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Walking Throne WIP 2 by C-Puff
by C-Puff

I must say, this is extremely good. It really catches the scene during "Tools of Destruction" well. Tachyon looked positively livid at ...


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I didn't mention it here, but we've been having water problems all month. First a water main break, followed by a massive house fire that reduced the water pressure all over town to non-existent levels. Then, the icing on the cake, our pump house (a small shed on our street that manages our water pressure and supply) had several pipes burst due to the sudden change in pressure. So we've had quite the runaround with water-related problems, including bathroom troubles (let's not go there right now). Now, thankfully, it's back in order (though we're under a boil water warning until tomorrow, just to be on the safe side), but at least we can use the bathroom now.

Okay, enough of that conversation, let's move onto what most of you want out of me: stories. I know it's been over a week since I last submitted a chapter. I've actually got the next chapter (Mind Over Manners) started, but due to all the chaos here, as well as other factors (namely hot temperatures and searching for a new dog to adopt), I haven't gotten very far in it. So I've been spending most of my free time either trying to stay cool or working on Duel Scripts (or bare-bones Duel outlines on how it'll play out, along with certain events mentioned, such as wagered cards, "special" Dueling fields, etc). I will say this, the next Duel will be a Cody-focused one, and it'll be a two-chapter Duel due to the number of turns and "events" that take place. Luckily, I've already mapped out how that Duel will go, so it's just a matter of writing the dialog and such. So hopefully, if no more "distractions" come into play, I should get back to it on Saturday, maybe even have it up later that day (I can't Friday due to errands and plans). So just hang tight and the next chapter will be on the air soon.

That's all for now.
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Monarch Madness

Django and Tempest were walking down the street together, looking for any possible opponents. The Wind Mistress seemed particularly eager to find an opponent to Duel.

She stated eagerly, “I have to find a good opponent to Duel against. Seeing you shut down that Shadow Stalker got me pumped. And besides, if Lucifer’s minions are running around, we need to prepare for them, as who knows when they’ll strike next.”

Django chuckled, “Even so, Tempest, you seem particularly eager to Duel. I take it’s because this is your first tournament?”

She nodded, “Yes, and I want to do well. I want to put all the training you’ve given me, along with all the experience I’ve gained, to the test. I plan to go to the top, even though that means I’ll have to face you eventually. Besides, I need new opponents. I can’t keep kicking Vanessa’s sorry backside all the time, as she’s become almost too easy. How she and Roger got into the tournament still astonishes me. But I need to find a good, challenging opponent so I can really test my skills.”

Django looked ahead, “Looks like you won’t have long to wait. There’s a Duel going on up ahead. So put on your Duel Gazer and let’s check it out.”

The two jogged up to a large crowd that had formed, donning their Duel Gazers in the process. They managed to work their way through the crowd to see the Duel taking place. Judging by the looks of it, the Duel was just about over. On one Duelist’s field was a menacing monster that resembled Caius the Shadow Monarch, only larger, fiercer, and stronger, along with another Monarch that was large and bulky, with massive gorilla-like stone arms, a small head, bulky torso, and two curved structures on its shoulders, along with no face-down cards, and 3400 Life Points left. The first Monarch was a Level Eight monster with stats of 2800/1000 while the second one was a Level Six monster with stats of 2400/1000. The opponent, on the other hand, had only a Beaver Warrior (1200/1500) in Defense Mode, no Spells or Traps, and only 1200 Life Points left.

Django said, “That’s Caius the Mega Monarch and Granmarg the Rock Monarch. Looks like this guy runs a Monarch deck. That poor kid he’s facing is in for a brutal beating.”

Tempest turned to Django, “Monarchs? Haven’t we seen some before? And what’s their play style?”

He turned to her, “Monarchs rely on Tribute Summoning to trigger their effects, except for Kuraz and Delg, who can activate their effects no matter how they’re summoned. As for ones we’ve seen, we’ve only seen a handful of them in past Duels. Roger uses Caius the Shadow Monarch, and you own a Raiza the Storm Monarch, which you just added to your deck not too long ago. Their play style is very aggressive, matching their high power and versatile effects. However, those effects can backfire at times, and they do have drawbacks, as no monster is without weakness.”

The owner of the Monarch monsters, who was a young adult male with black spiky hair, green eyes, and a smug expression on his face, stated, “Your Dueling career is just about over. You never stood a chance against me and my Monarch monsters. I’m surprised you were ever able to make it into the tournament with such a lame deck. I already destroyed your best monsters, Serpent Night Dragon and Firewing Pegasus, and now it’s time to destroy your last line of defense. Granmarg, destroy his pathetic excused for a rodent!”

Granmarg stomped over to Beaver Warrior, raised up a massive fist, and slammed it down, flattening the rodent, eliminating it from the field.

“Now to finish you off. Caius the Mega Monarch, attack his Life Points directly! End this Duel now!”

Caius charged up an orb of dark energy and fired it at the opponent. The attack knocked the kid off his feet, crashing in a heap on the ground, his Life Points dropping down to zero. A “Win” screen, showing the Monarch Duelist, appeared briefly, before the Augmented Reality vanished.

The young man stated, “Hah! No one can beat Ryan Regal! I’m the King of all Monarchs, and the Ruler of the Duel! No one can defeat me! Now hand over your Serpent Night Dragon and a Star Piece. You won’t need either now.”

The kid reluctantly handed over his Serpent Night Dragon and a Star Piece, asking, “You will take good care of my dragon?”

Ryan looked at the card and huffed, “Your dragon doesn’t deserve a slot in my deck, but a trophy is a trophy, so I’ll find some use for it. Maybe as a coaster for my drink.” He then turned to the crowd, “Who is next? Who wants to test their luck against my mighty Monarchs?”

Tempest thought angrily, “Beating the guy is one thing, but being so cruel as to mock him, treat his card like it’s trash, AND have the gall to act so high-and-mighty makes me sick. I’ll teach him a lesson.” She stated strongly, “You want an opponent? I’ll be your next opponent! But don’t think I’ll go down easily.”

Ryan looked at Tempest, thinking, “A chick? This’ll be my easiest win yet.” He stated smugly, “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, girl, but if you want to go down in flames, who am I to say no? Fine, let’s Duel!”

The kid turned to Tempest, “Girl, I think you should back down. This guy is brutal. He demolished me, and I barely put a dent in his Life Points. I suggest you back down now, if you want to stay in the tournament.”

Tempest huffed, “No chance, I never back down from a Duel. Besides, this guy needs to be taught a lesson. No one has the right to treat someone else’s card like it’s worthless trash, even if he did win it. And besides, I’m no slouch, either, so don’t count me out just yet.” She turned back to Ryan, “So do we have a deal? If I win, you hand over one of those Mega Monarchs, as I know you have more than just Caius. And if you win, I’ll hand over my Stardust Dragon.”

Ryan laughed, “Bring it on, girlie. You won’t stand a chance. Your Stardust Dragon is as good as mine. So let’s Duel!” However, he was shocked to see Tempest pull out her Infinity Disk, “Hold on! How did you get your hands on an Infinity Disk!? They’re not even out on the market yet.”

The Wind Mistress smirked, “Simple. My boyfriend, who is behind me, is Dr. Django Spirit, the creator of the Infinity Disk. I got one early because of him, as a Christmas gift. It pays to have good connections. But enough talk about technology, it’s time to put you in your place.”

The kid turned to Django, “Is this girl really as strong as she says she is? You’re her boyfriend, so you must know.”

Django replied, “She’s a tough cookie, no doubt. I trained her personally, though she is quite gifted with a deck to begin with. She’s got some pretty powerful skills, so this will be a good Duel. It’s starting.”

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

Both Duelists drew their starting hands, Life Points at 4000.

“Let’s Duel!”

Tempest touched her deck, “I think I’ll open up this party. I Draw!” She took another card from her hand, “I summon Lancer Lindwurm to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Lancer Lindwurm was a humanoid green dragon wearing gold and silver armor, had glowing eyes, sharp teeth and claws, large wings, and was holding a double-ended cone-like spear. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1800/1200.

“And I’ll place these two cards face-down on the field to end my turn. Your move, Ryan.”

Ryan laughed, “Hah! If that’s the best you’ve got, then this Duel is already over. I Draw!” He took a card from his hand, “I activate Berlines the Firestorm Vassal’s effect from my hand! By discarding one card, I can Special Summon it to the field, though this means I cannot summon from the Extra Deck this turn. So I discard this card to summon it to the field in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Berlines looked like an armored warrior wearing full-body silver armor, a blue cape on its back and around its waist, a raised collar, and a head that was fully encased in armor. It was a Level Three monster with stats of 800/1000.

“But wait, there’s more. I Tribute my Berlines in order to summon my Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch to the field in Attack Mode!”

Berlines vanished from the field, but was replaced by a new, more powerful monster. Thestalos was a larger, more menacing monster wearing full-body silver armor, with a blue cape around its waist, metal plates studded with spikes on its arms, and a small head encased in armor. It was a Level Six monster with stats of 2400/1000.

Ryan smirked, “I’ve got a double surprise for you, green girl. First off, since I Tribute Summoned Thestalos, its ability activates. I can force you to discard a card from your hand, and if it’s a monster, you take damage equal to that monster’s Level times 100. But that’s just the first part, as Berlines’ ability also activates! When it’s used for a Tribute Summon, I can look at your hand and banish a card from it until the End Phase. So I get to peek at your hand and remove a card from it. That’ll give my Thestalos a greater chance of taking out a monster in your hand.”

A projection of Tempest’s hand appeared, revealing her cards, much to her annoyance. They were revealed to be Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf, Chachaka Archer, and Cyber Shield.

Ryan stated, “Pretty sad hand. I force you to banish your Cyber Shield, not like it could help you much anyway. That means my Thestalos can’t miss!”

Tempest banished Cyber Shield from her hand, making her growl in annoyance.

“Now my Thestalos forces you to discard a card from your hand. So do it, my mighty Monarch!”

Thestalos fired a flaming beam at Tempest’s hand, striking a card. It was revealed to be Chachaka Archer, making her growl while Ryan smirked.

“Looks like I destroyed your Chachaka Archer, so that means you take 600 points of damage!”

The Wind Mistress narrowed her eyes as Chachaka Archer was absorbed into the Graveyard Portal, her Life Points dropping by 600 to 3400.

“Now my Thestalos! Roast her dragon with your flames!”

Thestalos fired another flaming beam at Lancer Lindwurm, incinerating it. Tempest flinched as her Life Points dropped by another 600 to 2800. However, she started to smile.

She grinned, “Thanks. By destroying my Lindwurm, you’ve activated my Trap! Go, Soul Rope! When a monster I control is destroyed, I can pay 1000 Life Points to summon a Level Four monster from my deck to replace it! So I think I’ll summon my Mecha Phantom Beast Harrliard to the field in Attack Mode!”

Her Life Points dropped by another 1000 to 1800, but this allowed her Infinity Disk to eject a card, which she played right away. Mecha Phantom Beast Harrliard was a tan fighter jet with the head of a mechanical male lion and claw-shaped boosters. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 1800/800.

Ryan huffed, “Whatever, not like your metal monster can match my Monarchs. So I place one card face-down to end my…” but was cut off.

Tempest smirked, “Your turn ends when I say it does, Ryan! So I activate my other Trap: Dust Tornado! This blows away one Spell or Trap on the field! So I think I’ll blast away that face-down card you just played. So say goodbye to it!”

A massive tornado formed on the field, slamming into the newly played face-down card, revealing it to be Call of the Haunted before it was destroyed. This annoyed Ryan quite a bit.

He growled, “You blew away my Call of the Haunted. I was planning to use that to revive my Vassal in order to get rid of another card in your hand on my next turn. You’ll pay for that, girl.”

Tempest replied, “Hot under the collar because I destroyed your strategy? Tough break. And speaking of breaks, now that your turn is over, my Cyber Shield returns to my hand.”

Cyber Shield returned to her hand, making her grin.

“Now, it’s my turn, I Draw!” She looked at her card before playing it, “I activate my Pot of Greed. This allows me to draw two cards from my deck.” She drew two cards, looked at them, smiling, before playing a different card, “I summon my Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf to the field in Attack Mode!”

Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf (1700/1200) appeared on the field, hovering next to its fellow Mecha Phantom Beast.

“There’s more. When my Tetherwolf is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Mecha Phantom Beast Token to the field! So I’ll summon it in Defense Mode!”

A translucent token version of Tetherwolf (0/0) appeared on the field, angling itself slightly downward to show it was defending.

“But wait, there’s more. Both my Tetherwolf’s and Harrliard’s ability activates! When I have at least one Mecha Phantom Beast Token on my field, then my other Mecha Phantom Beasts gain Levels equal to the total Levels of all my Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens. My only token is a Level Three monster, so that means both Tetherwolf and Harrliard gain three Levels.”

The stars representing both Tetherwolf’s and Harrliard’s Levels changed from four to seven.

“Now I Overlay my two Level Seven Mecha Phantom Beasts! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in Attack Mode!”

Both Tetherwolf and Harrliard became green orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the red spiral Overlay Network. Out emerged Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack (2600/2200), ready for battle.

Tempest smirked, “But I’m not done yet. I activate Dracossack’s ability! Once per turn, by using an Overlay Unit, I can summon two Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens to the field, and I’ll summon them in Defense Mode. Also, as long as I have at least one token on the field, my Dracossack cannot be destroyed in battle or by card effects. So I summon two more tokens to join my first token!”

Two translucent versions of Dracossack (0/0) appeared on the field, taking a defensive position.

“Now I activate Dracossack’s other ability! Once per turn, I can Tribute a Mecha Phantom Beast Token to destroy one card on your field. The catch is that Dracossack cannot attack this turn. But that’s no biggie for me. So I Tribute one of my tokens to destroy your Monarch monster!”

The token created by Tetherwolf was absorbed into Dracossack, which then caused Dracossack to aim now-visible cannons at Thestalos and fired. The blasts effortlessly destroyed Thestalos, leaving Ryan quite annoyed.

Tempest grinned, “I’m not done yet. I place two cards face-down on the field, and finally I activate my Mirage of Nightmare. That should do for now.”

Ryan growled, “About time. It’s my turn, I Draw!” but was cut off.

The Wind Mistress stated, “Now my Mirage of Nightmare activates! I can draw cards from my deck until I’m holding four cards, so I’ll do just that!” She drew four cards then returned her attention to the Duel, “Now I activate my face-down Spell: Emergency Provisions! I can send my Mirage of Nightmare, along with my face-down Cyber Shield, to the Graveyard, to gain 1000 Life Points each. So I send both those cards to the Graveyard to gain 2000 Life Points!”

Both Mirage of Nightmare and her face-down Cyber Shield vanished from the field. This, in turn, caused several sparkles to rain down upon her, her Life Points increasing by 2000 to 3800.

Ryan huffed, “You can gain all the Life Points you want, I’ll still wipe them out. Now, back to the Duel. I activate my own Pot of Greed. Now I can draw two more cards from my deck.” He drew two cards, looked at them, and gained a grin, “You’re in for it now, green girl. I activate the Spell: Fiend’s Sanctuary! This allows me to summon a Metal Fiend Token to the field!”

A strange token monster appeared on the field. It looked like several connected metal orbs in a vague mannequin-shape. It was a Level One monster with stats of 0/0.

“But it won’t be around for long. I Tribute my Metal Fiend Token in order to summon my Raiza the Storm Monarch in Attack Mode!”

The Metal Fiend Token vanished from the field, but was replaced by a new monster. Like its fellow Monarchs, Raiza the Storm Monarch was garbed in full-body armor, light green in color, with a dark green cape and waist armor, a raised collar, and an armored head with a vague hawk shape. It was a Level Six monster with stats of 2400/1000.

Ryan smirked, “Your Dracossack may be protected from destruction as long as there’s a token on your field, but it doesn’t stop my Raiza’s ability. When it’s Tribute Summoned, I can return one card on the field to the top of the deck. Or, in this case, I can return your Dracossack back to your Extra Deck! So do it, Raiza! Send her Dracossack back to the Extra Deck with your mighty winds!”

Raiza summoned a massive windstorm that slammed into Dracossack. Tempest could only watch as Dracossack vanished from the field.

“But I’m far from done! Now I activate the Spell: Double Summon! I can Normal Summon twice this turn. So I Tribute my Raiza the Storm Monarch in order to summon its evolved form, Raiza the Mega Monarch in Attack Mode! And, just so you know, I can Tribute Summon a Mega Monarch by Tributing a previously Tribute Summoned monster! So time for you to be blown away, girl!”

Raiza the Storm Monarch vanished from the field, but was replaced by a more powerful form. It was equipped with more defined green armor with a dark green cape on its back and around its waist, gold ribbons attached to its waist, large shoulder plates with a curved spike on each, a large curved band of metal on its back, and a dragon-shaped helmet. It was a Level Eight monster with stats of 2800/1000.

Ryan grinned darkly, “Now for the really fun part. When my Mega Monarch is Tribute Summoned, I can target one card on the field and one in either player’s Graveyards. The first target is returned to the top of the deck while the second target is added to its respective player’s hand. But since I Tribute Summoned my Raiza the Mega Monarch using a WIND monster, I can instead target two cards on the field. So I target both of your useless tokens and my Fiend’s Sanctuary in my Graveyard! Both of your tokens are blasted off the field, while my Fiend’s Sanctuary is returned to my hand. So say goodbye to your line of defense, leaving you wide open!”

Raiza summoned a massive windstorm that not only blew both Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens off the field, but forced the Graveyard Portal open. The winds then flew into the Portal, retrieved Fiend’s Sanctuary, and returned it to Ryan’s hand.

“Now my Mega Monarch, attack her directly!”

Raiza summoned another windstorm that crashed into Tempest. Using her own wind powers, she managed to anchor herself to the ground, though she skidded back a bit. She narrowed her eyes at Ryan’s smug look as her Life Points dropped by 2800 to 1000.

Ryan laughed, “Give it up, girl! You’re as good as done! My Monarchs cannot be defeated! It’s over! So just hand over your Stardust Dragon and end your misery.”

Tempest snarled, “Never! I won’t quit. Your Monarch may be powerful, but it’s far from indestructible. As long as I have at least one Life Point, I’m still in this. So don’t get your victory speech ready just yet, as I still have a chance.”

Ryan huffed, “You’re just prolonging your defeat, green girl. But fine, have it your way. I end my turn there. Let’s see if your bark has any bite to it.”

Tempest touched her deck, thinking, “I have to pull out a winner right now. Even the strongest monster in my hand can’t take down his Mega Monarch outright. I need the right card right now. Come on, Soul of the Deck, don’t fail me now.” She said aloud, “I Draw!” She looked at her new card and gained a large grin, “I told you I was still in this. The card I just drew can shut down your so-called all-mighty Mega Monarch and win me the Duel. But before I play this card, I have a few things to setup first. So let’s start with this. I activate Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms’ ability from my hand! By banishing two WIND and/or Dragon monster, I can Special Summon it, but it returns to my hand at your next End Phase. But this Duel will be over before then. So I banish my Lancer Lindwurm and Tetherwolf in order to summon it to the field in Attack Mode!”

Both Lancer Lindwurm and Tetherwolf vanished from the Graveyard, but this allowed a new monster to appear. Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms was a large and mighty dragon. Its body almost looked like it was composed of tightly packed swirling wind, with large wings, sharp claws, a long neck, and a bulky head with glowing yellow eyes. It was a Level Seven monster with stats of 2400/2200.

“But I’m far from done. Next up, I summon an old friend of mine to the field. My Harpie Channeler, and I put her in Attack Mode!”

Harpie Channeler (1400/1300) appeared on the field, giving a rippling cry as she did.

“Now, because I have a Dragon monster on my field, my Harpie Channeler’s Level changes to Level Seven, but don’t think that I’m going to Xyz Summon again. I have far grander plans for you.”

The stars representing Harpie Channeler’s Level changed from four to seven.

“Now I activate my Harpie Channeler’s ability! By discarding a Harpie card from my hand, I can Special Summon a Harpie monster from my deck in Defense Mode! So I discard my Harpie’s Pet Dragon in order to summon my favorite card, Harpie Queen, in Defense Mode!”

She discarded a card from her hand, but this caused her Infinity Disk to eject a card, which she played right away. Harpie Queen looked like her fellow Harpies. She was armed with sharp yellow talons for both hands and feet, large feathered wings attached to her arms, pale skin, pointed ears, long green hair in a ponytail with bangs hanging over her face, and was wearing a blue and green bodysuit. She took a kneeling pose, arms crossed in front of her. She was a Level Four monster with stats of 1900/1200.

Ryan huffed, “Big deal, not like your birdbrains and dragon can do much against my Mega Monarch. So just give it up.”

Tempest grinned, “Hardly. They’ll help me a lot. Now I activate the Spell: Monster Reborn! I revive the Harpie’s Pet Dragon I just sent to the Graveyard in Attack Mode!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up again, allowing a new monster to appear. Harpie’s Pet Dragon was a menacing reddish wyvern-like dragon with large black claws, a slender head with a black face, glowing green eyes, an armored crest, wing-like structures on the sides of its head, and a metal collar and chain around its long neck. It was a Level Seven monster with stats of 2000/2500.

“Now my Harpie’s Pet Dragon’s ability activates! For every Harpie Lady on my field, my dragon gains 300 Attack and Defense Points.”

Ryan huffed, “Slight problem, you don’t have ANY Harpie Ladies on the field!”

The Wind Mistress wagged a finger, “Not quite. Both Harpie Queen and Harpie Channeler count as Harpie Ladies when on the field and in the Graveyard. So that means my dragon will still gain a boost, a 600 point boost to be precise.”

As she said that, Harpie’s Pet Dragon started to glow as its power increased by 600 to 2600/3100.

Ryan stated, “Your dragon is still not strong enough to win. So you’re just wasting your time.”

Tempest held out her last card, “Don’t be so sure. Remember this card I just drew? The one that can turn this whole Duel around in one shot? Well now’s the time to play it. I activate the Spell: Shield and Sword!”

Ryan sputtered, “W-WHAT!? SHIELD AND SWORD!?”

Django chuckled, “You’re in for it now, Ryan. Tempest has figured out one of the Monarch’s main weaknesses: they all have 1000 Defense. Which means, if they’re forced into Defense Mode or have their Attack swapped with their Defense, then they’re helpless. So Shield and Sword is the perfect card to use against his so-called mighty Monarchs.”

Tempest grinned, “That’s right. All Monarchs have only 1000 Defense. So by using my Shield and Sword, their so-called great power is now worthless. So go, Offensive-Defensive Flip!”

All the monsters on the field started to crackle as their power changed. Soon, their stats had been switched, with Raiza’s stats at 1000/2800, Harpie’s Pet Dragon at 3100/2600, Harpie Channeler at 1300/1400, Harpie Queen at 1200/1900, and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms now at 2200/2400.

Ryan choked, “This can’t be! My Monarch’s power is now useless! She’s actually gonna wipe me out! I can’t lose to this chick!”

The Wind Mistress smirked, “Tough break, Ryan. Let’s see how mighty your Monarchs are now. Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, destroy his Raiza the Mega Monarch now!”

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms summoned up a large amount of energy in its mouth, took aim, and fired it directly at Raiza. Raiza was struck hard, being ripped to shreds before vanishing from the field. Ryan looked horrified as his Life Points dropped by 1200 to 2800.

He cried, “I’m wide open! This can’t be happening! Ryan Regal never loses!”

Tempest grinned, “There’s always a first. Now you’ll see why I’m called the Mistress of Winds! Harpie’s Pet Dragon, attack him directly! End this Duel now!”

Ryan could only watch in horror as Harpie’s Pet Dragon summoned up green wind-like fire in its mouth, took aim, and launched its attack. The attack slammed into Ryan, knocking him off his feet, screaming, followed by crashing in a heap, his Life Points dropping down to zero. A “Win” screen appeared, showing Tempest, before the Augmented Reality vanished. The crowd was in awe at the sudden turnaround, while Django smiled approvingly. Tempest then walked up to the upset Ryan, who looked up at her with a scowl.

“All right, a deal’s a deal. Hand over a Star Piece and your Raiza the Mega Monarch. It’ll go nicely with my own Raiza the Storm Monarch.”

Ryan scornfully handed over a Star Piece and Raiza to Tempest. She placed the new Star Piece into her current one’s frame, giving her two, while adding Raiza the Mega Monarch to her deck.

Ryan walked away, grumbling, “I can’t believe I lost. To a chick of all things. A girl shouldn’t be that good of a Duelist. It’s just not possible.”

This severely angered Tempest, who summoned a ball of wind and hurled it at the sore loser, knocking him off his feet and flat on his face. He turned his head around, surprised, as she glared at him.

“H-How did you do that?”

She replied acidly, “Simple. My name is Tempest and I’m called the Mistress of Winds, after all, so I can freely control the wind at will. And you have some gall. Not only do you disrespect your opponent, you have the nerve to think that male Duelists are better than females. I may not be the best Duelist in the world, that honor belongs to Django, but I’m no pushover. We females can be just as fierce as males, sometimes even more. So you’d better watch your tongue the next time you lose to a girl, as we don’t take kindly to such behavior. Observe.”

She summoned a gust of wind that not only picked Ryan off the ground, but tossed him several feet away, once again landing flat on his face. He turned back to her, now a terrified expression on his face.

She spat, “Now git! And the next time you Duel someone, you’d better not disrespect or underestimate them, especially women, otherwise you’ll be quite sorry when they clobber you.”

Her eyes flared dangerously, causing Ryan to scramble to his feet and flee. She gave a huff and turned back to Django, who gave her a crooked smile.

He said silently, “Even I’m not one to trifle with Tempest’s temper, even though I’m more powerful than her. She can be fierce, and does not like being treated as inferior or a possession. I guess she got a lot of that back at her clan, so she’s lost all tolerance to it. Still, she can scare even the strongest of people with her temper, including Psykinoxes.” He then said aloud, “Well, Tempest, looks like your first Duel of the Cyber Clash tournament is a success. And you got a nice new WIND monster to go with your deck. Come on, we’ve got more Duels to win.”

With a nod, Tempest returned to Django and the two of them left the scene. At that time, however, on a rooftop, C was watching them.

He said, “You may be called the Mistress of Winds, Tempest Force, but I’ll be sure to rob you of that title. But still, I must admit, she can be a fierce opponent. I would challenge her now, but the time isn’t quite right. I want to observe her power more, so I can better counter it and gain supremacy over the wind. So don’t get too comfortable, Tempest, as you may have won this Duel, but our next duel of the elements will be your last.”

With a big burst of wind, he was gone, though the change in the wind did temporarily gain Tempest’s attention, but she brushed it off and continued alongside Django, looking for new opponents.

Next Chapter: Mind Over Manners
Monarch Madness
The Cyber Clash Battle City tournament continues. Tempest is eager to Duel to show off how much she's grown in terms of Dueling skills. Her first opponent is an arrogant and rude Monarch user, who sees her as an easy win. Will Tempest's wind-based monsters knock the wind out of Ryan? Or will his Monarchs stomp her out of the tournament?
Tempest Force by FangbladeOmega
Tempest Force
Yet another commission from the ever-talented JadenKaiba, this time depicting another current story character and female lead, Tempest Force, along with her two aces: Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk and Stardust Dragon.

Tempest is a demi-human from the Elemental Race (Element + Mental), meaning she can control one element of nature at will. As her name states, her element is Wind. She is a particularly strong Wind-type Elemental, being dubbed as the "Mistress of Winds", much to the jealousy of other Wind-types. She's also more intelligent than most of her race, as well as lacks any and all inbred fears that the somewhat cowardly race has. This, however, makes her an outsider among her kind, as other Elementals treat her poorly, though it's later revealed to be jealousy and envy because of her "gifts". As such, she's on bad terms with other members of her race, including her family, hence why she left her clan to start anew. Despite that, she does still care about her race, wanting what's best for them, even though she holds grudges from past treatment.

Her personality can be best described as "like the wind", meaning her current mood affects her personality, though she doesn't get mood swings. Generally speaking, however, she is stubborn, fun-loving, outgoing, and honest. She does have a short, fiery temper, gets fairly easily annoyed, and is very easily jealous, which puts her self-restraint to the test. She is also quite gluttonous, willing to eat large quantities of food when given the chance. This is apparently a species trait, as other Elementals will do the same, and one of the few quirks she shares with her race. She is also terrified of cats, particularly large predatory ones like mountain lions, which stems from an incident as a child where she was nearly mauled by one. Cats in general give her the creeps, but large ones frighten her to the point she panics, though feline-type Duel Monsters don't bother her too much. Due to her beauty, she attracts many male admirers, but has little to no tolerance for womanizers and skirt chasers, easily getting defensive and angry. She also doesn't like being talked down to or treated as an inferior person or possession, easily thrown into a rage. If sufficiently angered enough, she will get violent.

Tempest is part of a group of six main friends consisting of the Psykinox Django Spirit (later her boyfriend), and the humans Cody Lionheart, Jack Roller, and the twins Leo and Fiona Cloud. In the group, Tempest acts as an unofficial second-in-command. She is very loyal to her friends, treating them like a family, similar to how Django sees them. She is ranked second in terms of skill in Duel Monsters, behind Django, though her skills also fall short of Kain's. Her arch-rival in both Duel Monsters and Django's attention is Vanessa Ruby, both sharing a mutual white-hot hatred for each other.

In terms of her deck, Tempest runs a Gale Force WINDS deck, consisting of only WIND monsters, making her somewhat unique. It mostly consists of Machine, Dragon, and Winged-Beast monsters. Her most common tactics are to manipulate monsters' Attack, Defense, and/or Levels, as well as the usage of Tokens, to set up other summons. Her most common archetypes are the Mecha Phantom Beast and Harpie families. She also uses various disruption and bouncing effects, and many of her cards have wind themes, reflecting her natural element. Her ace is Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk, which she obtained prior to meeting Django, though she later adds Stardust Dragon and some of its evolved forms to her arsenal as a secondary ace.
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Stopping the Unstoppable

The Duel between Django and Dusk was heating up. On Django’s field was Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (2500/0), Summoned Skull (2500/1200), one face-down card, and still had 4000 Life Points. Dusk, on the other hand, had The Dark Door and Light of Intervention on the field and 4000 Life Points.

Cody grinned, thinking, “Nice work, Django! Not only are ya onto this creep’s game, you also managed to stall it. It’s just a matter of time before my Excalibur is back where it belongs, and this caped freak is booted from Cyber Clash!”

Dusk growled, “I must admit, you’re quite clever to have figured out my strategy, as well as lucky enough for your Lightforce Sword to work. But you’re only delaying the inevitable. Once your Lightforce Sword wears off, I can regain Exodia’s Right Arm, then I’ll obliterate you once and for all.”

Django grinned, “Don’t get your hopes up just yet, Shadow Stalker. Lightforce Sword may have delayed Exodia, but that gives me time to unleash other cards that’ll shut Exodia down for good. So make your move.”

Dusk drew a card, thinking, “I knew it, I just drew Exodia’s Left Arm, but it doesn’t help right now. I need a way to stop Django from attacking me, and I have just the card to do it.” He said aloud, “Don’t get cocky, kid, as I’m about to shut down your ability to attack! Take this! Swords of Revealing Light!”

Tempest exclaimed, “Oh no! That’s not good! Now Django can’t attack!”

Several swords made of light rained down upon Django’s side of the field, freezing his monsters in place. While a bit annoyed, Django still kept his cool.

He stated, “These Swords won’t be around for long, Shadow Stalker, as I have a plan to shut them down as well. And once I do, you’ll be wide open to a direct attack.”

Dusk smirked, “Wishful thinking, Django, but by the time my Swords wear off, your Trap will have worn off before then. Then I can summon the all-mighty Exodia and obliterate you. So go ahead, make your next move.”

The inventor nodded, “Fine with me. I Draw.” He looked at his new card, grinning, “Looks like Exodia is in for a rude awakening. I activate the Spell: Card Destruction! This forces both of us to discard our entire hands and draw the same number of cards! So say goodbye to your Exodia pieces!”

The Shadow Stalker wailed, “No! This can’t be! You did have a plan! You’ll pay for that!”

Django grinned as he discarded four card, drawing four more, while Dusk discarded five card, drawing five more.

Cody cheered, “All right! Way to put that caped clown on the endangered species list, D-Man!”

Chronos nodded, “Yes, using Card Destruction was a brilliant move. Exodia is harder to recover in the Graveyard. While there are many cards that can recover the pieces, like Pot of Avarice, that means it’ll still give Django time to shut down Exodia for good.”

Leo added, “And since only one copy of each Exodia piece can be in the deck at one time, that’ll limit the chances of him reacquiring the pieces. Still, Django has to be careful, as those who run Exodia decks do have other tactics in order to recover the pieces.”

Fiona said, “Django will be fine. All he needs to do is wipe out the rest of the Shadow Stalker’s Life Points before he has a chance to reacquire the pieces of Exodia and this guy is finished. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Django said, “I’ll end my turn with that, but you’re finished as well. I have just about everything I need to shut you down for good, Shadow Stalker, so do your worst.”

Dusk growled, “You may have delayed Exodia, but he’s still in this game. So I Draw!” He looked at his new card, grinning, “This’ll help. I activate the Spell: Pot of Avarice! This allows me to shuffle any five monsters back into my deck and draw two more cards! And you know what that means, right? I can shuffle the four Exodia pieces I lost from your Card Destruction back into my deck, giving me a second chance to destroy you.”

He took out the four remaining pieces of Exodia from his Graveyard, along with one other monster, and shuffled them back into his deck. He then drew two cards, gaining a grin as he did.

“See what I mean? I’ve already reclaimed Exodia’s Left Arm! But to keep the drawing power going, I activate one of my Upstart Goblins! Now I can draw one card and you gain 1000 Life Points, not that it will matter.”

Dusk drew one card from his deck while Django’s Life Points increased by 1000 to 5000.

“Excellent, I’ve recovered Exodia’s Head! See? My luck is improving with each card I draw! Now, to keep the momentum going, I activate another Upstart Goblin! Once again, I can draw one card from my deck and you gain another 1000 Life Points!”

Dusk drew yet another card from his deck while Django’s Life Points increased by another 1000 to 6000.

Cody called out, “Watch out, D-Man! This is exactly what he did to me! You gotta stop him before he draws any more pieces of Exodia!”

Django replied, “I will, Cody, don’t worry.” He turned back to Dusk, “Are you quite finished now?”

Dusk replied, “Not remotely! I summon Gear Golem the Moving Fortress in Defense Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Gear Golem the Moving Fortress looked like a stocky gold colored robot with grey spiky shields, a spike-studded “collar”, large feet that glide off the ground, and a robotic head. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 800/2200.

“Now, to fortify my Gear Golem, I activate the Spell: Horn of Light! This card boosts my Gear Golem’s Defense by 800 points. Even if you powered up your Leviathan Dragon to maximum output, it wouldn’t have the strength needed to destroy my Fortress.”

A curved, glowing horn appeared on Gear Golem’s head, causing its Defense to increase by 800 to 3000.

Chronos said, “That’s not good. Even if Leviathan Dragon were to use its last Overlay Unit, it wouldn’t be enough. Django better have a plan or this guy will stall until he gains all the pieces of Exodia.”

Dusk stated, “It’s over, Django, so just give up and relinquish your Dark Magician already.”

Django huffed, “You really don’t understand my style, do you? I never quit, no matter how grim the situation is. So don’t get cocky just yet, because as long as I have a draw, there is still hope. So let’s get on with it. I Draw!” He looked at his new card, grinning, “I told you that all it takes is one draw to turn things around, and I just drew the monster I need to destroy your defenses once and for all. I summon my old pal, Junk Synchron, in Attack Mode!”

Junk Synchron (1300/500) appeared on the field, ready for battle.

“Now I activate Junk Synchron’s ability! When he’s Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Level Two or below monster from my Graveyard in Defense Mode with its effects negated. So I think I’ll summon my Ghostrick Witch to the field! And in case you’re wondering how she got in the Graveyard, I sent her there via Card Destruction. So this is the start of your demise!”

The Graveyard Portal opened up, allowing Ghostrick Witch (1200/200) to emerge. She took a defensive pose next to Junk Synchron.

“Now I activate the Spell: Double Summon! This allows me to Normal Summon twice this turn. So I think I’ll summon my Ghostrick Yuki-onna to the field in Attack Mode!”

Ghostrick Yuki-onna (1000/800) emerged onto the field, ready to help.

Tempest said, “Hold on. I thought that Light of Intervention prevented the Ghostrick monsters from being summoned.”

Leo explained, “While that’s normally true, as Ghostricks can only really be set, there is another way around that. If there is another Ghostrick on the player’s field, then they can be Normal Summoned in Attack Mode like most other monsters. Otherwise they require to be set face-down, as it is the nature of Ghostricks. So Django is being very strategic; using a Ghostrick that was Special Summoned in order to summon a second one without any problems.”

Chronos said, “True, but what does Django hope to accomplish from Junk Synchron? Is he planning to summon Junk Warrior and power it up? But even so, he’ll still have to deal with Swords of Revealing Light and The Dark Door, so no matter how much power Junk Warrior gains, that power is limited due to all the stalling cards out.”

Dusk said, “Your friend is right, Django. I’m well aware that you tend to power up your favorite Synchro Monster, Junk Warrior, by swarming the field with low level monsters. But with my Swords of Revealing Light and The Dark Door in play, Junk Warrior can power itself up until it’s green in the face and it still won’t matter.”

Django smirked, “Who said anything about summoning Junk Warrior? While that is one of my favorite tactics, it’s not what I have in mind today. So now I activate my face-down card: Star Changer! This allows me to change the Level of any monster on the field by one. So I change my Junk Synchron's Level from Level Three to Level Four.

The stars representing Junk Synchron's level changed from three to four

“Now for the fun part. I tune my Junk Synchron to my Ghostrick Witch and Yuki-onna! Time to bring out a different Synchro Monster!”

Junk Synchron pulled the ripcord on its stomach, revving up the engine on its back. It then turned into three green rings, allowing the two Ghostricks to fly through them. They became several glowing orbs of light, follow by a massive burst of light.

“I Synchro Summon Junk Destroyer in Attack Mode!”

Dusk sputtered, “Not Junk Destroyer! It can’t be!”

A new monster appeared on the field. Junk Destroyer was a massive machine-like monster, composed of large black metal armor. It had four massive arms with equally impressive armored legs, a bulky torso with five orbs on its chest, four were teal and the middle one was red, blade-like wings fanned out like a dragonfly, and a armored head with a gold trident crown. It was a Level Eight monster with stats of 2600/2500.

Cody said, “Okay, now I’m lost. D-Man went through all that trouble to summon this monster, yet it’s weaker than that beefed-up Gear Golem. Why did he do that?”

Leo stated, “Because Junk Destroyer lives up to its name. For every non-Tuner monster used to summon it, Django can destroy the same number of cards on the field. That’s why Dusk is freaking out, as Junk Destroyer can pretty much level his field without even attacking.”

Django stated, “That’s right, little buddy! For every non-Tuner monster I used to summon this bad boy, he can annihilate the same number of cards on the field. I used two non-Tuner monsters to summon him: Ghostrick Witch and Ghostrick Yuki-onna! So that means I can blast two cards on the field! And I know just what cards to demolish: Swords of Revealing Light and The Dark Door! So say goodbye to all your stalling cards, as I’m about to clean house!”

Two of the teal orbs started to glow, then transfer that power into the large red one. Junk Destroyer then held all four of its hands close to the red orb, generated a large amount of power, and fired it as a massive beam. The beam then split into two smaller beams which then rained down upon Dusk’s field. This assault shattered The Dark Door and Swords of Revealing Light.

"Next up, I use Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away your Horn of Light! So say goodbye!"

A mighty typhoon was whipped up as it charged into Horn of Light, shattering it, reducing Gear Golem's Defense back down to its original 2200.

The inventor stated, “Now it’s time to wipe you out! Summoned Skull, destroy his final monster with Lightning Strike!”

Summoned Skull generated a large amount of electrical energy and fired it as several powerful bolts. The bolts electrified Gear Golem before it was obliterated. This horrified Dusk, his eyes wide in terror.

“Now you’re defenseless to a direct attack. Leviathan Dragon and Junk Destroyer, attack the Shadow Stalker’s Life Points directly! End this Duel now!”

Leviathan Dragon charged up energy in its mouth and fired it, the attack slamming into Dusk, his Life Points dropping by 2500 to 1500. Junk Destroyer then charged in, raised up one of its fists, and slammed it into the Shadow Stalker, sending him flying, his Life Points dropping to zero. A “Win” screen appeared, showing Django, before the Augmented Realty vanished. The crowd that had gathered to watch cheered, while Cody and the gang were elated to see Django win.

At Kannon Corp’s control room, Nicholas said, “I can’t believe it. Django completely demolished Exodia. And he even summoned a brand-new monster, too! Guess Junk Warrior isn’t Django’s only Synchro Monster now.”

Kain smirked, “Django may have destroyed Exodia, but there is a card he won’t beat… my Number.” He turned around and started to walk out, “I’m heading to Cyber Clash. Time to rake in some wins and some new cards.”

Nicholas stated, “Wait up! You made me the Commissioner of Cyber Clash. I have to make sure that no one cheats and help you find other Shadow Stalkers!” He then turned around to the people working at the various computers, “If you detect a Duelist outside of Django that uses a Number, let us know right away.”

The women at the controls said in unison, “Yes sir!”

At the time, Django walked over to Dusk and started to rummage around. Cody and the others ran up to him, with the redhead extremely pleased.

He said, “Way to go, my man! That was totally awesome!”

Django smiled, “Thanks, Cody.” He found what he was looking for, “Ah, here it is. I’m taking back Cody’s Excalibur and your Star Piece. You won’t need to find the finals now.” He then noticed something strange about Dusk’s cards, “Hold on… something’s not right.” He took a closer look and gained a disgusted face, “This guy was a cheater. Not only are all his cards counterfeit, but they’re marked with some sort of ink. That’s how he was able to know exactly what card he was about to draw! And it looks like his D-Pad was rigged to ignore that fact, as the D-Pad would detect fake and marked cards. So those Exodia pieces aren’t even legitimate cards!”

Tempest snarled, “He was nothing more than a backstabbing cheater! No wonder he always seemed to have the right cards when needed and knew what he was going to get! So I feel that Cody’s last loss to this guy doesn’t count because of that!”

Django took the cards from the deck and ripped them apart, saying, “With these cards as fakes as well as marked, then they deserve to be destroyed! So he’ll never terrorize another Duelist again!”

A voice then roared, “You failed me, Dusk! So prepare for your punishment!”

What looked like a ghostly claw emerged from a portal, striking Dusk in the chest. He screamed in agony before he went silent, eyes blank, and the claw extracted a glowing orb. The claw then shattered the orb, much to the gang’s horror, before retracting itself into the portal.

Fiona choked, “W-What just happened!?”

Django replied grimly, “Lucifer… just destroyed this Shadow Stalker’s soul. He’s worse than dead, as he’s just an empty shell.”

Lucifer’s voice could be heard from the portal, “How very true, Django. I have just about had it with minions that fail me. So now I resort to more extreme punishment in order to keep these pathetic cockroaches called humans from failing me. So enjoy your victory while you can, as I’ll make sure you are the next victim to my power and tactics. And be warned, as I have plenty more Shadow Stalkers roaming around Cyber Clash. So enjoy the tournament while you can, because your days are numbered. Farewell for now, Django Spirit.”

The portal then closed up, leaving the gang and the lifeless body of Dusk behind.

Tempest said sadly, “Sure, this guy was a creep and a cheater, but he didn’t deserve such punishment. That’s just… too cruel. He’s worse than dead, and I doubt he’ll be the only casualty of this tournament.”

Cody nodded, “I agree, Tempest. He didn’t deserve that, even though he cheats and steals, but destroyin’ his soul was just too harsh.”

Django held out Excalibur to Cody, “Here you go, Cody. Excalibur is safe and sound, so take it back.”

The redhead shook his head, “Nah, D-Man, you hold onto it for a while. As much as I’m glad to see Excalibur in our hands again, it’s not mine to take right now. You hold on to it. You may need its power sometime down the road. If Lucifer and his newest minions have cards and tactics as dirty as this guy, then you may need Excalibur’s firepower for a future battle. Don’t get me wrong, I still intend on taking Excalibur back, but you hold onto it for a while. Besides, that means a part of me will be in your deck. Since we’re the dream team, I want you to keep my Excalibur for a while. I’ll take it back eventually, but maybe it can help ya face Lucifer’s newest minions, since you’ll need the extra firepower. So I want you to keep Excalibur for a bit. And I’m still in the tournament, so I plan to maybe win it back, but for now, you keep it. I’m just glad to see Excalibur safe and sound, as it was one of the first major cards I got from you. So I want Excalibur to represent our bond. Once the tournament is over, I’ll take it back, but, for now, you may need it more than me.”

Django, though surprised, gained a smile, “Okay, Cody. I’ll hold on to Excalibur for a while. I promise I’ll take care of it, and I will return it to you later down the road, as I feel it fits your deck better than mine. But I’ll be sure to use its power when needed. And when the tournament ends, Excalibur will be back in your deck. But I’ll take good care of it until then.”

Chronos asked, “Are you sure, Cody? Excalibur is one of your most powerful cards. Are you sure you can survive the tournament without it?”

Cody replied, “I’ll be fine. As long as I have my pals and believe in my cards, I can still win this. While not havin’ Excalibur may lower my chances slightly, it doesn’t mean I’m outta this game. Besides, I still have my trusty Red-Eyes and Number, so I still have a good shot at winnin’ this thin’. So I’ll be fine. It’ll be a little tougher, but D-Man may need it more than me right now. And like I said, a part of me is in his deck now, just like a part of him has always been in my deck. Since D-Man believes in the Soul of the Deck, as do I, that means part of my soul is in his deck now, just like his has always been part of mine.”

Leo nodded, “Well put, Cody. And as long as we all stick together and never break our bonds, nothing Lucifer tries will stop us. So now that that’s all over with, let’s move on and take this tournament by storm!”

The gang said in unison, “Right!”

Fiona suggested, “I think we should split up. That way we can cover more ground and win enough Star Pieces to qualify for the finals much faster. How about Django and Tempest go together while Cody and the rest of us go our own way?”

Tempest nodded, “Sounds like a plan. Just watch your backs, guys, as we have yet to see the last of Lucifer or his Shadow Stalkers.”

With a nod the gang went their separate ways, ready to take the tournament by storm. At the time, in another location, a Warp Gate opened up, allowing six individuals to emerge from it. They were concealed by cloaks, hiding their identities.

One of them, revealed to be Avalon, stated, “Okay, with the tournament underway, this gives us a chance to find out what Lucifer’s been up to. Hopefully we can find who he’s been trying to destroy. I suggest we split up and comb this city for clues.”

One, revealed to be Zweite, asked, “Who are we looking for, exactly?”

“If my theory is correct, then we have to find the one Spirit that may still be alive. The very Spirit that the prophecy speaks of, as well as the offspring of one of our greatest leaders. Django Spirit. I remember meeting Django when he was just a baby. He takes a lot of his traits from his father, such as white hair and peach skin, so he shouldn’t be too hard to identify. He may also have something on him that connects him to his family. I have a hunch that he’s the surviving member of the Spirit family, so we need to find him. Normally I’d contact Maxwell, but given the situation, I figured it would be smarter to just look ourselves so not to attract Lucifer’s attention. So let’s go and comb this city, but keep in touch and report back if you find anything.”

With a nod, the six Psykinoxes left the alley, split up, and started to search the city, hoping that they could find what they were looking for.

Next Chapter: Monarch Madness
Stopping the Unstoppable
Django continues his Duel against Dusk the Shadow Stalker. While the remaining pieces of Exodia seem to keep changing locations, and Dusk pulls out a new stall, Django surprises everyone with a new tactic of his own. But will Lucifer's other Shadow Stalkers hinder the tournament? And what does Avalon and the other five Psykinoxes hope to gain from finding Django?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Trial by Exodia

It was the day of Kain’s tournament. At the Spirit Household, Django, Tempest, and Chronos were making final checks and tweaks to their decks, all three determined to win.

Tempest gathered up her cards, saying, “Looks like that about covers it. We should be heading down to the center of the city, as that’s where the start of the tournament will be announced.”

Django said, “Don’t forget about these things.” He gestured to three gold pieces on the table, each of them in a different star-shaped frame, “These came in the mail after we registered for the tournament. My guess is that they’re the next twist in Kain’s tournament.”

Chronos picked one up, looking it over, “It looks like some sort of gem-like star-shaped puzzle. We each got one piece, so if I had to guess, we need more of them to complete it. That may mean that our cards aren’t the only things getting wagered. But we’ll find out exactly what these things are soon enough.”

They each took one of the star-framed pieces, placing them into their pockets. After gathering up the last of their cards, Django opened up a Warp Gate, allowing the three of them to leave the building and head toward the center of Cyber City.

Meanwhile, in his apartment, Cody was still fuming with himself over the loss of Excalibur.

He roared in frustration, “I gotta find a way to win back my Heroic Champion – Excalibur! I can’t believe I let Lucifer’s newest minions get the best of me and steal my Excalibur. Why did Jade get all the brains in the family? Yeah, I got the killer looks and smooth style but… Jade!” He quickly picked up his Duel Gazer, “Speakin’ of brains I almost forgot to check up on my little sister. I hope she's doin’ okay after that big heart operation.” He waited a moment before Jade appeared onscreen, “Jade! It's me, Cody.”

She smiled, “Hey there, Cody! You still look a little upset? Are you still mad about what happened that night?”

“Oh, I'm still mad, all right, but fer two reasons. But I’ll deal with it. The reason I'm callin’ is to check up on you. How are you feelin’? It’s been a few days since yer operation, so I wanted to make sure you were recoverin’ quickly.”

She smiled, “Thanks Cody, I'm doing good. You're so lucky to have Django as your friend, as he was willing to pay for this operation. The doctors said that if I had waited any longer, it would be too late and… well…” she trailed off.

Cody said reassuringly, “But we don’t have to worry about that now, right? According to the doc, your operation was a success, so you’re free to live a long life. I’m just glad to know that you'll be fine from here on out. Listen, I gotta go and get ready for Kain’s tournament, as well as settle the score with that rattlesnake who stole my Excalibur. I’ll be in touch later on. Hopefully you’ll be able to watch your big bro win the whole thing! Just rest up and take care of yourself, okay, sis?”

Jade nodded, “I will, Cody, just be careful yourself. After what happened that night I’d hate to see you get hurt again. You really are lucky to have Django around, as he’s like a hero, always helping those who need it.”

Cody gained a warm smile, “Yeah, Django is an awesome guy. Hard to believe he was distrustful and a loner all those years ago. Anyway, you rest up, I have to prepare, but I’ll check up on you later on. Bye, Jade.”

“Bye, Cody, good luck.” and she hung up, leaving Cody alone with his thoughts.

A short time later, fireworks were going off in the heart of Cyber City. Duelists from all over were flocking to the streets, eager to Duel. At that time, Django’s Warp Gate opened up in the middle of the city, allowing Tempest, Chronos, and himself to emerge, the gate closing up behind him.

Tempest said, “Well, looks like the tournament should be kicking off soon. I just hope Cody and the twins get here soon.”

Chronos pointed, “You won’t have long to wait. Here comes Leo and Fiona now.”

The twins jogged up to the others with everything ready to Duel.

Leo said, “I hope we’re not late.”

Tempest replied, “No, you’re on time, nothing has been announced just yet, so you haven’t missed anything.”

Fiona sighed in relief, “That’s good. Leo and I almost slept thorough our alarms again, so we’re lucky we didn’t miss anything yet. But I still don’t see Cody anywhere. I hope he shows up soon.”

A voice then said, “Django! Tempest!”

They all turned to see Draco jog up to them, stopping just short of the group.

Leo said, “Good to see you again, Draco. Nice threads, too.”

Draco smiled, “Yeah, thanks. And a pretty big turnout for this thing. I'm glad I did some extra customizing for my deck before this started, having gotten a hold of some really good cards recently. It’s been a while since I've had the opportunity to flex my muscles, so to speak.”

Just then a voice stated, “Django and Tempest. I thought we'd see you two here.”

They all turned to the source of the voice, which was not to their liking.

Tempest growled, “If it isn’t Roger and Vanessa. I thought I smelled something foul. I can’t believe you two actually qualify for this.”

Vanessa sneered, “Oh, we qualify, all right, and are going to take you down. Just you wait, green girl, because now it’s payback time for all the humiliation you’ve given me!”

Roger gained a sneer, “And Django, next time we Duel, I’ll crush you. My deck has been fortified with new and old bruisers. This time you won’t stand a chance.”

However, just before he could laugh, someone put him in a headlock from behind, revealed to be Onyx.

“Those are small threats coming from two of the biggest losers I’ve ever seen!” the Earth Elemental sneered.

Django said, “Onyx Hunter? Great, we’re attracting the crazy ones today.”

Onyx chose to ignore that comment, stating, “If anyone is gonna crunch and munch up the competition, it will be me and my Crystal Beasts!”

Roger snapped, “You think you’ll win this tournament, razor mouth!?”

Onyx sneered, “Of course. There is nothing that can handle the power and skill of my fierce Crystal Beasts!”

Vanessa huffed, “Your costume jewelry monsters will be shattered in no time flat.”

“Don’t be so sure. You obviously don’t know that I’ve won several tournaments. This one will just be another easy victory for the Crystal Crocodile! After all, my rank is nine stars, the second-highest rank possible! You should be begging me for mercy. After all, my powerful gem-infused beasts can easily turn your Noble Knights into scratching posts.”

Roger stated confidently, “Well I've got monsters that’ll make your head spin. But don’t expect me to tell you what they are.”

Onyx then grabbed Roger’s shirt and started to shake him aggressively, “Well maybe I can just mangle them out of you, Roger!”

All the while, Django and the others had odd expressions on their faces, being totally ignored by the three arguing Duelists.

Chronos said, scratching his head nervously, “Some Duelists just never change. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one.”

At that time, however, not far from them, Dusk was sitting at a café table, a laptop in front of him. On the screen it showed the various Duelist profiles and their three rarest cards. First were Django and Tempest, then Roger and Vanessa, who both had a rank of four stars, then Draco and Onyx, who had a rank of eight and nine stars, respectively. He gained a dark grin as he looked over their profiles.

He said, “So much prey, so little time. Their rare cards will make excellent additions to Master Lucifer’s collection. The only question is who should be my next victim?”

Meanwhile, Vanessa stated, “We’ll settle this little argument when the tournament begins. Then we’ll see who the losers are in this game!”

Onyx smirked, “Fine with me. I’ll be waiting to turn you two into chew toys. So come after me, if you dare.”

And the three left the area, seemingly forgetting about Django and the others.

Django simply said, “Well that was… interesting.”

Another voice called out, “Yoo-hoo! Django!”

They turned to see Cho Wu run up to them. She was a curvy and fairly top-heavy Asian female with pale skin, bright green eyes, and black hair tied up in two buns with long locks around her ears. She was in a blue and gold Chinese dress with a longer slit skirt with matching shoes. As she approached, Draco could feel his heart beat harder, while Tempest could feel her temper rising.

Cho ran up to Django, “Hiya, Django-wango! How my pumpkin? Listen, I know when the tournament begins we’re gonna be arch-rivals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get lovey-dovey off the battlefield, right?”

Before he could say anything, she hugged him, causing his face to turn red, while Tempest’s eyes spelled “death”, and Draco seemed to be sulking in jealousy.

Tempest spat, “Hey, break it up! I don’t care if you are the Asian Duel Monsters Champion, Django has to focus on the tournament, not on you. So let him go, or else.”

Cho ignored Tempest, saying, “I look forward to our Duel. It'll be a Duel of Love! Bye-bye, my sweet dumpling.”

Cho then planted a small kiss on his cheek before running away, just seconds before Tempest’s resisted urge to strangle her broke.

Draco muttered gloomily, “How does he get all the hot chicks so easily?” He quickly recovered and said, “I guess I better be off as well. Remember, the next time we meet, we’re rivals, and I intend on beating you this time, Django.”

Django, who had managed to recover, replied, “We’ll see about that, Draco. But may the best man win.”

Draco nodded and walked away, leaving the others alone.

Fiona then said, “Well, we should probably try to find Cody before this starts. Knowing Kain, we don’t want to give him a chance to humiliate Cody in front of so many elite Duelists, so we better find him.”

After a few minutes of searching, they came up with nothing, returning to the center square.

Tempest asked, “Any luck, guys?”

Leo shook his head, “None whatsoever. I hope he didn’t sleep in. But, then again, knowing how upset he is about losing Excalibur may motivate him to find that Shadow Stalker to get payback. I just hope he doesn’t do something crazy and get hurt again.”

Just then a loud voice said, “Greetings, Duelists, welcome to Cyber Clash Battle City.”

Roger and Vanessa were looking around, trying to find the source of the voice.

Roger said, “That sounded like Kain.”

Vanessa asked, “But where is he?”

At his respective location, Onyx looked around, “Where’s his voice coming from?”

At the same time at his spot, Draco said, “Kain? Where is he?”

Suddenly a large shadow formed overhead. Everyone looked up to see one of Kain’s hoverships coasting over the city. On each side of it were two jumbo holo-screens, and on each screen was Kain’s face.

Kain stated from the holo-screens, “It’s time to begin this tournament. I hope none of you came looking for a friendly game. Cyber Clash will be a brutal warzone. Before we begin I thought I’d let you in on some of the new rules, just in case you want to back out now. Let’s begin with the first and most important rule. Whenever a Duel starts, both players must ante up one of their three rarest cards. The winner takes all the wagered cards. If you don’t have the guts to lose your precious cards, I suggest you forfeit now.”

Vanessa smirked, “Bring it on, Kain!”

Roger nodded, “Right on! So the more Duels we win the more rare cards we acquire for our decks.”

Draco stated strongly, “In the name of the Twilight family, I accept your challenge, Kain Kannon!”

Onyx gave a toothy grin, “Taking cards from these losers sounds like a blast. I’m all over it.”

Kain continued, “And anyone idiotic enough can challenge me to a Duel, as I’ll also be participating.”

Leo said sourly, “That’s a big duh.”

Kain grinned, “And speaking of winning, only the sixteen strongest Duelists will make it to the final round. And these finals will be held in a hidden location.”

Onyx snapped, “Then how do we get there!?”

Draco quirked an eyebrow, “If the location is hidden, no one will show up.”

Kain continued, “In order to find the finals you’ll need these Star Pieces. You each received one in the mail after you registered, but one isn’t enough. You need six to make a complete star. Every time you defeat your opponent, not only do you get their rare cards, but at least one Star Piece as well. You can wager as many Star Pieces as you want. Once you have a competed star, simply place it on your D-Pad’s touchscreen and it’ll activate a global positioning satellite, which will transmit the location to you, as well as officially register you as a finalist. But the Top 16 matches is a long way from now and most of you will be eliminated way before that happens. Everything I said and more can be found in my tournament rulebook, which you can access online via your D-Pads. But only one Duelist can claim the title as World Champion. Now let the tournament… BEGIN!”

Django said, “Okay, guys, let’s do our best.”

Just then a familiar voice snarled, “Where are ya, you freak!?”

They all turned to see Cody storming into the area, obviously looking for Dusk.

Fiona said, “Uh-oh, Cody’s pretty fired up. Better get to him before he gets into any more trouble.”

Dusk was still reviewing the Duelist profiles on his laptop when he noticed Cody coming, gaining a dark grin.

Cody snapped, “I found ya, Dusk!”

The Shadow Stalker sneered, “You again? Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time?”

“Yeah, never let a freak show in a cape slap ya around. Listen, you’ve got my Heroic Champion – Excalibur, and I want it back, so it’s time to Duel!”

Dusk smirked, “I have no desire to Duel you, Cody Lionheart. Even though it would give me a chance to obtain your Number, beating you would be too boring, as you fell into my trap easily last time. So don’t bother me, I have other prey to stalk. Then I’ll deal with you.”

Cody snarled, “Yeah, well, that’s too bad, because I’m not leavin’ until I win back my Excalibur!”

Django called, “Cody! Hold on!”

The redhead turned to see Django and the others run up to him. This caught Dusk’s attention, gaining a dark grin.

Cody stated, “D-Man! That’s the goon who swiped my Excalibur! They call themselves Shadow Stalkers, which to me translates as cape-wearin’, card-stealin’ freaks! And this one owes me a rematch so I can reclaim my Excalibur!”

Dusk replied, “I already told you, Lionheart, I have no desire to Duel you. Beating you again would be too easy, and I’d rather have a more exciting hunt. But maybe your friend Django would be willing to be my next victim. It would be my pleasure to stalk the World Champion and claim his Dark Magician, so I challenge Django to a Duel!”

The redhead snapped, “This is between you and me, got it?”

Django stated, “Cody, stand down. Fine, Shadow Stalker, I accept your challenge!”

“D-Django!? You can’t be serious!”

The inventor replied, “I have to, Cody, as it’s the only way to win back your Excalibur. I promise I’ll crush him. So do we have a deal? If I win, you must return Heroic Champion – Excalibur to Cody. And if you win, I’ll hand over my Dark Magician to you.”

Cody stated, “Django, don’t do it. I can take him. I’d never forgive myself if that ugly cretin stole your oldest Spirit Partner. Let me at ‘em, as it’s…” but was cut off.

“Thank you for offering, Cody, but I’ll deal with him. I’ll have to risk losing my Dark Magician eventually. This is my first Duel of the Cyber Clash tournament, as well as the first step in shutting down any plans Lucifer may have. So leave him to me.”

“Wait a second, D-Man…”

Dusk then said, “Don’t you dare utter a word to Django about my strategy, Cody Lionheart. If you reveal how I defeated you, your Excalibur will be ripped to shreds. So I’d give that motor mouth of yours a rest if I were you.”

Django stated strongly, “Fine, Shadow Stalker, let’s get this Duel underway.” He armed himself with his Infinity Disk, “Infinity Disk, ready for battle!” He then placed his Duel Gazer on, “Duel Gazer, power up!”

Dusk armed himself with his standard D-Pad and Duel Gazer, while the rest of the gang donned their Duel Gazers.

“Augmented Reality Visual link established.”

They both drew their starting hands, Life Points set to 4000.

“Let’s Duel!”

At the time, the Spirit Tech satellite picked up the signal from the Duel, stating, “Detection of Duel System activation. Redirecting and beaming status to Kannon Corp mainframe.”

Kain, who was watching, said, “How fitting that Django is participating in the very first Duel of my tournament. And it appears that the access code he gave me in order to use his Duel System is working perfectly, as I can keep track of every card played.”

Nicholas nodded, “Yeah, and our systems are recording all cards being played. If any Numbers are played, we’ll know exactly where they are. Then we can notify Django where they are so he can get them off the streets and away from Lucifer.”

Django drew a card, “I draw first, so get ready to be defeated.”

Dusk looked at his hand, thinking, “Excellent, I’ve already got two pieces of Exodia: the Right Arm and Left Leg. Only three pieces left and I can summon the deadliest beast of all.”

Cody stated, “D-Man, watch out for…” but was cut off.

“Silence, Lionheart, or say goodbye to Excalibur!”

Django said, “To start things off, I place two cards face-down on the field. Next, I summon Tour Guide From the Underworld in Attack Mode!”

A new monster appeared. Tour Guide From the Underworld was a redheaded female with pale skin, fangs, and red eyes. She was wearing a blue coat and skirt with red stitching, a matching hat, black stockings with skulls on them, a large purse with a skull and crossbones on it, and a blue shoes. She was a Level Three monster with stats of 1000/600.

“When my Tour Guide is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Level Three Fiend monster from my hand or deck with its effects negated. So I think I’ll summon my Kuribandit from my deck to the field in Attack Mode!”

His Infinity Disk ejected a card, which he played right away, summoning Kuribandit (1000/700) to the field.

“Now I Overlay my Kuribandit and Tour Guide! With these two monsters I build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, in Attack Mode!”

Both Tour Guide and Kuribandit became purple orbs of light, shot up into the air, and entered the galaxy-style Overlay Network. Out emerged Leviathan Dragon’s sealed form that quickly unfolded into its true form of Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (2000/0).

Leo cheered, “Awesome, he summoned a Number on the first turn! That’s showing him who’s boss, Django!”

Django then stated, “I’m not through, Shadow Stalker, for now I activate Leviathan Dragon’s ability. Once a turn, by using an Overlay Unit, I can increase its Attack by 500 points. So I’m gonna do just that!”

Leviathan Dragon devoured one of its Overlay Units and started to glow, its power increasing by 500 to 2500.

“And with that I end my turn. Your move, Shadow Stalker.”

Dusk said, “I predict that I’ll draw a Graceful Charity.” He drew his card, smiling, “How about that? I was correct. This allows me to draw three cards and discard two.” He then said silently, “Excellent, I’ve gained the Right Leg of Exodia. Just two more pieces and I’ll obliterate Django once and for all.” He then said aloud, “I place one monster in face-down Defense Mode, one card face-down, and finally I activate the Spell: The Dark Door. Now only one monster can attack per Battle Phase. Your chances for victory just got even slimmer. So that should do for now.”

Django said silently, “All he’s done is draw cards and play defense. He’s waiting for something.” He then said aloud, “It’s my turn, I Draw!” He took a card from his hand, “I summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior to the field in Attack Mode!”

Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800) appeared on the field, ready for battle.

Dusk stated, “I activate my Trap: Light of Intervention! This Trap prevents both of us from placing monsters into face-down Defense Mode, as well as forces all monsters in face-down Defense Mode to switch to face-up Defense Mode. That means any monsters played in Defense Mode can only be played face-up. So this reveals my hidden monster, which is Stone Statue of the Aztecs.”

His hidden monster was revealed. Stone Statue of the Aztecs looked like a statue made of blocks of stone, moss green in color, with large stone “hands” and a large face. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 300/2000.

Fiona asked, “Why would he do that? That Trap reveals all of his monsters as well, so there is no real benefit I can see that it does him.”

Leo said, “Well, for starters, it prevents Flip Monsters from using their abilities, like Morphing Jar, by preventing them from being set. It also shuts down the main deck Ghostrick monsters, which is another set of cards Django uses. And while it reveals his monsters as well, that may play a part in his strategy. So let’s just watch for now and see what happens.”

Django stated, “You may be protecting yourself with stone walls and stalling cards, but in order for you to win this Duel, you’ll need to attack eventually. So what are you waiting for?”

Dusk sneered, “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough. So go ahead, do your worst.”

“I think I will. Leviathan Dragon, attack Stone Statue of the Aztecs with Shock Stream Blast!”

Leviathan Dragon charged up energy in its mouth and fired a powerful beam at Stone Statue of the Aztecs. The blast obliterated it easily.

“I’ll end my turn there.”

Dusk grinned, “I predict I’ll draw a One Day of Peace.” He drew his card, smirking, “How about that? I was right again. So I activate it. Now we each draw one card, but neither one of us take damage until the end of your turn. So draw your card.”

Both he and Django drew one card from their decks.

“Next up, I activate the Pot of Greed I just drew. This allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.” He drew two more cards, looked at them, and then said, “I summon Jar Turtle to the field in Defense Mode.”

Jar Turtle looked like a large red turtle with a Jar of Greed on its back. It was a Level Four monster with stats of 200/2100.

“Then I place this card face-down on the field to end my turn. That’s all for now. But if you only knew what was waiting in my hand, you’d forfeit now and surrender your Dark Magician to me.”

Django stated, “I never quit, no matter what. I didn’t survive this long by running away. So whatever you have planned, it will fail. So I Draw!”

Dusk then stated, “I activate my Trap: Jar of Greed. I can draw one more card from my deck. However, with Jar Turtle on the field, I can draw two cards instead every time a Jar of Greed is used.” He drew two cards, thinking, “Excellent, I got Exodia’s head. Just one more piece and Django is finished.”

Cody, who was getting more and more tense, finally stated, “Django, hold it! I can’t stand by and watch this! I won’t let you lose your Dark Magician for me!”

Django stated strongly, “That’s enough, Cody!” This startled the redhead, but Django said calmly, “Sorry, but you must not reveal the Shadow Stalker’s strategy to me. There are very few strategies that will surprise me. You’re my friend, Cody, and I’m fighting this fight for you, as I know you would do the same for me if the situation was reversed. Even a tactic like Exodia can be easily crushed with the right cards.” It then dawned upon him, making him smile, “Of course, it’s so simple. I’m on to you, Shadow Stalker! You’re planning to summon Exodia the Forbidden One!”

Dusk exclaimed, “Oh no! How did you figure it out!?”

Cody cheered, “Yeah, that’s the way, buddy!”

Django gave him a thumbs-up, “See, Cody? You helped me figure out his strategy without actually telling it to me. And since it’s an Exodia deck, I know exactly what I need to do to shut it down. Having used Exodia once years ago, back in my first deck, I know his strengths, and his weaknesses, quite well.”

Dusk said, “That’s nice work, but it’s too little too late. Everyone knows that Exodia is the most powerful monster in all of Duel Monsters. How will you stop the unstoppable Exodia?”

The inventor grinned, “Easy. Exodia may be unstoppable as a whole, but I already have a plan to shut it down. But let’s move on, shall we? I Tribute my Gamma the Magnet Warrior to summon my Summoned Skull in Attack Mode!”

Gamma vanished from the field, but was replaced by Summoned Skull (2500/1200), who looked just as mean and vicious as always.

“Now, time to take the first step in shutting down Exodia. I activate my Trap: Lightforce Sword! This card will randomly banish one card from your hand for three full turns! So I’ll aim for a piece of Exodia!”

The shining double-edged sword appeared above Django, taking aim at Dusk’s hand.

Fiona stated, “If this works, then this Shadow Stalker will be short a piece of Exodia, giving Django more time and opportunities to shut it down for good!”

Chronos nodded, “Yes, and the chances are pretty good. That guy has five cards in his hand, and judging by his confidence, he must have at least three pieces of Exodia already in his hand. So if the Lightforce Sword works, then that’ll at least slow down this Shadow Stalker’s plan.”

Leo said, “But remember, Lightforce Sword randomly banishes a card, so Django can’t control which card it’ll slash. While the odds are in his favor, it’s still a gamble. But if it works, then Django will have plenty of time to destroy Exodia for good.”

Tempest said, “We just have to have faith. Lightforce Sword has never let Django down before, so let’s hope it doesn’t start now.”

Django stated, “Go, Lightforce Sword! Slash one of his cards!”

The sword took aim and fired itself toward Dusk’s hand. It pierced a card, pinning an enlarged version of it behind him, face-down.

Dusk wailed, “No! You pierced Exodia’s Right Arm! That leaves me with only three pieces in my hand! You will pay for that!”

Django grinned, “You see what I mean? While Exodia as a whole is unbeatable, the five pieces that he’s composed of are easy prey. And that’s just the start, Shadow Stalker! I know what I need to do in order to shut you down for good! As a follow-up to that threat, I'll do this! Summoned Skull, destroy Jar Turtle with Lightning Strike!”

Summoned Skull generated a large amount of electrical energy above its head, gave a scratchy roar, and fired massive bolts at Jar Turtle. Jar Turtle was pummeled by the lightning before shattering into nothing.

Dusk growled, “You may have figured out my plan and delayed it, but the unbeatable Exodia will still crush you. So give up, as it’ll be all over soon, with me as the victor, and your precious Dark Magician in my control!”

Next Chapter: Stopping the Unstoppable
Trail by Exodia
Cyber Clash begins! And all the competitors are fired up, along with already starting the trash talk. Cody, still sore from his previous loss, manages to locate Dusk, but he has no interest in beating the redhead a second time. However, Django steps up to the plate. Will Django shut down Exodia? Or will his Dark Magician become Dusk's latest prey?
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