle, so only Chainsaw Insect will be destroyed.”

Django stated, “Because your Chainsaw Insect is involved in a battle, I get to draw one new card from my deck!”

He drew one card, looked at it, and then added it to his hand.

Kain laughed, “Big deal, because I have something else in mind! I know that a Number cannot be destroyed in battle except by another Number, but I can still damage your Life Points! So I activate the Spell: Ego Boost! When a monster declares an attack, I can boost the power of one monster by 1000 points! So my Chainsaw Insect is now 3400 points strong!”

Kain’s Spell boosted Chainsaw Insect’s power by 1000 to 3400. It slammed into Crimson Shadow, who managed to weather the attack.

Django stated, “Don’t think it’ll be that easy to damage me! I activate the Trap: Defense Draw! I can reduce the damage I take from an attack to zero and draw one more card! So my Life Points will come out unscathed, just like my Number!”

He drew another card from his deck, looked at it, and then added it to his hand.

Kain, though obviously surprised, said, “So you got lucky. Your luck will soon run out. And even though Ego Boost’s power has expired, I’ll still win. So I place two cards face-down to end my turn.”

Chainsaw Insect’s power dropped down to its original 2400.

Django touched his deck, “Then it’s my turn, I Draw!” He said silently, “Okay, Kain’s face-down cards are most likely Traps or something that would bolster his overgrown parasite in an attempt to keep it safe and defeat my Crimson Shadow. So I’ll place my newly-drawn Fortress Warrior in Defense Mode in case of an emergency.” He said aloud, “First off, I shall place a monster in Defense Mode. And next I’ll attack with Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja! Use Moon Shadow Crimson Slice on his Chainsaw Insect! And because Chainsaw Insect is engaged in battle, I can draw one more card from my deck.”

He drew a new card, looked at it, smiling, placing it in his hand.

Kain said, “Not like it’ll help you! I activate the Trap: Sakuretsu Armor! When a monster declares an attack, I can target that monster and destroy it! So say goodbye to your pathetic Ninja!”

“Not so fast, Kain! I activate Crimson Shadow’s ability! Once a turn, by using an Overlay Unit, I can protect all Ninja monsters on my field from destruction. Since Crimson Shadow is a Ninja monster, that also applies to him as well! So your Trap has just been rendered useless!”

Crimson Shadow slammed his blade into an Overlay Unit, absorbing it, charged in, smashing through the blast unscathed, and continuing his attack toward Chainsaw Insect.

Kain snarled, “You got out of that one, but I activate my other card: Rush Recklessly! This boosts a monster’s Attack Power by 700 points until the end of the turn! So your Life Points are about to take a hit!”

Chainsaw Insect gained 700 Attack, totaling 3100, blocked Crimson Shadow’s attack, sending a shockwave back at Django, who flinched as it hit him, his Life Points dropping by 700 to 3300.

Django said, “Not bad, though I knew you’d try that. At least I got rid of those cards so they won’t bite me in the butt later. So I place two cards face-down to end my turn.”

Stewart announced, “Kain has taken the lead, but Django and his Number sure won’t go down without a fight! This is turning out to be a great battle!”

Kain touched his deck, “Then it’s my turn, I Draw! I activate Pot of Greed! This allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.”

He drew two more cards, looked at them, gaining a smirk, before deciding what to do.

“I place a monster in Defense Mode, one card face-down, and I’ll have my Chainsaw Insect attack your hidden monster! Carve it up like a turkey!”

Django stated, “Once again, because Chainsaw Insect is engaging in battle, I get to draw one new card from my deck! And even with your monster’s great power, it won’t get past my defense monster!”

Django drew one card from his deck, looked at it before adding it to his hand. His hidden monster was Fortress Warrior (600/1200), which annoyed Kain as his Chainsaw Insect tried and failed to destroy it.

Leo cheered, “Yeah, that’s the way! Fortress Warrior cannot be destroyed in battle once per turn! And even if it was in Attack Mode, Django takes no Battle Damage from battles with it!”

Fiona said, “Django certainly has a good defense on his hands. Crimson Shadow cannot be destroyed in battle by any of Kain’s monsters due to it being a Number, while Fortress Warrior can weather one attack per turn. Brilliant as always.”

Django smirked, “Looks like your overgrown bug isn’t getting very far in this Duel, Kain, as it’s failed to destroy both of its targets repeatedly.”

Kain snarled, “Don’t get cocky, Django. Take your turn so I can wipe you out.” He said inwardly, “Go on, attack my hidden monster, as I have a plan to wipe out your Number and your defenses in one shot.”

Django touched his deck, “Then it’s my turn, I Draw! Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja, attack Kain’s hidden monster with Moon Shadow Crimson Slice!”

Crimson Shadow drew his sword and charged in. He attacked the hidden monster, which was revealed to be Cyber Jar (900/900).

Kain laughed, “Too bad, you attacked my Cyber Jar! So say goodbye to all the monsters on the field!”

Django countered, “Not so fast, I activate Crimson Shadow’s ability…” but was cut off.

“Like I’d fall for that again! I activate the Trap: Breakthrough Skill! This not only negates your Crimson Shadow’s abilities, preventing its destruction, but it also negates its powers as a Number! But either way it’s done along with your Fortress Warrior!”

Kain’s Trap fired a beam at Crimson Shadow, turning it dark, preventing it from using its powers.

Cody choked, “Oh no! Crimson Shadow can’t use its special abilities! Now all the monsters on the field are about to go supernova!”

Cyber Jar started to blink, ready to self-destruct, but Django wasn’t done yet.

He said, “Don’t think you can take out my Number that easily! I activate the Trap: Purge Ray! I can Tribute an Xyz Monster I control, then at the End Phase I can Special Summon a Number from my Extra Deck with the same Type but one Rank lower! So I Tribute my Crimson Shadow in order to keep your Cyber Jar from blasting him!”

Crimson Shadow vanished from the field just moments before Cyber Jar self-destructed, taking every other monster with it. This prompted Kain to curse.

He hissed, “Damn you, Django! You always manage to find a way to weasel yourself and your Numbers out of destruction! But that ends here! Now Cyber Jar’s other effect activates! We each draw five cards and summon any Level Four or lower monsters in face-up Attack Mode or face-down Defense Mode!”

Both drew five cards, looked at them, and then made their moves.

Django stated, “I summon Beta the Magnet Warrior, Alpha the Magnet Warrior, and place a monster in Defense Mode.”

Beta the Magnet Warrior (1700/1600), Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1400/1700), along with one face-down Defense Mode monster appeared on Django’s field.

Kain stated, “I summon X-Head Cannon, Photon Crusher, and one monster in Defense Mode.”

X-Head Cannon (1800/1500), Photon Crusher (2000/0), and a hidden monster appeared on Kain’s field.

Django then said, “I’m far from done. I send Alpha, Beta, and Gamma the Magnet Warriors to the Graveyard in order to summon one of my most powerful beasts: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior to the field in Attack Mode!”

Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800) appeared briefly on the field before it, Alpha, and Beta disassembled into several parts. The parts then congregated together, followed by a bright light, and shortly afterward, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (3500/3850) appeared on the field.

“Next I summon Kuribandit to the field in Attack Mode!”

Kuribandit (1000/700) appeared on the field, giving a snarl.

“I place one card face-down on the field. Then I activate Kuribandit’s ability! At the End Phase of the turn it was Normal Summoned, I can Tribute it to excavate the top five cards of my deck. I can add any Spell or Trap from those cards to my hand. So I Tribute my Kuribandit to see what’s in the cards for me.”

Kuribandit vanished in flurry of sparkles, making Django’s deck glow. Using his powers, he levitated the top five cards from his deck to look at them.

He said silently, “Hmm… Gogogo Ghost, Interceptomato, Card Destruction, Nitro Unit, and Amarylease…” He then said aloud, “I add Nitro Unit to my hand, the rest go the Graveyard.”

He added Nitro Unit to his hand, sending the rest to the Graveyard.

“Now Purge Ray activates. I can Special Summon a Number that is the same Type as Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja, but one Rank lower from my Extra Deck.”

Kain grinned, thinking, “Perfect, he’s gonna summon Utopia. This time, however, I’ll destroy that annoying Number once and for all!”

Django stated, “I summon Number 10: Illumiknight in Attack Mode!”

Kain sputtered, “What?! You’re not summoning Utopia!? That’s not fair!”

He smirked, “Sorry, Kain, I know how you’ve been wanting to destroy Utopia for a while now. So I’m not gonna let you do that today. So deal with it!”

Django played a new card, which opened the galaxy-style Overlay Network and allowed a new sealed form to emerge. It looked like four thick, silver spike-like structures facing downward with a block-like center, a green glowing orb positioned just over the midsection, with two downward curved spikes. It then unfolded into a new monster.

Number 10: Illumiknight looked like a mechanical, somewhat fiendish knight wearing silver full-body armor with a green gem on its chest. It was riding a mechanical horse, blue and silver in color. In its right hand was a curved, single-edged blade, and on its right shoulder plate was the number “10” written in curved lines and dots. It was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2400/2400.

“And that should wrap up my turn. Your move, Kain.”

Stewart announced, “Django loses one Number but gains another one! Those Numbers just won’t quit! Not only that, but he has a real powerhouse on his field! Can this Duel get any more intense?”

Kain stated, “Then it’s my turn, I Draw!” He looked at his new card, grinning, “This’ll put a dent in your monster’s armor, Django.” He took a different card from his hand, “First off, I activate the Spell: Cost Down! By discarding one card from my hand, I can reduce the Levels of all the monsters in my hand by two. So I’ll discard one card to turn a Level Eight monster into a Level Six monster. And I think you know what monster that is, right? I Tribute my face-down Photon Lizard in order to summon my most trusted beast: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, in Attack Mode!”

Kain’s face-down monster vanished, but was replaced by the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500). It gave its trademark roar as it entered the field. Django braced himself for battle.

“But that’s not all! Not even close! I Overlay my X-Head Cannon and Photon Crusher! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Starliege Paladynamo in Attack Mode!”

Both X-Head Cannon and Photon Crusher became yellow orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the red spiral Overlay Network. Out emerged a new monster.

Starliege Paladynamo was a heavily armored warrior. Its armor was mostly whitish silver with some gold and black accents, sharp in design, covering a blue body. On its back were two large structures similar to wings or engines that were also connected to two large protrusions on its shoulders. Its head was encased in a whitish silver helmet with a purple visor and a pair of wing-like structures on the sides. In its hand was a large, glowing, blue energy sword, and orbiting it were two yellow orbs of light. It was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2000/1000.

Tempest said, “That’s not good. Starliege Paladynamo could cause some serious trouble for Django.”

Jack asked, “What do you mean, Tempest?”

Leo explained, “By using two Overlay Units, Starliege Paladynamo can negate the powers of one opposing monster on the field AND reduce its Attack Power to zero. Which means that he can use that power on Illumiknight, making it completely vulnerable to destruction.”

Fiona observed, “Kain never used that card before. He must’ve added it to his deck recently as an anti-Number strategy, since it can negate the powers of a Number. That’s not good, not good at all.”

Kain laughed, “I’ve observed many of your Duels and many of your Numbers, Django, so don’t think I didn’t learn from them! Now your Number is history! I activate Starliege Paladynamo’s ability! By using two Overlay Units, I can negate the abilities of one monster on your field and reduce its Attack to zero! So your Illumiknight is about to be trounced!”

Starliege Paladynamo absorbed both of its Overlay Units then fired a beam at Illumiknight, striking it in the chest. It slumped over, turning dark, its Attack Power dropping from 2400 to zero, making Django grimace.

“Now say goodbye to your Number! Blue-Eyes White Dragon, wipe out Illumiknight with your White Lightning attack!”

Blue-Eyes charged up its deadly breath attack, took aim, and fired it at Illumiknight. It was struck down, obliterated in one shot. Django braced himself for the blast, skidding slightly back before the attack ended, his Life Points dropping harshly by 3000 to just 300.

Tempest called out, “Django, are you okay!?”

He replied, “I’m none the worse for wear.” He turned to Kain, “Very clever of you, Kain. And here I thought you hadn’t learned anything from my past Duels. But it’ll take more than that to defeat me.”

Kain huffed, “You’re quite cocky for someone who lost more than half of your Life Points. You’re down to a measly 300 Life Points, and yet you still think you can win? I highly doubt that, Django. Now, back to the Duel. Starliege Paladynamo, attack Django’s defense monster and wipe it out!”

Starliege Paladynamo charged in, sword held high, before slamming it down upon the hidden monster. It was revealed shortly before then, being a small, shaggy brown furred monster with three eyes, green four fingered claws with matching three toed feet. It was a Level Three monster with stats of 1000/600. It was destroyed instantly.

Django stated, “You destroyed my Sangan, which allows me to move a monster with 1500 or less Attack from my deck to my hand. So I think I’ll choose a good little buddy of mine: Kuriboh, to my hand.”

His Infinity Disk ejected a card, which he took, revealed, and added to his hand, making Kain snarl.

He said, “So you plan on mocking my power with that puny Kuriboh? Don’t think for a second that hairball can help you! I’ll wipe you out before you can even use it! So let’s get on with the Duel. I activate Pot of Avarice. I can return five monsters from my Graveyard to my deck or Extra Deck, then draw two cards from my deck. So I return five monsters to my deck in order to draw two more cards.”

Five cards were ejected from his Graveyard, which he put back in the deck, the Infinity Disk shuffled the deck, then he drew two more cards. He looked at them before deciding what to do.

“I place two cards face-down to end my turn. Your move, but it’s not like you can do much, Django, not with only 300 Life Points left.”

Django stated, “As long as I have even one Life Point, I can still turn things around. So it’s my turn, I Draw!”

Stewart stated, “Even with his Life Points down to critical, Django just won’t give up! This could be a do-or-die match for him! Let’s see what he can do!”

“First, I activate Pot of Greed. This allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.” He drew two cards, looked at them, then made a decision, “I activate the Trap: Mischief of the Gnomes! This Trap reduces the Levels of all monsters in our hands by one. But that’s not all I’ll do. I activate the effect of Amarylease from my Graveyard! By banishing this card I can Tribute Summon with one less Tribute. Throw in my Mischief of the Gnomes and I can summon a Level Seven monster without needing to tribute anything! So come forth my newest dragon: Odd-Eyes Dragon, in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared on the field. Odd-Eyes Dragon had a purplish body that was mostly encased in red and grey armor. Its torso armor had two large sapphire blue orbs embedded within it. It had bulky hind legs, encased in strong armor, ending in wide armored spade-shaped feet, and long, slender armored arms ending in five-fingered claws. On its long, thick tail were a few red spikes, and on the back of its equally long neck were several red armor plates. On its back was a pair of large, curved spikes, replacing wings. Its head was rather small compared to its body, which was armored, and it had heterochromatic eyes, the left being red and the right being green. It was a Level Seven monster with stats of 2500/2000.

“Now to show you whose boss, Kain! Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, attack Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Magna Sword Slash!”

Valkyrion charged toward Blue-Eyes, sword held high, ready to slay the mighty dragon.

Kain stated, “Not so fast, Django! I activate the Spell: Enemy Controller! I can either change the Battle Mode of one of your monsters or Tribute a monster I control to take control of one of your monsters. I think I’ll do the first option, so I switch your Magna Warrior into Defense Mode. Sorry, but it looks like you won’t be doing much damage to me this turn.”

Valkyrion was forced into a defensive position, but Django was hardly fazed.

He stated, “I still have my Odd-Eyes to attack with! Odd-Eyes Dragon, attack Starliege Paladynamo! Wipe it out!”

Odd-Eyes Dragon jumped up into the air, opened its mouth, and fired a flame-like beam attack. It struck Paladynamo, engulfing it in flames, incinerating it easily. Kain flinched as his Life Points dropped by 500 to 3500.

“Now I activate Odd-Eyes Dragon’s ability! When it destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the Graveyard, I can deal you damage equal to half of that monster’s Attack Power! So you’re gonna take a bigger hit than you realized, Kain!”

Odd-Eyes charged up another blast, which it fired directly at Kain. He was hit by the blast, knocking him off his feet, landing back a few feet with a thud, his Life Points dropping by 1000 to 2500.

Kain stated, “When Paladynamo is destroyed in battle, I can draw one card from my deck.”

He drew one card, looked at it, and added it to his hand.

Django stated, “I end my turn with one card face-down on the field. That’s all for now.”

Kain stated, “That new dragon of yours isn’t too bad. Too bad I’ll wipe it out and you in one blow. It’s my turn, I Draw! Now I activate the Trap: Fusion Reserve! I reveal one Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck. That allows me to add one of its components from my deck to my hand, then I can add a Polymerization from my Graveyard to my hand. So I reveal a monster you should be very familiar with: my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! So that lets me add one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my deck to my hand, and I can retrieve the Polymerization I sent to the Graveyard for the effect of Cost Down back to my hand.”

He revealed Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then his Infinity Disk ejected a card, which he revealed to be Blue-Eyes White Dragon, then, finally, he retrieved a Polymerization from his Graveyard, adding it to his hand.

Cody snarled, “Somethin’ tells me that Kain’s gonna summon that Ultimate Dragon very shortly. Knowin’ him, the reason why he did all that was to setup the summonin’ of that dragon. D-Man better be careful, as that Ultimate Dragon is one major headache.”

Kain then stated, “I activate the Spell: Graceful Charity. Now I can draw three cards then discard two.” He drew three cards, looked at them, then discarded two, but gained a large grin, “Django, prepare to meet your doom. I activate Polymerization to fuse the Blue-Eyes on the field with the one in my hand, and Versago the Destroyer in order to summon my great beast: the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!”

Jack stated, “Hold on! He needs three Blue-Eyes to summon Ultimate Dragon, but he only used two! What’s the deal?”

Leo explained, “Versago the Destroyer is what’s called a Fusion Substitute Monster, meaning that it can take the place of one monster listed for a Fusion Summon so long as the other monsters are the correct ones. Which grants him greater flexibility when it comes to Fusion Summoning, as most require specific monsters. However, monsters like Versago can only substitute for a monster that’s listed as a needed material, such as a third Blue-Eyes White Dragon in this case. It cannot be used if the Fusion Summon does not require specific monsters, such as Ojama Knight, which doesn’t specify the exact monsters that are needed to summon it. Nor can it be used for Fusion Monsters like the VWXYZ series. So it has limits, but is still very useful regardless.”

The second Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) appeared briefly on the field, followed by a new monster. It looked like a short fiendish creature wrapped up in thick green metal bands, had dark purple claws with matching wings, and a mask-like face. It was a Level Three monster with stats of 1100/900. All three started to overlap and before long Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) appeared on the field.

“Now, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Attack Odd-Eyes Dragon with your Neutron Blast! Wipe it out and win me this Duel!”

Stewart started, “This could be it, folks! If this attack lands, then it’s all over for Django!”

Django stated, “Not if I can help it! I activate the Trap: Zero Gravity! This changes the Battle Modes of all face-up monsters on the field!”

Kain countered, “Not if I can help it! I activate the Trap: Dark Bribe from my hand! I can negate the last Spell or Trap you played in exchange for allowing you to draw one card from your deck. Now you’re probably wondering how I can activate a Trap from my hand. It’s simple: I sent my Makyura the Destructor to the Graveyard this turn though my Graceful Charity. So that allows me to activate Traps from my hand this turn! So say goodbye, Django!”

Django was forced to draw one card from his deck while Zero Gravity fizzled out and shattered. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon fired its deadly attack, but Django wasn’t done.

He stated, “I won’t go down that easily, Kain! I activate the Trap: Shift! This redirects your attack to my Magna Warrior! And since he’s in Defense Mode, I won’t take any damage!”

The Neutron Blast shifted away from Odd-Eyes Dragon, striking down Valkyrion instead. It tried to resist, but was eventually overpowered, blasted to ashes.

Kain spat, “You will pay for that, Django! I should’ve activated this before, but now you leave me no choice! I activate the Trap: Compulsory Evacuation Device from my hand! This returns one monster on the field back to the player’s hand! So I’ll return your Odd-Eyes Dragon back to your hand, leaving your field wide open!”

Odd-Eyes Dragon vanished from the field, returning to Django’s hand, leaving his field empty.

“I end my turn there, but you’re finished as well, Django. Nothing you do will stop me. On my next turn I’ll wipe out the rest of your Life Points. It’s over, so give up!”

Django snarled, “Kain, you should know by now that I never give up. I’d rather fight to my last breath than surrender. This Duel isn’t over. As long as I have a turn, then I’m still in this! So prepare yourself, Kain, as I’m about to cream you and your Ultimate Dragon here and now! I DRAW!!!”

As he drew his next card, suddenly the Spirit Crest started to glow. It then released a massive amount of light and energy, stunning everyone. Django watched in shock as some of the cards in his hand started to transform. He then looked at his newly transformed cards and gained a smile.

“It’s over for you, Kain! I place Timegazer Magician into the left Pendulum Zone and Stargazer Magician into the right Pendulum Zone! Time to bring forth a new power like no other!”

Two transparent blue pillars of light appeared, each containing a new monster.

Timegazer Magician looked a lot like Gagaga Magician, wearing a black coat with matching pants, a gold belt, elbow-high fingerless gloves with various buckles and dark boots. On each shoulder were bands of gold metal, with a matching band attached to his black crooked wizard-like hat. On his right lower arm was a mechanical device that had a large mechanical knob over his wrist, and connected to it was a long, curved band of gold, segmented metal, which seemed to resemble that of the outer ring of a clock. His wild brown hair spiked out all over the place, peach colored skin, dark colored eyes, and his mouth covered by a red bandana. He was a Level Three monster with stats of 1200/600, but also seemed to have the number “8” glowing underneath him, in the same pillar of light.

In the other pillar of light was another magician. Stargazer Magician was dressed in a white robe with silver torso armor studded with blue gems and a deep purple cape. Nearly his entire head was concealed by a white bandana around his mouth and a tall white crested helmet, only revealing his dark blue eyes and long blonde hair. In his left hand was a long staff with a scythe-like top that had a large, circular ring near the handle. He was a Level Five monster with stats of 1200/2400, but like Timegazer Magician, had the number “1” glowing underneath him in the same pillar of light.

Django stated, “Time to rock your world, Kain! I Pendulum Summon Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Archfiend of Gilfer, and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, all in Attack Mode!”

Above and in between the two pillars of light an enlarged Spirit Crest started to swing back and forth. Then a portal opened up just underneath it, releasing four bolts of energy, and before long, four monsters appeared on the field.

Alongside Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl was a new monster. Archfiend of Gilfer was a powerful-looking demonic creature, mostly blue in color, wearing heavy maroon armor on its torso and neck studded with sharp spikes, maroon colored demon wings, a crested helmet, sharp claws and feet, a long tail, and a slender face with a pointed chin, sharp teeth, and glowing yellow eyes. It was a Level Six monster with stats of 2200/2500.

The final monster was a mighty dragon, a seemingly evolved Odd-Eyes Dragon. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon was built similarly to its earlier form, but with considerably more bulk and greater in size. Its body was almost entirely encased in red and whitish silver armor in a similar manner to its original form, but the two spikes on its back had become large, curved spikes composed of segmented armor, with the right spike containing two green orbs of different size while the left had a single large red orb. Its head was also different, now with more impressive armor that took to form of a trident crest, the outer spikes being whitish silver with reddish diamonds in front while the back crest was red and shaped like an arrowhead. It still retained its heterochromatic eyes, but now had a blue orb in between them, on the bridge of its golden armor snout. It was a Level Seven monster with stats of 2500/2000.

“Next I summon Kuriboh in Attack Mode to join my other monsters!”

Kuriboh appeared on the field, in total awe at the magnificent sight. He was a Level One monster with stats of 300/200.

The audience was dead silent, in complete shock at the sudden event. Kain’s eyes were wide as he stared down five monsters at once, while Django had an almost causal grin of confidence on his face. His friends behind him were speechless at what just transpired.

Tempest managed to say, “P-Pendulum Summon? Django just… Pendulum Summoned?”

Jack asked, “Uh… Leo, care to explain what Pendulum Summoning is?”

Leo barely said, “I… I have no idea. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Cody choked, “I think D-Man just created another new summonin’ power. Last time he created Shinin’ Xyz Evolution, and now he created this… this Pendulum Summonin’ power. I… I’m just totally speechless.”

Kain quickly checked something, thinking, “Pendulum Summoning!? There’s no such thing! So why isn’t Django’s Infinity Disk reading an error!?” It dawned upon him, “Oh, no, don’t tell me that, just like that last Duel against Lucifer, he created a brand new power! First it was Chaos Numbers, then Shining Numbers, and now THIS!?”

Django stated, “I’m far from done, Kain! I activate the Spell: Nitro Unit! This can only be equipped to an opposing monster. While it grants no bonuses to your monster, it will grant something to mine. So I equip this card to your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!”

A large machine loaded with nitroglycerine was equipped to Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’s body.

“Next up, I activate the Spell: Union Attack! I choose one Attack Mode monster I control, then I add up the combined Attack Power of EVERY monster I control that’s in Attack Mode, and give it to the selected monster. The catch is that you won’t take any Battle Damage and the rest of my monsters cannot attack this turn. So I choose my Dark Magician! Draw out the power of every one of my monsters, my old friend!”

Dark Magician raised his staff into the air, causing glowing auras to form around the other monsters. The auras then started to feed into Dark Magician, giving him incredible strength, making his Attack Power skyrocket all the way up to 9500.

“Now, Dark Magician, destroy Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with your supercharged Dark Magic Attack!”

Dark Magician fired a massive bolt of dark energy at Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, creating a powerful recoil that could be felt by everyone in the area. The attack struck Ultimate Dragon, causing it to roar in pain before it shattered into nothingness, leaving Kain horrified at what was next.

“Now for the final step. When a monster equipped with Nitro Unit is destroyed, you take damage equal to that monster’s Attack Points. It’s over, Kain!”

The Nitro Unit appeared from the Graveyard Portal before erupting in a massive, fiery explosion. Kain was blown off his feet, too stunned to even scream as he crashed in a heap on the ground, his Life Points dropping down to zero. The Augmented Reality vanished, taking every one of Django’s monsters with it.

Django simply said, “Game, set, and match. I win.”

There was a deadly silence in the stadium, but then it erupted in cheers, applause, and excitement, the crowd going wild. People were on their feet in excitement, cheering their hearts out at the sudden events. Tempest, Cody, Jack, Leo, and Fiona were still stunned, but they started to cheer as well, quickly swarming around Django, congratulating him.

Kain managed to say, “How!? How did he do that!? I was so close, too, but he managed to find a way out of defeat again! What else is Django capable of!?”

Stewart, who was quiet all throughout the whole events, managed to say, “And that’s all folks! The Duel has come to an explosive conclusion! The winner, and still World Champ, is Django Spirit!”

Cody said excitedly, “Django! How did you do it!? You created a brand new summonin’ power again! Just like that Duel with Lucifer, you created a totally new power! Amazin’, buddy, just amazin’!”

Jack exclaimed, “I can’t believe you summoned four monsters at the same time! That was totally awesome!”

Tempest hugged Django around the neck, “You are simply amazing, sweetie. Not only did you just create the Shining Numbers last time, but now this new Pendulum Summoning! I don’t know how you do it, but you are simply amazing.”

The twins said in unison, “That Pendulum Summoning was the coolest thing ever! You rock, Django!”

Django said sheepishly, “Yeah, well… I guess I’m just full of surprises.” He, however, said silently, “Still, how did I do that? Did my willpower resonate with my Spirit Crest again? Or is there more to it than that? All I know is, once again, I created a brand new power never seen before. I wonder what else I’m capable of. All I know is… I now have a new weapon against Lucifer and Number 96. And I know it’ll serve me well, this new Pendulum Summoning. I just hope I can master it quickly enough.”

Next Chapter: Lionheart’s Cry
Birth of Pendulum
Some time has passed since Django and Kain Duel Lucifer. Things have been quiet for a while. Django gets a challenge request from Kain, and who is he to turn it down? Especially in a sold-out arena. Despite pulling out new and old tricks, Django gets back into a corner. However, it would appear that Django is full of surprises and gives birth to a brand new power. How will this affect future battles? And will Django be able to master it before Lucifer makes his next move?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Shining Hope

The thee-way Duel was reaching its peak. A still berserk Django had Dark Magician (2500/2000) equipped with Gagagashield, Legendary Knight Timaeus (2800/1800), four face-down cards, and 1600 Life Points left. Kain had a face-down Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Dragon’s Rage active, two face-down cards, and 2400 Life Points left. Lucifer, on the other hand, had Number 14: Greedy Sarameya (2500/1500) equipped with both Call of the Haunted and Intrigue Shield, Swords of Concealing Light, one face-down card, and 5900 Life Points left.

Cody said worriedly, “This is bad. Not only does Lucifer have more Life Points that both Kain and D-Man combined, but Django has lost his mind to his inner rage. If this keeps up, then Lucifer will get what he wants, and the whole world will be at his mercy.”

Fiona added, “I’m more worried about Django right now. I don’t know what’s happened to him. He’s now blinded by rage, loathing, and anger, making him reckless and uncaring. Why is he like this? It’s like he’s a completely different person now. I… I hope we can recover the real Django soon before he destroys himself.”

Tempest nodded, “You and me both, Fiona. I knew that Django was unstable emotionally, but this is worse than I imagined. Because of those cheap shots at his family, he’s emotions have made him enter some sort of berserker state. This berserker state, however, scares me more than anything. It makes me wonder if this is all of Django’s bottled up hatred and anger for what Lucifer did to him and his beloved family. I know he’s worked hard to keep personal reasons out of his mission, but I guess deep down he hates Lucifer with every fiber of his being. But like you, I want the real Django back, not this berserk, uncaring monster. He didn’t even flinch when Utopia Ray Victory was destroyed, and Utopia is one of his most trusted monsters, which is a complete change from his usual attitude.”

Leo added, “Well, on the bright side, Django still does protect his monsters, albeit in a more aggressive manner. Although it was a reckless attack, that Gagagashield has kept Dark Magician safe from harm, and Impenetrable Attack did protect Legendary Knight Timaeus from destruction, so I think, at least subconsciously, the real Django still influences any moves he makes. But you’re right about one thing, if we don’t get the real Django back soon, this blind rage and thirst for blood may destroy him.”

Lucifer sneered while thinking, “This is almost too perfect. Django is lost in his blind rage and hatred, making reckless moves and attacking on impulse, which makes it easier to counter him. Likewise, I have Kain pinned down with my Swords of Concealing Light, and I’ve managed to counter move after move due to his aggression and arrogance. Top it off; I have the most Life Points and the best strategy to finish them off for good. I just need a little more time to put the last pieces of my plan into motion, and soon it’ll be bye-bye Django and hello godhood.”

Django snarled at Kain, “Hurry up and make your move, Kain! I don’t have all eternity, so draw your next card and let’s get on with it!”

Kain snapped back, “Shut it, Django! You chewed me out for recklessness, and now, thanks to you, Lucifer is way in the lead! If we lose, it’ll be on YOUR head! So be quiet!” He turned back to the Duel, “It’s my turn, I Draw!” He, however, said silently, “I still can’t do too much, thanks to Lucifer’s Swords of Concealing Light. But luckily they’ll expire at the start of his next turn, so then I’ll be free to wipe him out, with or without Django’s help. So I’ll prepare myself for that moment.” He said aloud, “I place two cards face-down on the field to end my turn. Your move, Lucifer.”

Lucifer snickered, “Gladly, Kain. I Draw! And you know what that means. My good friend Marie the Fallen One gives me yet another boost in the Life Point department.”

Marie appeared from the Graveyard Portal, blew even more sparkles upon Lucifer, making him grin as his Life Points jumped up by another 200 to 6100.

“Next up, Django’s Lightforce Sword wears off now, so Barian’s Force returns to my hand.”

The Lightforce Sword vanished, allowing him to retrieve the card that it pinned down.

“And, as you’re probably aware, my Swords of Concealing Light also expire, so your free Kain… for now.”

The black swords vanished from Kain’s side of the field, making him grin.

“Now then, with all the Standby Phase stuff done, I activate this Spell: Pot of Dichotomy! By returning three monsters to my deck or Extra Deck with different types, I can draw two more cards. The catch is I cannot conduct my Battle Phase this turn. But that’s a small price to pay, so I return three of my monsters, including my Neo Tachyon Dragon, back to their rightful places, then I draw two cards.”

He returned two cards to his deck and one to his Extra Deck, shuffled, and drew two more cards. He looked at them before activating one of them.

“I activate the Spell: Cup of Ace. I flip a coin and if it’s heads I draw two more cards, but if it’s tails my opponent draws two cards. With my infinite good luck, however, that should be no problem. So here I go. Come to papa!”

He flipped a large coin, which seemed to float a bit in the air before coming back down, landing on heads.

He sneered, “See? What did I tell you? Now I get to draw two more cards.” He drew two cards, looked at them, and gained a sinister grin, “It’s all over for you guys. First off, I activate the Spell: Monster Reborn, to revive my Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon! So come back my mighty beast! But to make things even more interesting, I activate the Trap: Spell Reclamation! By discarding a card from my hand, I can chain this card to a Spell, so when it’s sent to the Graveyard, the Spell returns to my hand, no questions asked. So not only will I get my dragon back, but Monster Reborn as well!”

After discarding a card, not only did Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (3000/2500) reappear from the Graveyard Portal, just as menacing as always, Monster Reborn returned from the Graveyard and back into Lucifer’s hand. He then took another card from his hand.

“First off, before anything else happens, I think I’ll bring out my ultimate creature. I play the Spell: Rank-Up-Magic Barian’s Force! I rebuild the Overlay Network with my Rank Eight Tachyon Dragon! Go Chaos Xyz Evolution! I summon Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon!”

Tachyon Dragon returned to its sealed form and entered the Overlay Network, which erupted with power. The chained Barian Gate burst open, releasing a flood of power. Before long, Neo Tachyon Dragon’s sealed form appeared, which quickly unfolded into the monstrosity known as Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (4500/3000).

He took another card from his hand, “This’ll hurt you fools big time. I activate the Spell: Heavy Storm! This destroys all Spell and Traps on the field! So say goodbye to all your Spells and Traps, you dingdongs!”

Django countered, “Not so fast, Lucifer, I activate the Trap: Xyz Reborn! This allows me to revive an Xyz Monster from my Graveyard and attach this Trap to it as an Overlay Unit! So I bring back Number 39: Utopia. So you won’t get all of our cards, you vile creature!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up again, allowing Utopia (2500/2000) to emerge from it. The Trap then transformed into an Overlay Unit, orbiting the newly-revived Utopia.

Lucifer stated, “But I can still get rid of all your other cards! Heavy Storm, blow their cards and them out of the water!”

A massive wind storm rampaged all over the field, destroying all Spells and Traps, including Call of the Haunted, which destroyed Greedy Sarameya in the process.

Nicholas smirked, “Bad move, Lucifer! Your Spell destroyed your own Traps, including Call of the Haunted. So that destroyed your Greedy Sarameya as well! You just destroyed your own monster.”

Jack said to him, “Don’t be so sure, Nicholas. Even though that Spell did destroy Greedy Sarameya in the process, he recovered Monster Reborn earlier, so he can use it to bring back Greedy Sarameya without any restrictions.”

Lucifer grinned, “For a guy who doesn’t play, for once, you’re right about that. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. So I play Monster Reborn to revive Greedy Sarameya in Attack Mode!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up again, allowing Greedy Sarameya (2500/1500) to jump out and join its fellow Number.

“Since I cannot conduct my Battle Phase this turn, I’ll just leave it at that. Now come at me, Django. Show me your so-called power. Crush me, I dare you.”

Django laughed diabolically, “Oh, I will, Lucifer. Just you wait and see! It’s my turn, I Draw!”

Dark Magician turned to him, “Django, please, snap out of it! This isn’t like you! You’re gonna destroy yourself if you stay like this! Please, come to your senses!”

Django snapped, “Be quiet! I’ll do what I want! Now I shall…” but was cut off.

Dark Magician called out, “What would your parents think of this!?”

This stopped Django dead in his tracks. His glowing eyes widened, his body frozen, and his mind was stunned.

He slowly said, “My… my parents…”

The dark mage nodded, “That’s right, Django, your beloved parents. Would they want their son to drown in a sea of rage, loathing, and anger? Would they want to see you destroy yourself in an attempt to destroy Lucifer? Please, remember what you’re fighting for, Django, for the sake of your friends and family, and for your sake.”

Django lowered his arm, tilted his head down, and began to quiver. The flaming aura around him started to fade, his eyes slowly started to return to normal, and his hair stopped flowing.

He said to himself, “What… what was I doing? What got into me? My family wouldn’t want me to be like this. I was so consumed by my hatred and rage that… that I…”

A single tear leaked out of his normalizing eyes, which fell onto the Spirit Crest. It then released a massive amount of light and energy, surprising everyone. At the same time, his headband and gold ring started to release just as much light, forcing everyone to shield their eyes.

A voice said, “Don’t give up, Django, but don’t give up on who you are.”

Two small orbs of light emerged from his headband and gold ring, floating before him. They started to take form, revealing themselves to be Astral and Elna.

Django looked up at them, “Mom? Dad? Is that really you?”

Astral nodded, “That’s right, son, it’s us.”

Elna said, “You had us worried for a bit there, my son.”

Lucifer choked, “It… it can’t be!? Not Astral and Elna! I ended you two years ago! How can you be here!?”

Astral turned to Lucifer, eyes narrowing dangerously, “Our spirits live on in Django’s headband and gold ring, as they were our trademark items years ago. And don’t think it’s that easy to get rid of a Spirit. You may have destroyed our bodies, but not our souls. We Spirits are strong, we never give up, and we’ll always prevail against your treacherous Bloodlust family. You may have caught us off-guard, but you failed to kill the one Spirit that can destroy everything you have worked for, Lucifer.”

Elna added, “That’s right. The Spirit family can never be destroyed for good. The Bloodlust family, however, will not be as fortunate. Our son will put an end to your madness, along with the wonderful friends he has made. You may have temporarily blinded him, but that’s all about to change. Django has powers far greater than you could ever imagine. So we promise this, Lucifer, you will fail, and the world will never fall into your hands.”

Astral turned to Dark Magician, “Good work, old friend, for everything you have done. The job isn’t finished yet, but you have been an invaluable asset to the Spirit family’s mission.”

Dark Magician replied sheepishly, “I do what I can.”

Astral turned back to Django, “Son, you have the power to give birth to miracles. Don’t ever forget who you really are. Now show this Bloodlust trash why a Spirit like yourself will forever be superior to him!”

Django nodded, tears in his eyes, “Yes, dad, I will, I promise.”

Just then, the Spirit Crest started to light up again, releasing a large amount of energy. This, in turn, caused Django’s deck holder to glow. It snapped open, and among all the Numbers, a glowing card could be seen. Django reached into his deck holder and pulled it out, allowing the card to take form. His eyes widened as he looked the card over, then he gained a large grin.

He stated, “Lucifer, prepare yourself, as I my power has just given birth to a whole new evolution. So prepare to lose it all, you vile Bloodlust. Time to put you back in your place.”

Lucifer stated, “You lie! Your powers are feeble compared to mine! There is no way you could’ve done something like that!”

“On the contrary. My powers gave birth to the first Chaos Number in existence: Utopia Ray. Then it transformed a Limited Barian’s Force into Numeron Force. And now the card I hold will show you another power that I have given birth to! So it’s time to say goodbye, Lucifer, as you’re through!”

The twins cheered, “Django’s back and better than ever!”

Cody grinned confidently, “Oh, yeah, baby, now we’re talkin’! Put that creep six feet under, buddy!”

Jack punched the air, “I smell a comeback! Show Lucifer whose boss, buddy! Crush him!”

Tempest called out, tears in her eyes, “We believe in you, Django, as we always have! So take him down! Show him your new power!”

Another tear leaked out of Django’s eye, smiling, “Thank you everyone. I won’t fail.” He turned back to the Duel, “Lucifer, I’m about to blast you into next week! First off, I activate the effect of Xyz Agent from my Graveyard! Once per Duel, I can target a Utopia monster I control and equip Xyz Agent to it as an Overlay Unit! So I’m gonna do just that!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing a new monster to appear. Xyz Agent looked like a chibi-style secret agent wearing a black suit and carrying a large suitcase. He was a Level Two monster with stats of 900/300. He then transformed into an orb of light that started to orbit Utopia.

“Now for the fun part! I rebuild the Overlay Network with my Utopia! Go, Shining Xyz Evolution!”


Django smirked, “There is now, Lucifer. I just created it! And just like Chaos Xyz Evolution, this power will bring for a new type of Number: the Shining Numbers! So prepare to face a new force, one that you cannot prepare for!”

Utopia returned to his sealed for and entered a golden galaxy-style Overlay Network. It erupted with new found power.

“Appear Shining Number 39: Utopia Prime!”

A new monster appeared from the Overlay Network. Lucifer could only watch in horror as the new Utopia was born. Shining Number 39: Utopia Prime looked very similar to Utopia. However, instead of the mechanical angel-like wings, he instead had eight free-floating, elongated gold and white diamonds behind him, four on each side. His armor was also sleeker yet sturdier, gold in color. His head was sleeker as well, shaped somewhat like a teardrop, with glowing red eyes, a more defined face, a pointed chin, and a crest-like structure on his forehead. In his right hand was a massive double-edged sword, along with a single shoulder plate with the number “39” on it that was shaped similar to Utopia Ray’s, and two three yellow orbs of light orbiting him. He was a Rank Four monster with stats of 2510/2000.

Cody was in total awe, “Amazin’! Django has created a whole new summoning! Shinin’ Xyz Evolution, along with the new Shinin’ Numbers! And that Utopia Prime looks like he’s gonna clean house! Go do it, buddy!”

Lucifer sputtered, “I did not see this transpiring! Nevertheless, your new Shining Number only has 10 more Attack Points than regular Utopia, so summoning him was pointless!”

Django stated strongly, “Not quite, Lucifer! I activate Utopia Prime’s ability! When your Life Points are 3000 or more than mine, I can use three Overlay Units, then pay Life Points until I only have 10 left. This, in turn, enables me to destroy and banish all Specially Summoned monsters on your side of the field, dealing you 300 points of damage for each!”

Lucifer choked, “W-WHAT!? You can do THAT?! But that means…!”

“That’s right, it’s over! So, go, Utopia Prime! Use all of your Overlay Units and I give up all but 10 of my Life Points to help me rid the field of Lucifer’s monsters!”

Utopia Prime absorbed all three of his Overlay Units, glowing with a bright light. Then Django’s Life Points dropped all the way down to 10. This, in turn, allowed Utopia Prime to give his mighty sword a swing, sending a massive shockwave that destroyed Neo Tachyon Dragon and Greedy Sarameya. The shockwave then struck Lucifer, causing him to cry out in pain as his Life Points dropped by 600 to 5500.

He sputtered, “I’m wide open to an attack! I can’t lose! Not again!”

Django roared, “It’s over, Lucifer! Dark Magician, attack Lucifer’s Life Points directly!”

Dark Magician nodded, “With pleasure!”

He charged in, staff held high, took aim, and fired a powerful bolt of dark energy at Lucifer. It struck him with a vengeance, ripping out 2500 Life Points, reducing him down to 3000, along with making him skid back a fair distance.

“Now, Legendary Knight Timaeus, you take a swing at him with Sword of Justice!”

Timaeus stated, “I will more than gladly do so! Take this, Bloodlust scum!”

He then lunged at Lucifer, sword held high, before swinging it down upon the evil Psykinox. Lucifer was thrown back even more, crashing close to the edge of the aircraft carrier they were on, his Life Points dropping by another 2800 down to 200.

“It’s over, Lucifer! Utopia Prime, finish him off with Rising Sun Shining Slash! Send him back to the pits of Hell!”

Utopia Prime charged in, sword held high, before slamming it down. Lucifer screamed in agony and fury as he was thrown into the air, his Life Points dropping down to zero. He bounced once and fell right off the edge of the aircraft carrier.

Kain huffed, “Well let’s hope that’s the end of him.”

A voice stated, “Not if I can help it!”

A black bolt of energy charged down after Lucifer, vanished from sight, but then returned, revealing itself to be Number 96, who was carrying a defeated Lucifer.

Django snarled, “Number 96! Have you been here all this time!?”

Kain said silently, “So, this is the famous Number 96, the one Number that Django has no control over, along with being Lucifer’s spawn. I can see the resemblance.”

Number 96 stated, “I decided to show up and see for myself your destruction. But it looks like I’ll have to wait for another time.”

Suddenly, the entire Sargasso pocket dimension started to shake. Then bolts of energy flew wildly around, striking random things, causing several explosions.

Nicholas sputtered, “W-What’s happening!?”

Lucifer grinned, “Thanks to all that special energy Django released, including that Shining Xyz Evolution, this whole pocket dimension has become unstable. It’ll collapse on itself, taking everything and everyone with it.”

Jack choked, “You mean this place is about to self-destruct!? We have to get out of here!”

Number 96 grinned, “But you can’t, can you? The only way out is through a Psykinox Warp Gate, and Django, being the only Psykinox in your group, has yet to use one even once. So it looks like you’ll all be destroyed here and now. Shame we can’t watch, but that’s how it goes. Let’s go, Lucifer.”

Lucifer nodded, grinning, “Goodbye, Django. Enjoy your last moments in life, as you’re about to go out with a bang!”

A Psykinox Warp Gate opened up behind the two evil beings, allowing them to escape. The pocket dimension started to shake violently, more bolts of energy rampaged about, and more chunks of debris and various aircraft carriers started to explode.

Leo stated, “We have to find a way out of here, and fast, or we’re all done for!”

Django said silently, “I have to get us out if here. It’s my fault this place is about to go supernova, so I have to do something. I have to, to make up for the transgressions I performed in that Duel!”

He gave a fierce roar, his eye glowing brightly, held out his hand, and suddenly a Psykinox Warp Gate appeared.

Tempest’s eyes were wide, “No way! Django managed to open a Psykinox Warp Gate! Now’s our chance! Everyone, head for that Warp Gate, quickly!”

Everyone bolted from their spots, making a beeline for the Warp Gate. One by one, they entered it, with Django entering last. The gate then closed up just moments before the entire dimension started to collapse completely. A few seconds later, back in Cyber City, the other end of the Warp Gate opened up, allowing everyone to scramble out of it. The gate closed after Django emerged from it, everyone panting, but intact.

Fiona gasped, “We… barely made it out… of that one…”

Cody nodded, “Yeah… that was a close one… but D-Man managed to open up a Psykinox Warp Gate… just in time…”

Jack turned to Django, “How did you do that? You’ve never used one before, so how did you suddenly summon one?”

Django replied sheepishly, “I just… kinda did. I wanted to protect everyone, and I just kinda… opened through instinct. I also wanted to make up for my performance in that Duel. When I went berserk and all. I’m just glad we’re all okay.”

Tempest suggested, “Maybe you can use one now because you reached full maturity? You did just have your 21st birthday a few weeks ago, so maybe, even though you’ve never used one before, now that your powers are mature, you can use them. I know Psykinoxes like Chronos can use them, but he’s had training, so that gives him a slight edge. But if I had to guess, because your powers are mature, you can use Psykinox Warp Gates now.”

“I guess that makes sense. I’ll probably need to practice with them so I can call them at will, but at least I know now that I have the ability to do so. Sure did come in handy now.” He then turned to Kain, taking something out of his cyber pack, “Here, Kain, take this special Nano-Core I made. It’s specially designed for psychic damage. You’ll need it, trust me, as psychic damage isn’t easy to endure.”

Kain took the large capsule with the glowing energy sphere in it, “Hmph, it’s the least you can do for what you did in that Duel. But I do appreciate that you limited the damage I would take, as I can now see how dangerous Psychic Duels are. So next time, try not to do something that stupid again.”

Cody snapped, “Watch it, rich boy! Django saved all of our hides back there, and that’s the thanks he gets!? Why I oughta rearrange yer face!”

Django stated, “Cody, calm down. For once, Kain is right; I did act badly in that Duel. Even though Lucifer provoked it, I still let my emotions and inner feelings go out of control, causing many problems. So, for once, I agree with Kain, I did cause a fair few problems in my blind aggression. But as they say, live and learn, so I know now what to expect and not let it happen again.” He turned back to Kain, “Anyway, Kain, that Number is yours to keep. You proved worthy to wield it, and it has completely accepted you as its new master. Just don’t abuse it or I’ll take it right back. But you’ll need it in the fight ahead.”

Kain smirked, “I had no intention of handing it over, anyway, but I’m glad you finally realized that I have perfect chemistry with a Number. Now I have three mighty dragons to crush you with, so be prepared, Django, for the next time we Duel, I’ll defeat you once and for all.”

The inventor rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Just keep your wits about you, Kain, as Lucifer will soon find out we escaped with our lives, so he’ll come looking to finish the job. So stay alert, or the next time you tango with Lucifer may be your last. And one last thing, expect a package from me in the mail in the next week. It’ll contain something that I know you’ll like. I won’t reveal what it is, but let’s just say it’ll up your game quite a bit.”

Kain gave a rough smile, “Music to my ears, as I’m always looking for more way to crush the competition. Let’s go, Nicholas, we’ve wasted enough time with the geek patrol, time to head back.”

The Kannon brothers walked away, leaving the Legendary Number Hunters alone. Django then turned to his friends.

He said, “I’m sorry, guys, for what happened. I can’t believe I let myself go like that. I totally lost it, and my aggressions and recklessness could’ve ended us all. Please forgive me.”

Leo said, “There’s nothing to forgive, Django. Your anger is understandable, as Lucifer robbed you of all that mattered to you in his attempt to gain ultimate power. It wasn’t your fault, so don’t beat yourself up.”

Suddenly, the Spirit Crest lit up, and the original Astral appeared.

He stated, “Your young friend is right, Django. What happened in that Duel was not your fault. I can tell you think you tarnished the Spirit family name, but, in fact, you did the exact opposite. Because you restored Timaeus to his original form, as well as gave birth to a whole new power, you have, in fact, further enhanced the Spirit name to new heights. And I predict you’ll do even more. You have unfathomable power deep within you, Django, the most I’ve seen in a Spirit since I was alive. I know that one day you’ll surpass me in every way. Know that, no matter what, you can never tarnish our noble family name. Everything you do just further proves the true power of our great and powerful family. Lucifer has got nothing on you. The war may have yet to be won, but you and your friends have secured several victories in it, which will prove to be invaluable as time goes on. Soon, the war between the Spirits and Bloodlusts will end, and I know it’ll be you who will deliver the final blow. So stay strong, Django, and know that the all the Spirits, past and present, are behind you.”

With a flurry of silver sparkles, Astral vanished, returning to the Spirit Crest, causing it to glow briefly. A single tear leaked out of Django’s eye before he turned to the gang.

He said, “While we still have many battles ahead of us, as long as we fight together, then Lucifer will fall. Are you with me?”

The gang cheered in unison, “Yeah!”

He said silently, “I must be the luckiest guy alive to have such great friends. Mom, dad, I hope you’re still watching, as I intend to end this war and bring a new unity to this world. I hope I can make you proud.”

Deep within the cosmos, the Numeron Dragon’s comet continued its path to Earth, seemingly sensing the newfound hope. At the same time, two stars twinkled brightly, also responding to that same hope.

Next Chapter: Birth of Pendulum

End of Chaos Control
Shining Hope
This is it, the final chapter of Chaos Control. The Duel between Django, Kain, and Lucifer reaches its conclusion. And in the process, Django gives birth to a brand new power. He also unlocks more of his natural powers in the process. How will this affect future battles? The battle is over, but the war has yet to be won.

And what does that next chapter title suggest? Can you guess? If not, you'll just have to wait and see.
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Okay, so that didn't quite go as planned. While I did get about a day off, that was mostly because I had a migraine, so I spent most of yesterday in bed or just sitting quietly in a darkish room. But my ideas keep nagging me no matter what, even when I'm trying to go to bed. No wonder I had chronic insomnia for a time, as my overly active imagination can cost me sleep at times. But anyway, enough of that.

While I'm trying not to push it, taking more breaks in-between chapters, I guess it's safe to say that Hidden Forces will proceed sooner than planned. Curse my creativity: there are times it kicks into overdrive, and yet there are times it just drops dead for a while. As if I don't have enough confusing facts about my life, but let's not get into that. Let's get back on track.

This may be a spoiler-ish situation, but Hidden Forces will not only host the Cyber Clash Battle City Tournament (the main event of Season 3), but I will also be dabbling a bit more into the other characters' pasts and natures, notably Django and Tempest (Chapter 3's title should give you a clue on that). This was actually a smart idea to break up Season 3 into two separate ones: Hidden Forces + Divine Might, as it allows me more time to flesh out the characters, both mine and fan-made. I'll give you a few "spoilers" about the next few chapters, so unless you want to stay surprised, don't read any further.

*Spoilers start here*
  • Tempest will reveal more about what happened to her back home during another date, as well as show off another "skill" she has.
  • The reason behind Django's fear of insects will be revealed, as well as a brief blast from his orphanage days.
  • A ruined enemy who "gifted" Django his criminal marker will try to steal Spirit Tech from him with illegal tactics and technology.
  • Jade's heart operation is about to take place, prompting Cody to be there for her, but he runs into unexpected trouble on the way.
*Spoilers end here*

Okay, that should sum it up for now. I'll probably start Chapter 3 in a day or two so not to overwork myself and adjust to changing weather (something that I'm not good at, mainly thanks to my migraines and allergies). So that's all for now. Later all, and stay awesome.


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